Storytelling and branding – what, why, how?

Before trying a product, how do you observe its standards. Probably, by its branding. The text and the visuals say it all about the standards. And, in the last couple of years, content marketing has emerged as a very effective way to market the brand. Storytelling and branding – what, why, how?

What is the relation between storytelling and the brand?
Many brands use emotions rather than logic to push the customers to make a move. Storytelling has many layers to it. It is not just a bunch of words telling a plot. Many big brands have created a certain character. This character subconsciously evokes the persuasion of buying the product among customers. And, this is very indirect and engrossing. In real terms, your brand is a personality. To keep up its liveliness, stories are created and promoted.

Why is storytelling required to build the brand?
Do you remember the one-line stories we used to easily remember in order to grasp maths formulas or distance of the planets from the sun? This is the impact of a story. If it is easy and appealing enough, the customer would remember it for a very long period of time. Secondly, it doesn’t need any investment as such. It’s just you and your mind. If you know the right target audience, then it’s not very difficult to bring up the right theme.

How to create a story that sells the brand?
Keeping the text direct is one way but we need to touch the right chord of customer’s heart. There needs to be an emotional connection. Think about how your product helps the customers. Learn about the customer’s reason behind buying the product. If you have some USP (Unique Selling Proportion), highlight it very subtly in the story. That’s what make your brand stand out. And last but not the least, give a lot of love and importance to the customer character in the plot.

So, what’s the story that builds your brand?

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