Start from the scratch. How to name your brand?

Your brand name is the main verbal identity of your business and most probably, the first impression. Can you risk it? On the other hand, there is no hard and fast rule of how to name! Let’s ease off your enigma. Give a thumbs up, if your brand name has the following features –

Start from the scratch. How to name your brand?

It’s easy to memorize – The name of the brand should avoid heavy-duty words. The title is supposed to be simple, crisp and catchy. In order to achieve this objective, you may pick words used in colloquial language.

It’s easy to pronounce – Avoid using terms that consist silent words. In fact, try to use words that are common in the potential customer’s lingo. It evokes a sense of familiarity among them. The chances of your brand’s name getting recognition become high.

It defines the Brand USP – When anyways you have to title your business, let the name say it all. Make the use of a name to define the product’s benefits. It’s a very tricky thing to accomplish, quite challenging to one’s creativity.

Of course, the good name sells only for once and rest is up to the quality and price of the product. But, won’t you like to name your brand in such a way that the potential buyer is compelled to notice it?