Did you do the following? Oops! Bad branding

Did you do the following? Oops! Bad branding

1. Didn’t choose to be unique
A catchy tagline, a desirable content and visually soothing appearance. Well, there are no hard and fast specifications. Go beyond the imagination. Don’t apply unless your mind echos ”Eureka!!!”.

2. Went by surface research which actually equals no research
Any effective branding is a result of aggressive inputs to dig out the consumer insight. If these inputs cannot be located on the timeline of your branding analysis, no wonder your branding did not deliver the results.

3. Your product doesn’t breathe the brand
The branding with impact is to create waves. And, most of the world-renowned companies have chosen to not to miss out on any branding aspect. Be it the tissue paper, back of the chair or the dishes. They have left the imprints on the customer’s mind.