The age of interactive technology for the restaurant business.

“Interactive technologies represent innovative ways to make your restaurant more attractive, more interesting, more hi-tech. These are not just “catches” and certainly not new elements of decor, rather, they create a unique atmosphere in a venue which will become part of urban life, the main attraction which is not to be missed.”

Restaurant business is certainly not a cakewalk to establish. From the 100 restaurants opened this year, only about 20% will survive to next year. The owners do try to experiment with the venue, style and interiors but can we deny the fact that the customer delivery system has remained same for ages. It has been a constant and thus, monotonous process of taking a table, ordering, eating and paying. The implementation of advanced ideas changes things faster than ever.. In such a competitive scenario, some food businesses are catching up faster as they drop the traditions that lasted for centuries. and move ahead while embracing latest trends.

As food branding experts, let us work it out for you. Firstly, a restaurant is just not a place to eat. It is, rather a hub where people do get-to-gather, arrive for a responding ambiance, socialize, make friends and exchange ideas.

Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Kostic is the founder of Kodisoft and numerous other projects. Few years back, he decided to work on building the technology for future restaurants. A program namely Interactive Restaurant Technology (IRT) was being launched by him in 2011. To explain you briefly, IRT enables a customer to makes them ordering online and chat with some other customer.

Another top feature is that the customer gains the sweet authority of changing the ambiance around via the touch panel. Two restaurants based on IRT have already succeeded in amusing the customers in a short span few months. The company Interactive Restaurant Technology made money by leaps within the short period of three years only.


Technological Challenges

There is a vast difference in imagining something majestic and turning it into reality. The three challenges were –

a) The touchscreen panel used in iPad can not be expanded beyond 23-30 inches. And with the screen made of indium-titanium-oxide (ITO), the speed of the electrons will hardly impose any effect.
b) The thickness of the glass in an iPad is not more than 1.4 mm. And the glass used for the table had to be around 10 mm thick.
c) It was also crucial to develop a touchscreen panel that could be used by multiple people at the same time. The maximum usage was limited to 10 people.Solution
As a result, a new technology was worked upon which did not include any analog. For instance, the interactive restaurant can identify the object by its shape. The project was further submitted to Microsoft BizPark that also helped in reducing the money spending license of visual studio and so on. The model was improvised so that could be applied directly after the completion.Why

Interactive Technology

The advantage of interactive technology is not only effective solution which attract on its own. It also helps to save on all printing expenses and reduce waiters till two. When interactive tables combined with interactive panels, restaurant interior may be changed in minutes, and it saves on expensive season decoration or give advantage to events.While restaurant income is usually based on food sales, with interactive restaurants IT tables give an ability to earn on affiliate programs. In this new restaurants, the income from FnB sales and affiliate programs from the relevant brands is 50/50. While client eats he can chat with other people, order food, or do shopping.

Key characteristics

  • Greater profits
  • Guaranteed increase in the average checkIncreased number of customers due to the new format of a venue
  • Reduced expenses in attracting customers, thanks to the uniqueness of the restaurant
  • Abolishes printed menus and other presentation materials
  • Use of interactive surfaces for advertising purposes
  • Service improvement
  • Customers may choose a preferred language
  • Customers may be informed about any dish with one touch on the interactive surfaces (including its history, ingredients, calorie count, recommended drinks to accompany dishes, etc.)
  • Instant order without waiting for a waiterHigh level of comfort.


New opportunities for you

  • Preventing incidents of dishonesty among the staffStrict control over the entire process of processing of orders
  • Instant orders, direct to the kitchen
  • Reducing time spent on service of a single order
  • Increasing the customer flow
  • Providing customers with unique services
  • Turning customers into free advertising agents (word of mouth advertising)

New experiences for customers

  • Socializing with other patronsGames, video, chat
  • Live online broadcasts from the kitchen
  • Interactive guidebooks
  • Taxi booking
  • Great impressions
  • Interactive table also helps to collect data about the client, and, as a result, provides a better service for a returning customers.
  • Besides interactive tabletops, many things can be interactive too: partitions, walls, floor, interactive terminal or bar, POS.

The Сuisine

The interactive features of the restaurant will become the basis of its concept. In addition, the customer would certainly be offered really delicious food. We will ensure that the food is of the highest quality, by selecting the best chef for your chosen cuisine – be it European, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Mexican, or any other.

Corporate Identity

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the graphic presentation of a product. The name of the restaurant, its logo and corporate identity deserve the same consideration to attract customers. By creating an interactive restaurant based on unique technologies of management and communication, we create a brand that will be embodied in highly attractive graphics and fonts containing brilliant content. This branding book will be a guide to all external communications – from your business card to the most beautiful waitresses in the world.interactive-444


An interactive restaurant is first of all a beautiful functional venue, which harmoniously combines technology and design. We will help you design a unique and lively atmosphere that further becomes the Unique Selling Proportion (USP) of your business.


If the kitchen is the “heart” of the interactive restaurant, our equipment will become its soul. There are many kinds of interactive surfaces: interactive tables, floors, walls, partitions, bar stands, quick order terminals and electronic queues. Each of them has its specific function – service, entertainment, time-saving or information referencing. Together they create a unique all-encompassing interactive complex, which will transform the entire restaurant into an intelligent, user-friendly system, both for you and your guests.


We have no doubt that opening a restaurant of this kind will make the news in the media. But even before the all-important ribbon cutting ceremony, we will develop and begin implementing a marketing program to promote your business to ensure that the new project progresses in a well planned, thought through manner that is guaranteed to succeed. Our experience based on similar projects shows that interactive restaurants attract great interest and competent promotion makes it the most popular venue in the city.

Whether you decide to take a step towards creating an interactive restaurant or not, this project is definitely worth attention to. Besides, Dmitri Kostic proves that investments will be returned within a first year, as technology is new and many economical factors were included. Let’s hope to see first interactive restaurant in New Delhi, Who knows 🙂

All pictures by Kodisoft

Food Industry India

Indian Food Industry to Rush Like Never Before

Working in corporate and reached home late.
Very hungry but no time and energy to cook..
Also, can’t compromise on the taste and the quality…
The occupied urban populace of the country has neither the time nor energy to visit a restaurant. But, at the same time, they can’t do without delicious food. Therefore, online and mobile-only food services are trending like anything. Amongst them, the US-based Sprig,
The occupied urban populace of the country has neither the time nor energy to visit a restaurant. But, at the same time, they can’t do without delicious food. Therefore, online and mobile-only food services are trending like anything. Amongst them, the US-based Sprig, SpoonRocket and Munchery have already conquered the list globally.   A survey conducted by Traxcn reveals that out of 145 such companies in the country, 66 were started last year. Many of them have been a huge success story.
Let’s give you a live and recent example mentioned by Forbes.  Holachef – a food-on-demand company started by IIT Delhi alumni Saurabh Saxena in Mumbai has now  150 chefs on its platform. Many of them, in fact, have worked with prestigious hotel chains like Taj, Le Meridean and Mrarriott. From 5 orders per day in September 2014 to 150 orders per day in January 2015,  Holachef has gone from rags to riches. So, are you going to be the next legendary food entrepreneur in the online space?
Coming to the inference, Menu, branding, timely order and last but certainly not the least, the quality of food are some of the parameters that will determine the current rate of such  startups. It may be the era of ultra-technology, but no consumer is going to download 20 apps merely for food-on-demand service. And so, branding strategy will conclude the survival of the fittest.