What do customers think about your brand? These 5 factors decide -

What do customers think about your brand? These 5 factors decide –

Many entrepreneurs get confused. There is no hard and fast assessment of branding. So how do the brand-owners evaluate the progress of their brand? Actually, What do customers think about your brand? These 5 factors decide –

#1 Emotional Connect

The way you portray your brand has to stimulate the customer’s minds. The potential buyers are supposed to feel a connect with the brand image of your product.

#2 Recognition

Well, you may have built your brand wonderfully. But, its  wondrous nature is of no use unless the potential customers know about it. They can only appreciate a brand if they know it exists.

#3 Future prospects

Your competitors may outrun you if your brand isn’t future-proof as theirs. The apt manner of crafting a great brand lies in its durability. An effective branding is like an evergreen fashion.

  #4 Reachability

Even when you have achieved the above three factors – emotional connect, recognition and longlasting vision, there’s still something left. And, that is to be physically accessible to the target audience.

# 5 Value

A workable brand isn’t the one that overpromises.The act of overpromising might impress the buyer but would he/she again go for the product?  Promise only what can be fulfilled.

So, which of the given factors does your brand fulfill? Share in the comments below. And, let LemonGrit help you build other factors 🙂


Alter ego and branding – makes sense when combined!

Everything is on the mind. The more we face our fears, the more our imagination and intelligence is able to conceive. Alter ego and branding – makes sense when combined!We all bear an alter ego. Our personalities are reflected in the kind of branding we do. But, on the contrary, we tend to miss out on the part of the branding ways we straightaway avoid. Probably because they are reflected by out alter ego. So, what alter ego has in common with branding, let’s figure out –

What is the alter ego of your brand?
There is a certain direction in which the brand progresses. In a simple sense, if the brand image is calm and comforting then you could add an element of peppiness. Although, the changes have to be in moderation. For instance, a relieving ‘introvert’ brand with white theme color may run a campaign using an ‘outgoing’ yellow logo.

How are you as an entrepreneur?
As an introvert entrepreneur, If you happen to use your alter ego, it can make your brand free to become more popular and communicative. As an extrovert, if you utilize the power of alter ego, you may create a fabulous in-house branding as well – that too in an amusing way.

Well. it might not be as simple as it seems to be. Follow the few steps to envisage the image of your alter ego –

– Ask why you need that?
It can take you a lot of time to spot the reasons behind finding an alter ego.

– What is the persona?
Once you know you have to look out for an alter ego, then what is the aura of that image? Is it appearing more promising, grander and greater in terms of customer reliability?

– Go unparalleled.
The image thus arrived must be possessing some unique or attention grabbing qualities. Try to highlight them and mold them so that they can be used in branding.

4. Draw the difference.
Now that you know how the brand image generated by alter ego is different, try to trace its origin. The reason behind its unequaled features is the influences you had in the past. Let them also be the part of the branding.

Using the alter ego either to change the brand or to add a surprising element can be a major factor in making the potential customer notice your brand more.


Four Branding Formulas That Are Universal

Big brands are big brands because they all have certain branding strategies in common. It’s obvious you would like to know these Four Branding Formulas That Are Universal. Here are they –
1. Every communication medium speaks the slogan of uniformity
The font, standard colors, logo and other information should be same in all the interactive agencies. Be it the t.v. channel, radio, print media or packaging. So that readers don’t receive different identities of the same brand from different channels.
2. One person, one brand
Let an able creative head manage your brand. Too many cooks spoil the dish. One manager would ensure one school of thought for the product. However, if too many people with too many ideas would be there, distortion will only be the message the audience would receive.
3. Tell a story, not just give an information
Produce interesting videos or audios that have a story. The story should anchor the core philosophy of your brand. Gone were the days were sheer advertisement would impact the viewers. Now, they want a short movie and not just an ad piece.
4. Market study for remarkable branding
The branding is like a game of shooting. If you miss the spot, the game is over. And the right spot in business is the right target audience. Know the preferences and response of the audience through research. And, the research might be conducted via phone calls, online survey, market study etc.