How to learn from other restaurants and get profit on

Observe theirs, Improve yours

In this extraordinary game of marketing, the slightest negligence by a food entrepreneur can cost them a lot. A restaurant running successfully for a year may start getting less recognition from the customers due to the arrival of a new one. Surprisingly, instead of giving it a patient thought and working constructively, the owner already presumes that the downfall of his business can’t be fought upon.
Wait! May we suggest you something being professionals in the food industry branding. It is a known fact that you must have visited the rival food outlet/restaurant/hotel before. What did you observe? The Menu, the Quality of the food served, the hygiene. Let’s talk in detail, what all should you have observed.
As the research conducted by the Design Management Institute concludes, the business driven by strong design outperforms the others which do not pay much notice to this integral part of promotion and branding. It has already been established that the first impression of anything will either trigger your mind to explore it or discourage you to go ahead. The report further elaborates that biggies like Coca Cola, Ford, IBM, Nike, Starbucks etc. have always been design-oriented in their marketing.
In fact, Starbucks have, as marketing strategists analyze, earned billions because it never forgets to incorporate branding at any point of contact with the customer. From promoting cups to the decor; everything is in synchronization and subtly speaks the core message. Also, always try to keep the branding not very loud. You may choose a logo or a theme that a customer can very well relate to or at least, look at it and laugh.
  Secondly, there are many ways through which your rival restaurants advertize and ensure that the customers have started considering your brand. You may also adopt the following:
Some characters to connect with people – You may create a fictitious protagonist that is visible on the chair covers, bathroom doors, entrance – sitting, laughing and welcoming respectively. Mascot may work very well in all communications, but it’s always better to hire professionals to create this character.
The crockery and the secret behind – The dishes in which you serve the food could be of the specific shape or color. For instance, if your restaurant is a hub for young couples, you may choose some special decor of the crockery. The color of the plates motivates people to eat more or less. Just to give you an ambiguous example, crockery with red color is often not recommended because it indirectly persuades people to eat less. Smaller plates create an illusion of a big portion, but bigger plates may invite customers to order more.
Furniture tricks – Many restaurants unknowingly  use uncomfortable chairs and sofas to make customers leave just after they finished their food. But will the customers prefer to visit them again? Well, if food is too good, perhaps.
That’s why customers pay the visit – Design a signature dish or drink. Create any unique recipe that is good enough to taste and different enough to mark a memory in the customer’s mind.
The Uniformity that defines a class –Uniform style of dresses for waiters and other service people in the hotel create a strong presence of the brand and generate more trust from the customer’s side.
A perfect place for them – The programs running on the TV of your food outlet should match the taste of audiences. For instance, if your outlet is children-oriented, try to show some comic stuff which pleases the entire family. Or just avoid TV as it removes attention from the food. Remember that sounds and visuals may be distracting or complimenting factor in customer experience.
Good branding is the one where every minute and the  large component of the environment and services sing to the tune of the core philosophy of your marketing. So, visit all the popular restaurants around and figure out the best that can work for your business.


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