The infinite shades of colors in advertising

The essence of ability to see lies in the fact that we witness such vivid pictures around. These pictures are driven by colors which create a definite impression on us. Marketing is all about persuasion, And so are colors. 
Although, the endorsement industry could never hold a certain set of parameters about the usage of colors. These parameters differ from country to country, region to region and individual to individual. For instance, white color is considered holy by Christians while the Hindu community takes it as the shade of mourning. Be it anything, brochure design for food products or television commercials, the color scheme really matters!
However, generalizing can only help to a limited extent. At the end of the day, color preferences are based on Individual experiences. On the other hand, without generalization, a brand cannot form the most suited strategy. Coca-Cola used red to invoke the friendly, bold and youthful spirit of people while Nikon used earthy mustard shade to generate the feeling of optimism, warmth and clarity. And they succeeded. See! The power of colors. 75% of the total pencils produced in US are yellow in color. Psychologically, yellow is the happiest shade in the entire spectrum.
The study – excited red and competent blue also concluded that purchasing purpose is majorly affected by the color of the brand. There is no denial that personal experiences influence our choices, but, some editions can make a difference. A consumer tends to develop positive emotions for the colors they like. They may be on the stickers or in brochure design for food products. For instance, an individual not liking blue color may possibly like the glittering blue color.
Another research conducted by Hallock and named ‘Colour Assignments’ infers the following –
 colours-yes colours-no
Hence, there is a wide gap between the favorite shades chosen by men and women. Experts in the industry also claim that not just a color but color combination decides its impact on the viewers. Also, many researchers prove that the audiences like catchy and different names like ‘mocha ‘ instead of ‘brown’. Another analysis reveals that customers are prone to click the red button more than the button of any other color. But that doesn’t imply that color does it all.
After reading so extensively about shades, we are sure you would like to discuss the colors of your product advertising with a branding specialist. LemonGrit is a Delhi-based consultancy focussed on the Food and Hospitality Industry. From brochure design for food products to hoarding of luxurious hotels, let’s choose the best colors from the spectrum and make your brand the most talked about in the city.


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