AAHAR 2015

Kitchen or a Smart Kitchen – your choice.

Ever wondered how they serve so many customers at the same time…
And the food is all fresh and hot….
Necessity is the mother of any invention. If you have various customers waiting for the order and as a good chef, you can’t compromise neither on time nor on the quality. What will you do? Let us suggest you something. You better get the following gadgets in your kitchen –
1, Food is hot, in and outside the oven
There is a Miele’s microwave in which if the dish is kept for more than two minutes then the oven keeps it warm for another fifteen  minutes.
2. You can do something else, water will stop running from the tap automatically
Delta’s touch2-0 technology could be of great use. The faucet itself will shut the spout off after the timer is being set.
3. Keep the kitchen clean, keep working
Hafele’s new invention shall  enable you to  cut all the crap present in your kitchen. The drawer with two dustbins inside will open just by a gentle push of your knee.
4. Enough is enough, no messy cooktop now
In a cooking gas device, the four burners create a mess as two are located behind the other two. The cooktop introduced by Kupperbuschusa has all four of them in the same row.
5. Devise your ways to know the nutritional value of your food
While you cook for your customers, you can also claim the exact nutritional purpose you provide them. Use Salter Nutritional Scale that measures the worth of your delicacies from the health perspective.
Hope, with these recommendations, you may find the productivity of your kitchen going up!


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