Outdoor advertising – will it work for your brand?

You shop online, you read online. Everything has become digitized. But the culture of outdoor advertising still prevails.
Outdoor advertising – will it work for your brand? A recent article published in the Forbes Magazine highlighted a study on outdoor advertising. The result is intriguing –

It concluded that more than seventy percent that is nearly two-third of the total travelers notice the billboards. If the first impression of the board fails to make a mark, the audience also doesn’t read the headline. So, you see the advertising creatives got to be smart and witty.

The study also inferred that if the advertisement is about an event, restaurant or something funny, more than half the viewers would go for it later. But, if it is about some television series, radio station or website, the business would receive a response between twenty-eight to forty-four percent only.

If we go by this study, we can say that for a restaurant or food business, outdoor advertising is surely going to work. Food is something that can tempt anybody anywhere.

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