How to promote business on Google Plus?

In the era of social media – facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus etc are the speakers in disguise for your brand. And, Google Plus is trending for sure. Let’s explore some tips on How to promote business on Google Plus?


Get a catchy URL
The personalized URL can make you a brand. If you are scratching your head and thinking that you couldn’t ‘find’ any such service then probably you have not visited It will access you a personalized link

A short and to-the-point language
Shakespeare may not work for the fast and choosy customers. Actually, they don’t have time also. You should make an effort to shrink the text that introduces you to the Google Plus users. Don’t treat this page as a facebook account. It has to look professional and entertaining at the same time. It should include the following –
Your name
Your occupation/services you provide
Your qualification
Past experience
And, the acclaims/milestone achievements for your work (if any)

Main marketing
A research concluded that a majority of those businesses which promote the business via Google Plus as well, they get better returns.
However, rather than directly using a ‘G+’ symbol,  it is advisable to create a badge such as ‘+’ or whatever can define Google Plus and your brand at the same time.

Suggest a list of circles
Create a shortlisted inventory of relevant circles and set your name at the top of ‘About’ tab of your profile page – both for your business and personal profiles. This will introduce the visitors quickly to your business focus. And, further make them curious to know more about you.

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