These three are Marketing Myths. Believe it or not.

These three are Marketing Myths. Believe it or not.

Marketing is an essential to expanding the business. The main reason of not institutionalizing this holy business sutra is because of its constantly evolving nature. Though, a recent article published by ‘Branding Strategy Insider’ stressed the popular marketing myths. Well, the cliches may only be valid on the contemporary scenario; but you can’t deny their existence as they are based on facts and figures.

These three are Marketing Myths. Believe it or not.

Corporate Social Responsibility improves the brand image to a great extent – Irrespective of how big or small CSR mission is, a few succeed in making a mark. Volkswagen whose mission was to manufacture environment-friendly cars has apparently failed in the carbon emissions test. However, it didn’t taint its image much as the sales are pretty decent in the Europe. Usually, the ‘not-so-socially-responsible’ firms get away with this undesirable identity. It’s because of the years of trust the brand has leveraged on the customers.

Going entirely digital is the key – The charisma digital space is overrated. In fact, in numerous cases, they are the billboards, radio ads or local marketing activities that do the magic. Of course, having a great social media presence is a bonus point. But, if your target audience isn’t active there, you may end up receive close to zero percent conversion rates.
Television Ads are on the verge of decline – This is probably the most popular myth of this age. However, a regular person spends at least an hour on watching television every day. In fact, many do not even change the channel. The t.v ad budget has risen UK in the last two years. Just because digital is booming, it doesn’t certify the death of Television advertising.

Make your food services talk of the town with these 3 steps

Make your food services talk of the town with these 3 steps

Yeah, the new brands often take the time to carve a niche in the market. In fact, some of them can’t stand the test of time. 

Anyways, how is your food going? Make your food services talk of the town with these 3 steps –

1. Catch the well-known experts
We all believe what we see. So, you need to showcase a set of experts which gives consultancy to your business or better if it works for your brand. For instance, even for a simple salad, invite a professional salad maker. Click a few pics in which he teaches your chefs the salad preparation. What next? Post the pictures online (all possible channels). It would give an impression that your food product is based on the expert’s guidance.

2. Partner with the popular
Many food brands claim to be healthy. The customer is confused and ends up believing only a few. “A person is known by the company he keeps”. That implies on the brand as well. You may offer a healthy cooking oil for free with each order exceeding Rs. 1500. Seeing an established oil brand associated with your product, it also positions the latter for better.

3. Publish engaging stories
On any special event, say Valentine’s Day or Diwali, warm up the customer with your attention. Show it to the world. For instance, if there’s a Friendship day, thank the customer (who ordered the most) on social media and wish him/her great day ahead. These actions portray your brand as a very customer-exclusive one. And, customer-exclusive brands are often termed ‘premium’.

If you own a food business, tell us which stage is it going through? Drop your queries in the comments below :)