Interview with Chef Sujit Bose

A few years ago, we took the interview of Chef Sujit Boss for the “Spice & Food” magazine. Here is the part of this interview:

Chef. Portrait in Hospitality / Food Industry

When and how did you decide that you want to be a chef, and what made you decide that you would choose being a kitchen professional?
A passion for eating and making people happy, serving them good food and tickling their taste buds made me decide to become a Chef. Also, the creativity and the science involved in using different ingredients and processing them gives me the utmost happiness and satisfaction.

How did the Institute of Hotel Management help you to improve your cooking skills?
Hotel management gave me the basic creativity and confidence to play with fire and change my outlook towards the job of a chef

Who made the biggest influence on your cooking style?
Reading and internet made the biggest influence on my cooking style.

One of your main specialization is the Chinese cuisine. Can you describe the main health benefits of Chinese cuisine?
Chinese food is very simple – steamed or stir-fried so the nutrients of each ingredient used are intact. Also, a minimal amount of saturated fats are used and absolutely no usage of butter/ghee.

What ingredients are commonly used in Chinese cuisine and more importantly when?
Soya – A basic ingredient is used very extensively in Chinese food. It is used in all forms like soya beancurd, soya sauce, soya bean preserved, soya noodles. Szechuan pepper is a spice used in Szechuan Cuisine.

How is Chinese cuisine different from other Asian cuisines?
Mode of stir-frying ad steaming is used in authentic Chinese food. What is your favorite food to eat and to cook? Fish in black bean sauce with Chinese vegetables. What do you prefer to make when you cook at home?

What do you prefer to make when you cook at home?
Dal and rice cooked together called Khichdi. Fried pakoras and masala omelette is my special food for a rainy day.

What is your favorite gadget in the kitchen?
Combi-oven as you can bake and steam in it.

Do you have any favorite sauce?
X.O. sauce – Made with dried scallops, shrimps, chilli and other ingredients.

In India, a lot of people are vegetarian, what is the best vegetarian dish from your point of view?
For breakfast – South Indian food is best. For the main course during lunch/dinner, north Indian combinations like paneer/dal/sabzi with roti/rice. For snacks, Delhi-chaat and Gujarati farsaan are popular.

Which spice or combination of spices is your favorite?
Five Spice, which is a Chinese spice combination. It includes: Szechuan Pepper, Star anise, Cloves, Cinnamon and Fennel. Sweet/Aromatic/Spicy combination. Modern people do not have time to cook because of their hectic lifestyles and end up eating lot of junk food every day.

What can you suggest to them to change the situation in a healthy way?
Eat lots of fresh fruits, unpolished grains and rice to have a healthy meal. Drink a lot of water.

Is there a crowd-pleaser that’s delicious, good for you and easy to cook?
Simple pan-fried noodles with different sauces and vegetables. One can use meat/seafood in it as well. You are the head of the big team, how do you make them listen to you? Before a team leader, I am a team player. So I play a role as much as a team leader and a team player.

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