Brand your content with three simple tips -

Brand your content with three simple tips –

Inevitably, there is a vast difference between the content of a well-branded website and the not-so-well-branded one. Visit the website/social media pages or even read the packaging of what we call ‘high-profile’ brands. The difference is apparent. So, how to design an impressive verbal content for the target audience?

Brand your content with three simple tips –

#1 Repeated words that press the needs
No reader is ideal enough to review your Facebook page or judge the quality of the blog your website provides. You need to write strategically so as to attract the potential customers. That’s not as difficult as Myth of Sisyphus. Research and spot a few words that co-relate target audience with the product.

#2 Catchy phrases
Infuse a life into that social media post or blog via a jingling set of words. Repeat them (not too often, obviously). And, yes edit them a bit from time to time – so that people have something new to look at. Songs and rhyming words create a stronger memory than just random words. There was a reason we were made to sing so many poems in the nursery standard.

#3 Engaging series
Keep coming up something new. Devote two weeks to a certain theme. And, pick these themes depending on the current interest of TA; whether it is the cricket match or the days of celebration, tune in with the matters of your target audience. After all, you cannot expect a footballer to keenly listen to the political news or vice versa.

With such competitive rivals in the market, time to bring out that ‘roll up the sleeves’ attitude. Surprise your customers with a revamped content.

Make your food services talk of the town with these 3 steps

Make your food services talk of the town with these 3 steps

Yeah, the new brands often take the time to carve a niche in the market. In fact, some of them can’t stand the test of time. 

Anyways, how is your food going? Make your food services talk of the town with these 3 steps –

1. Catch the well-known experts
We all believe what we see. So, you need to showcase a set of experts which gives consultancy to your business or better if it works for your brand. For instance, even for a simple salad, invite a professional salad maker. Click a few pics in which he teaches your chefs the salad preparation. What next? Post the pictures online (all possible channels). It would give an impression that your food product is based on the expert’s guidance.

2. Partner with the popular
Many food brands claim to be healthy. The customer is confused and ends up believing only a few. “A person is known by the company he keeps”. That implies on the brand as well. You may offer a healthy cooking oil for free with each order exceeding Rs. 1500. Seeing an established oil brand associated with your product, it also positions the latter for better.

3. Publish engaging stories
On any special event, say Valentine’s Day or Diwali, warm up the customer with your attention. Show it to the world. For instance, if there’s a Friendship day, thank the customer (who ordered the most) on social media and wish him/her great day ahead. These actions portray your brand as a very customer-exclusive one. And, customer-exclusive brands are often termed ‘premium’.

If you own a food business, tell us which stage is it going through? Drop your queries in the comments below 🙂


Why and how to thank your customers online?

On the occasion of Thanksgiving Day, let’s discuss the powerhouse of your business – the treasured customers! But, do they even know they are so special to you. Let them know.

Why and how to thank your customers online?

Why thank
In a busy life, even if the buyer is a loyalist to the brand, he/she is too busy to pay any ‘extra attention’. But, as a business owner you should aim to give a memorable experience to the target audience. It may help in carving a niche in the customer’s heart. By, thanking the consumers, we indeed secure their loyalty for us. Once, the customer feels appreciated, he/she is subconsciously motivated to buy the product again.

Why thank on social media
The segment which you address might not visit a certain place, may not pick calls from unknown numbers, and not read the forwarded SMS. But, an online thanksgiving has a good probability to work as most of the customers regularly check out their emails, twitter, facebook and other online accounts.

How to deliver thanks on social media
Let’s say you own a restaurant, and a number of customers regularly order food from your place. Post a personalized message on their facebook account, giving a discount or free treat. If some customers often like your posts then do like their few tweets time and again. It will make them feel important. Let the tone of the voice be like a shout out giving the buyer an exclusive treatment.

Gaining more customers via word of mouth is a matter of pride. Allow the buyers to do it for you while you make them feel special. Happy Thanksgiving Day 🙂