Position your food brand as premium

The main quest is about how to Position your food brand as premium. That cornflakes brand is relatively more expensive. Would we buy that? Yes. Why? Because it is a ‘premium’ brand. Position your food brand as premium –

It’s a matter of honor and achievement to evolve your brand as a premium one. It’s a proud feeling when customers are willing to pay a little extra to buy your product. Here are a few points to consider if you are in this race of getting your brand this ‘special label’ –

a) Tell the world what best your product has got
Yeah, do it. But without blowing the trumpets. Begin with the product formation only. Make it different in a relevant fashion. Suppose you own a tea brand. You may add Tulsi flavor to it. Talk about the benefits of Tulsi.

b) Name, color, font, diction, design, and tone of voice – make them premium too
If we figure out the various branding aspects of a premium food brand, they all used the effective tool of subtility. No boasting, but an indirect and sober communication would do. Of course, the brand communicates through color, food photography and what not. Keep everything in mind.

c) Quality is the king, most important to remember
The brand is like a personality to customers. And a personality should strike the interiority and exteriority balance that is the quality and branding should define each other.

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