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Not just a restaurant, enter the restaurant zone in future

Till how long will you rely on the traditional ordering system. To your  wonder, ordering food online via laptop/computer has now been termed conventional by the market experts; when compared to the advantageous technologies about to stun the masses.Although many food chains offer the alternative of ordering through mobile phone, but the benefits of “Mobile Presence Technologies” need to be far more elaborated and reinforced in the buyer area. Technologies such as NFC, or QR codes, Bluetooth Smart, Wi-Fi, geo-fencing and in-app check-ins are going to be the destiny of ordering in times ahead.

The purpose of informing you about such latest technologies is to make you adopt them as soon as possible. May that help in securing more customers. Launching it at the earliest possible time in the market will also create a buzz about your brand.

How Mobile Presence Technologies can benefit
  1. Wireless exchange of information – The branded app created for your food business could enable customer to put order as and when they enter the predefined perimeter
  2. Direct communication between the customers and the kitchen – The customers will directly order much before entering the restaurant
  3. No economic loss for the owner – By the order of prepaid orders, if in case the customer does not show up – it won’t create any loss to the entrepreneur
  4. Time-saving – As the order would already have been placed, it will be more convenient for your chefs to organize the valuable time better. They will be able to prioritize their tasks much better and hence, provide timely services
  5. Fresh Food – Now, that cooks will be privileged with more time, they would rather go for cooking instantly so as to suffice the customers’ expectations of freshly prepared meals
  6. Convenient for the customers too – Imagine a buyer ordering and you delivering the food to a car parking or gas pump or anywhere! Won’t it make the buyer happy with your services. And, you were able to achieve all this only by the using the advanced technologies.LemonGrit also specializes in food business branding. Let us avail you with more such breathtaking ideas so that you command the future market. Prove that you can make the noise of innovation among the customers.


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