semiotic in branding

Role of semiotics in brand building

The Human mind is also swayed by several signs and symbols it sees around. Their color, shape, category, size – everything generates a specific feeling in the brain. This is the stir of  semiotics – the study of signs and symbols. For instance, the tick mark sign of Nike signifies a sporty and winning attitude. Nowadays, the profitability boost in  national organizations is the magic by established brand solutions agency India. They create such marks that a consumer finds difficult to not to regard.

Via the semiotics medium, a brand flourishes by designing such signs that invoke the certain set of desirable reactions. Many consumer behavior experts  and market gurus infer that such ideograms create psychological relations, supposition and projection amongst the target audiences. Brands like Claude Levi-Strauss, Roland Barthes and Umberto Eco, have been one of the buyer’s favorites. All of them had significant and assertive symbols which gradually became a strong part of their brand identity. As for us, luckily, there are few but valuable brand solutions agency India.

Advertising is a vast area. The techniques of semiotics can be used in creating effectual packaging, logos, marketing materials and promotions. Peircian semiotics further stresses that the designing of such logos should be done to generate specific interpretations in the customer’s mind. For instance, Muthoot Group is 128 years old. It deals in the area of gold loaning. The image showing two elephant got firmly registered in the minds of the customers. Indians particularly in the South are very close to elephants. Now, Muthoot is the pioneering gold loaning organization in the country.

An entrepreneur often has to consult many brand solutions agency India. At LemonGrit, the years of experience and a huge variety of clients have presented us the treasure of abundant ideas and an excellent hand over to implement them. It is the right platform for those who want innovation in the identity of their product.


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