What are the top three trending Brand Secrets? Scroll down.

What are the top three trending Brand Secrets? Scroll down.

Whether a brand works or not – primarily depends on the tactics it uses. Although, the tricks to stand as a unique brand are endless, but only a few have the potential to bring them up. As an entrepreneur, LemonGrit is sure you would be looking for some innovative ways to position your brand better. So, What are the top three trending Brand Secrets? Scroll down.

Where are the employees? Throw some spotlight on them.
As discussed in many of our previous blogs, your brand needs to be humanized. In this busy world where every minute matters, the emotion-evoking brand comes up as a huge relief to the customers. It makes them smile, cry, laugh, etc. So make your customers feel exclusive. Suppose you own a restaurant, then show the chefs lovingly cooking for the customers.

Accept the faults most gracefully
Since a brand is comparable to human, it will possibly make mistakes as well. Maybe the chefs couldn’t deliver the expected flavors on a certain day, maybe the food delivery did not take place on time. And, there could be ‘n’ number of reasons. How to deal. Think what a nice human being would have done. Therefore, heartedly apologize to the customers and, if possible, present them a free meal.

Be versatile to have a 360-degree position
An effective brand establishes a connect with the Target Audiences (TA). It doesn’t need to set limits. Rather, the brand should try to fit in the larger spectrum. So, make your brand congratulate on the national developments, wish on every festival and sometimes just celebrate unexpected weather. It should synchronize with the wants of TA.

So, what else do you think is trending for the brands. LemonGrit would happy to know this in the comments below.

Three most common misunderstandings about branding

Three most common misunderstandings about branding

The definitions of Branding, Advertisement, and Marketing are often juxtaposed. If that’s not the case, then there are inappropriate beliefs that we stick to the concept of branding. Let’s broaden our horizon and agree to the feasible aspects of Branding –

Three most common misunderstandings about branding

Myth#1: Branding is somewhat like Marketing and Advertising
Branding in simple words is providing a persona to the product. But, it doesn’t involve any marketing or advertisement. They are the latter processes of making the brand more popular and desirable via reaching the masses. Branding only develops the features of ‘how people perceive your product’.

Myth#2 Your are the brand creator of your own product
At times, a highly enthusiastic idea may carry you away and you end up creating a brand that doesn’t appeal the customers. You create the brand while keeping the needs and wants of the ideal buyer. In that way, the buyer decides what kind of branding will sell for you. So, the target audience is the real creator of the Brand.

Myth#3 There’s a certain Branding Mantra
If some restaurant, having an Arabian theme is a hit in some part of Delhi – doesn’t mean the same idea will work in rest of the parts too. Different regions have a different kind of population and so the preferences are different. These preferences decide the kind of product you need to create. Every enterprise is an individual and not a clone. It will write its success story its own way.

To sum it up – a brand is personality-provider to the product that should be decided on behalf of the target audience. And, the process of Branding doesn’t advertise or market the product. It only provides an identity.


Expected Branding Trends 2016

Expected Branding Trends 2016

Time changes with no notice period. It’s important to gel along. Because otherwise the brand ceases to appeal the customers. So, steal the show in 2016. Following are the Expected Branding Trends 2016 for you –

1.) More interactive billboards
Well, unconventionally appealing billboards are going to pop out the eyes of the customers. They are likely to be different in some or the other way – it could be because of the 3D design, or bright and bubbly colors or the rock and roll theme of 70’s. What are your plans to make the brand’s billboard stand out of the crowd?

2.) Web design to give you more options
The users are going to get an entirely new experience as many renowned websites will transform their structure for better; offering more options to the customers. A well-structured and ‘clean’ website definitely prompts the viewer to visit it again.

3.) UX designs gonna be more user-oriented
The user-experience designs are going to be literally broader this year. The use of one color/monochromatic aesthetics will surely be in the picture. These little tips will highlight the design more, thus, being loudly communicative with the user and that’s done on purpose you know.

Just like fashion, branding trends get revived after ages. And, if your brand is not in fashion, it can lose out on customers as well.