Mascot for Food Branding – Do you really need one?

Branding is a complex job. More complex is to understand the requirement of its variables. And, the Mascot is an unforgettable variable. Mascot for Food Branding – Do you really need one? Does it need a revamp? How can the already existing mascot be used? Well, to all your questions, the answer is below – 
Why a Mascot?
-It is a personalized branding. It gives that personal connect to the customer.
– The mascot gives a life to the brand. It defines its personality. The personality is evolved as per the target audience segment
– If the food was not individually acknowledged by the visitor.
They may subconsciously relate well to the mascot. The latter will draw them. The Mascot may gradually become the world symbol for the brand
– No or few words and a vibrant image would convey much more than words

Do you really need one? 

– Planning to create a brand mascot is not a bad idea. But research establishes that for small or medium sized business it usually delivers a temporary impact among the customers
– Talk to the customers, use a thorough study to know if the logo and other branding aspects suit your brand sufficiently. The addition of the Mascot shouldn’t overdo the branding
– If the mascot is not able to be in the sync with the brand identity, it implies that there is no need for it

And, what about the revamp?
– Slight changes in the mascot can make the customers view your brand differently. Analyze the mascot’s personality – what immediate socio-economical and cultural class it impacts? Does it address the right Target Audience?
– If the above two factors push your mind to renew the mascot, go for it.

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