Are you 'updating' your brand out of desperation or need? Find out

Are you ‘updating’ your brand out of desperation or need? Find out

Some experts have defined the brand as – ‘apparent value of the product a customer receives’. How big or influential your brand is – matters to a great degree! In some cases, changes in the brand occur out of desperation rather than out of need.

Are you ‘updating’ your brand out of desperation or need? Find out through the following thoughts. If these thoughts have occupied your mind while making the move, then certainly there isn’t any such fatal requirement to amend the brand identity.

1.) Everyone is changing, so will I
‘Context’ is a very critical word in the dictionary. Two brands are two different individuals. Their growth story is different from each other and so is the context. Let’s assume your rival brand may not be doing well. It needs a change in the brand image and so it did. But, why would you change your brand? It has a different history. Don’t be compelled to change just because others are changing.

2.) Change is trendy
Yes, subtle adjustments to tune in with the standards of Target Audience do work in your favor. But, doing it too frequently becomes rather an annoying thing. As a result, the buyer subconsciously perceives your brand as a moody one. And, moody personalities are not too trustworthy. Are they? Therefore, you should consider the minutest of the changes with a pinch of salt if your product wishes to retain a stable image.

3.) Change has assured returns
No matter how strategically you move, updating the brand identity always comes with some degree of risk. This feature is inevitable. Sadly, some entreprenuers associate modifying the brand identity with more profits. To give this thought a reality check, one should take branding as gambling (though the risk intensity is much lower). However, making amendments in your brand on the basis of strong market research and preferences of TA is almost not risky (may you not replace the word ‘almost’ with ‘for sure’).

On the contrary, there is a small section of brand-owners that suffers from the syndrome of “changing brand image too frequently”. Most of the business people rather need a wake-up call to update the product identity.

These 2 questions determine the brand potential of your business

These 2 questions determine the brand potential of your business

If we examine the history, many brands have risen unexpectedly and exponentially, while many fell to pieces. Why is there such a stark difference? Hope, your brand comes under the former category. Sometimes, the issue lies with the very realization. Time to time assessment is very critical, more critical is the way an entrepreneur assesses.

These 2 questions determine the brand potential of your business

#1 Where does my brand stand now?
If you have just begun the business, a couple of years will potentially decide if your brand can healthily survive or not. If your brand is doing average, then serious changes must be considered to improve the quality, nature, and image of the product. If your business is already flourishing, certain strategic moves can make it even bigger. All in all, patience is the key. Also, keep an account of the fact that your brand positioning is tuning in with the taste and emotional wants of the Target Audience.

#2 How do I want to see my brand tomorrow?
Why wouldn’t you dream big? Of course, you would and you do. The only hindrance to fructifying your dreams is unrealistic expectations. A successful business person always strikes a balance between available resources and possible growth. For a start-up, the challenge is to keep the company going. For doing so, enough funds are needed so expectations should be compressed a bit. Besides, rather than getting enthused with ambitions, we should prioritize the consumer experience and satisfaction. Because when we work selflessly, it helps in delivering better results.

With a comprehensive dissection of these two questions, our dear reader must be clear to produce the progress report of her/his brand.

Three energizing motives to start a brand that's cult-in-making

Three energizing motives to start a brand that’s cult-in-making


Every other entrepreneur is inspired by the iconic brands. That comes naturally. These world-famous brands have influenced us big time. But remember, it takes, at least, a set of decades to be known to that far-reaching community. Though exceptions are always there. So, how to begin the journey of making your business identity a landmark brand?

Three energizing motives to start a brand that’s cult-in-making

* I am not just gonna start a brand, I am gonna start a long lasting trend
Have you seen people visiting a restaurant and posting the pics while eating there? In most of the cases, it is the image of that eatery that people like to relate with. Imagine – how lucky that restaurant is! But how come? Because in the last several years its services and positioning (that includes branding too) has moved the customers enormously; so much so that visiting there has become a trend.

* I’ll Create a section (though small) that can most probably follow
Reaching out thoroughly to two hundred potential customers is far better than reaching out vaguely to two thousands of people. Begin small if you want to see the effect. The community of your brand’s followers will grow gradually. Patience is the key and your efforts will show results. So design a brand that is ideal for a certain customer rather than trying to please the entire crowd.

* A premium branding will make me pay more before it starts paying me off
It’s nearly impossible to get best from both the worlds. No customer is positively influenced by poor quality packaging, unattractive designs, and hardly stimulating content. Yes, this reason makes you pay more for a better packing and hire a more expensive designer and writer. Actually, there’s no way out. The customer feels the value when you make efforts to brand your product well. And, often a well-planned branding costs higher than the usual one.

With these three motives, LemonGrit is sure that now you are way clearer and more enthused to brand your product.