Three key steps that lead to a premium packaging

The quality of the product is definitely a spokesperson for its value. But, in the beginning, factors like packaging, advertising and price reflect the product’s worth. And, because food commodities are more personal to a customer, their packaging also influences his mind.

Three key steps that lead to a premium packaging –

– Draw a concept: A packaging is so much more than it. It can be a storyteller, reflection of a class, need or feel. Think how can you bestow the value of your brand on the cover of the product. For example, a select tea brand still retains its centuries-old design on the packet. It instantly gives the vintage feel to the customer. Such a design subconsciously convinces the potential buyer that the brand is old enough and thus, likely to be reliable. Ask yourself – what do you want to convince and what is the best creative way to go for it.

– Packaging material matters: Close your eyes and touch the packaging of two brochures. By the quality, thickness and softness of the paper, you can easily judge which brochure belongs to a more premium brand. The same goes for the material of packaging. Use a metal or a good quality paper, a fabric – whatever compliments the brand identity. Being different often fetches attention from customers. And, of course, quality is a must.

– Polishing the final outcome: After finalizing the packaging material and the concept, all you are left with is joining the dots. If the size of the packaging is big enough, don’t overwhelm it with content or images. The entire game is about a balanced use of the pictures, colors, font, and text.

The first impression often becomes the last one. Win the heart of your customers via an impressive packaging.

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