The three thumb rules for re-designing the logo

Has it been ages the logo of your company was last designed? Does it seem to belong from an old school of thought to be able to relate with the current generation? It’s time to revise it. Here are The three thumb rules for re-designing the logo 

a)      History can pay off: Read about the chronological history of the organization. Pick a groundbreaking event. Weave the logo around it. That’s one of the ideas. It helps in building a respectable image of the brand.

b)      The simpler the better: Readers won’t give a special time to observe the logo. Rather the logo has to be simple and sorted to compel them to notice it. Choose well-defined and basic shapes, understandable font, and maximum 3-4 colors.Too many colors are only good to bewilder the reader.

c)      Modern yet traditional: Changing the logo from the scratch is not a suitable decision. Audiences may not recognize the new logo and mistake it as the branding character of a new brand. Rather the already existing logo and bring some modern changes to it. So that there is a fine balance of evolving with time yet retaining the past legacy.

However, the need of redesigning the logo should be well comprehended before taking a major step. Your brand is the way audiences view your product. A logo should complement it.

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