Is your campaign successful – if it has these 3 features then yes!

The purpose of a campaign is to make the brand talk of the town. It indirectly results in more buyers. Then maybe more sales and  more profit. But sometimes, a campaign is required to rebuild or refresh the image of a stagnant brand. So, Is your campaign successful – if it has these 3 features then yes!

Ideas shortlisted from the shortlisted ones
The grass is greener on the other side. Most of the ideas sound exciting and unique in the beginning. But, you need to have as many participants and ideas as possible. The participants will delete and crop the ideas till the last possible argument. Finally, you will be left with that one campaigning strategy that’s meant for your brand.

Ideas that interact with the customers
A customer’s signature to spread green awareness doesn’t suffice. He does it so many times, a signature is not remarkable enough for him to appreciate a brand. Your campaign has to register in his mind. Propose your customers to draw, write, speak, capture, cycle or whatever that they themselves can remember doing. Make them do something that makes your brand memorable.

Ideas that can spread
As a brand owner, you may start an extensive  campaign,  and call the media to cover it. But if the campaign itself is not worthy, nothing will pay off. The famous ‘share your coke’ campaign was started in a small town, but it got popular because it did have a substance. So, instead of making it begin big, let it end big with original ideas.

The most difficult part of the brand campaign is to generate a feasible idea that can move the customers. Your campaigning strategy has to have that impact. Rather than in being a rush to start, patiently confirm the concept. Better be a bit late to come up with satisfying approaches. 

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