Why Offer Free Testing To Target Audience?

The competition goes boundless in the market. There are more rival brands than you know. But how to lead then?Well, these days, we have been coming across many events organized by the brand themselves. They offer free testing of the product. And, this enables them to get a direct response from the customer. So, Why Offer Free Testing To Target Audience? Here are the reasons –

1. The customer would feel welcomed
For a food brand, it is an opportunity. Because food is something that we all eat. And, we wouldn’t mind enjoying a good one especially when it is for free. So, such an offer would become memorable for us. It’s a bonus point for the food brand.

2. The response is straight away
Ask customers as many questions as possible during the testing. Don’t hesitate to ask them if they have any solutions regarding the image, title and packaging of the brand. When you would have done this with a decent number of potential customers, a good data will be there to make useful corrections in the branding of your food product.

3. Know which brand is threatening your one and how!
If the testing results do not give very satisfying feedback, inquire the customers about which another brand do they use! Analyse the other brand and make your one more competent on the market.

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