Who We Are?

We are Lemongrit — the agency which provides you branding solutions. From scratch, we can help you build a totally new business, with its own unique look and style. One, which clients will love and recommend to friends. For over 15 years we have been helping a variety of industries find their own style and voice through our parent company Mindcube Design Pvt. Ltd. All these years, we had a number of clients worldwide from the food and hospitality related industries. In our experience, the requirements of the food and hospitality industry are different than other industries. Lemongrit provides its expertise & specialised knowledge to food and hospitality businesses.

What we do

Lemongrit helps you make your food business successful. It takes care of all your branding and promotion needs. All you need to have is good idea and a good product and an open mind. We love to work with people who understand and appreciate the power of the brand. Today with a new generation of consumers, the marketing and branding landscape has changed dramatically. Young people who are usually sceptical about faceless corporations, love things with no apparent reason. They do not trust advertising that much and share their experiences directly with friends in social media. Would you like to pick up on the trend? Change from a faceless product/service to a successful, meaningful, lovable and special relationship with your consumers? We think you do. And we are ready to share our two decades of experience with you.

We are just a phone call away. Dial us on +919811898844 or e-mail us through the form below.

Our Food Industry Heart & Inspiration

Shhaival Saurabh
Shhaivals’s professional love with food started in 1986 when he joined the prestigious IHM Pusa, known as the Delhi Catering College. Joining the Taj Group of Hotels, he worked his way in the kitchen, F&B Service and general management before plunging into advertising full time.

Advertising brought him in the creative realm for clients like RayBan, Air India, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Nestle, Transport Corporation of India, Jindal Group and several others. Combining his skills from both the industries he has been a communication consultant and photographing food and interiors since 2005.

He has worked with Tamarind Restaurant, Benares Restaurant, Vatika Restaurant, Mela Restaurant &  The Red Fort from London, UK. The Raj in South Africa. Among others he has worked with Best Western Hotels, Radisson, Claremont Hotels, Malabar House and the Great Kebab Factoryand scores of restaurants.

He is also the CEO of Mindcube Design Pvt Ltd

Our Creative
Heart & Mind

Eve Voyevoda
Growing in an artist family, Eve polished her skills and talents in art and photography first in Art School and then at the Art Academy. Her career started at a TV channel where she discovered the world of advertisement and branding. As an art director, she has supervised several photo shoots and soon started shooting herself. Work in advertising led her to global advertising agency BBDO and later to India.

The variety of spices and the Indian cuisine have only added to her passion. It has brought both food and its photography discovered in an extraordinary way. Her works have been associated with brands as Raddison Blu, the Great Kebab Factory, Globus, Cosmopolitan, Artt’dinox and several others.

“Food photography is a beautiful and tremendously interesting process“ – said Eve. “You can’t ask a cutlet to smile — you need to make it smile and appetizing, and this is where the secret art starts!“

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