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Rational AG celebrated its 5 years in India

Last week we attended a wonderful event by Rational. Held in Gurgaon, it witnessed an overwhelming response from the customers. Rational AG celebrated its five years in the country.

The Managing Director Hiroshi Akai also addressed the visitors – briefing them about the development of a new training center in India. It would aid in developing more automated paths for the Indian Cuisine.
The chefs meticulously demonstrated; cooking a range of items by the use of Rational appliances. The food came out to be very luscious and absolutely up-to-mark. In fact, it became a treat for the customers.
Rational Ag by lemongrit.com

Rational brings cooking technology to a new level. Intelligent cooking appliance

Gurgaon, 27 May 2015 – Rational surprised professional chefs across the globe a few months ago with a cooking appliance that senses, recognizes, thinks with the user and ahead, learns and communicates with its user. The SelfCookingCenter 5 Senses is the first appliance on the market that does not work according to pre-set programs. It intelligently adjusts all processes to the relevant product, its size and quantity.

The SelfCookingCenter 5 Senses controls the temperature, humidity, cooking time and air velocity 60 times a minute, so that at the end a dish tastes and looks exactly as the chef specifies at the touch of a button. The appliance even recognizes the condition of a product. It independently and optimally adjusts the conditions in the cooking cabinet to it.

“The art of cooking lies in achieving consistently good results, although the conditions are different every time,” says Hiroshi Akai, Managing Director at Rational India. Sometimes the products are larger or smaller; sometimes it is the quantities that vary.

“The SelfCookingCenter 5 Senses is intelligent enough to determine these differences,” says Akai and adds: “Unlike most models on the market, our appliance is not programmed to fixed processes. It considers the current conditions and determines what has to be done every time so as to ensure consistent quality.”

This is a significant advantage, especially with frequent staff changes. Regardless of who is on shift, every dish turns out exactly as the chef wants it to.

The appliance informs the chef of which settings it applies when and why. “Rational is giving a lot of information away. From the user’s point of view, this is sensational,” says Ramamurthy; Owner of Konark, Bangalore. His company has been selling catering equipment for more than 40 years. Like most of his colleagues, he is convinced that Rational has once again significantly raised the standard in professional kitchens.



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Popular Restaurants, Awesome social media presence

Time is short and, therefore, very precious to them. So, why would the customers waste their time in paying a visit to the particular restaurant just to check it out? They would rather check the details online. 
If managed effectively, social media can turn the fortune of your restaurant around. It is a wonderful space where the owner of any food outlet can endorse their business. These days, more and more customers would visit social media to know better about the various restaurants.
Flaunt your food 
Let the reviewers get tempted by the foodie photographs posted by you on Twitter and Instagram. The images should be complemented with simple yet likable messages. You may also post the menu online. Use Facebook as the  medium to upload the  albums. Make the utmost use of these tools and  make sure that you post the highlights of your restaurants.
Keep trending with hashtags
Hashtags (#) hold an immense importance in the world of Twitter and Instagram. Wake up. It’s the right time to learn more about hashtags. Keep using a particular one depending on the situation. Use a place- specific hashtags, hashtags related with whatever is trending. hashtags related with the people in your region so that you can reach the maximum target audiences.
Construct a bridge between the theme menu and customers
There is no constraint to creativity. You have all the liberty to create the most visually appealing page online. Also, add the kind of menu you provide and a nice summary of the kind of food you serve – keeping the reader excited to explore the delicacies. You may also create an option of ordering online which requires the usage of some extra software. These efforts will  put you ahead in the competition.
Let your valuable customers speak
They would feel important and welcomed if you the management of your restaurant answers the customers or mention them. Whether are they asking about the operating hours or food inquiry! They should be taken seriously. It is crucial to generate a positive outlook among the customers for your food business.
Show that the customers like your food
Every word or acknowledgment that indicates the customer’s appreciation of your food/service; use it in the form of testimonials. It will help in making other people recognize your eatery with certain trust and approachability.
Market your brand, Facebook is the key
Start by listing the contacts categorized on the basis of location, economy, gender, age-group etc. Create an interesting advertisement and send it to the target audiences. Thus step will help in reaching the maximum potential customers.
Welcome the criticism
It is nearly impossible that you will receive all the positive reviews about your restaurant. But, that doesn’t mean that you hide all the negative ones. Try to answer them as patiently and thoughtfully as you can and answer on time. In fact, negative reviews may suggest you in disguise the changes you can make in your food outlet.
Show that you are online
When a customer likes or comments on your page, the followers and at friends of that customers can also see these activities. When you are online, make sure to contact as many people as possible. You can also create a blurb that persuades the customers to like the page.
Tweets that go with time
Tweet in 140 characters during the breakfast, brunch or dinner timings so as to  reach a huge traffic. Also, tweet in accordance with the time. For instance, during the winters, you may tweet about the varieties of coffee that your eatery serves.
Save time with Social Media Automation 
Due to a busy schedule, it might be difficult for you to manage the social media posts. Thankfully, social media automation programs like Buffer can help us out. We can simply fill in the content of the post and the time at which it is to be posted. The job will be done with least of the efforts.