Where would you like to see your business tomorrow?

Where would you like to see your business tomorrow?
Do you have a roadmap for your company for the next 5 years? Well, if not five, at least three. How do you plan to face the biggies of your industry? (they have been in the business for years)
It is here that Lemongrit can help complement your marketing efforts in such a way that your rupee stretches. All the way! We help you get more bang for your buck.

Here’s the deal! Like the big guys, we know how branding works. The only space we help you buy is the consumer’s head. Lemongrit ensures that your product, organization or your service gets the attention it deserves.

What we can do for you:

Building a brand ground-up.
Right from the research stage to the launch. From naming and giving your brand a signature, to advertising it. Lemongrit can advice and help. For example, if you are a restaurant, we can help you with your name, your logo, your distinct style, plan your interiors, your menu, signage and whatever you need to be up and running (and continue running). Or say you are a cheese manufacture, we can help you package it in such a way that it stands out on the shop floor. Or create a whole shop-in-shop experience for your customers.
Photography & the visual language.
We also create a whole visual language for your brand. Here photography plays a very important part. How many times have pictures really impressed you. I mean really, really!
We’ll, help you do the same. From conceptual to product to interiors. To fit your walls or made-to-style your packaging. For advertising or editorial.
To sum it up
We make people notice your brand, read it, understand it, believe it and want it. Because if it fails in one, it fails in all.
Lemongrit designs and executes strategic, targeted communications programmes, events and promotions that are more than just noise. Work that works.
Give us a call on 9811898844.

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