What do you mean by ‘Clean Food’

From the perspective of health,  what do you notice in a food outlet during the first visit?
By the virtue of massive awareness, the term ‘Clean Food’ has come out to be of immense importance. Many celebrities endorse clean and green food. It has become a style statement indeed. It deserves to be. Why not.
Nowadays, it is not just about the germ-free plates but about the dish lying in it. Robert Kennedy began this noble trend of “eat clean” via a magazine namely ‘Cleaning Eating Magazine’. Any breathtaking idea may take ages to develop, but if it is that effective – it has to come in trend someday. Going beyond the hygiene issues, these days, a clean food is the one which fresh, least processed, organic, whole, local, grass-fed, home fed and so on.
There are many brands in the food industry which are built around the concept of “clean food”. Can anyone use this idea for food business? Well, let’s see! Since, “Healthy” is the new motto for Y-generation. Many food producers have already started changing the ingredients by replacing the potentially harmful ones with  the healthy food substitutes.
Some restaurants have also started introducing the food that is more grilled and contain less oil. There are food outlets which have  open grills so as to intrigue the customer about being open regarding their cooking habits. But, there are more advanced ideas than it. There are Sushi restaurants which have created a whole food theater right in the front of customers. Their food is fresh and healthy – that’s proved. Will it work with traditional Indian food which require hours to be ready? Hmm, probably not.
But we can use astounding ideas from the international food industry and implement them in the traditional outlets. It will effortlessly convince the customer about the honesty of the food made in your eatery.
So, before the customer tags your menu as outdated, you better change it!


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