Instagram Marketing tips

Food business marketing has many dimensions. One of them is the online media. These days, apart from Twitter and Facebook, there is focus on many other social media platforms including Instagram. As it is comparatively new, let’s throw light on the major Instagram Marketing tips.
1. Start with the username, the first impression is the last one
The username should be a two-word summary for your business offerings or the brand you own, For instance if XYZ is in the field of offering copywriting services, the username could be XYZcopywriter. It gives a professional and instant message. Also, try to include a catchy yet formal term so that the online visitor immediately registers your presence.
2. Profile shouldn’t be ‘incomplete’
The overview of your profile should precisely and briefly describe the service or product. What you should aim is a little words about yourself with no or minimal use of flowery language. Try to Mention facts only. A suitable yet relaxed looking profile image to establish better relativity with the potential customer is a must. A link to your website is also compulsory for those aiming good returns.
3. Instagram Facebook Connectivity to connect with the world better
Instagrams is a part of Facebook. As the title says, connecting these two media will yield you more reachability. Farther is the social media reach, the better. Isn’t it?
4. Create an Instagram tab on the FB page –
Time is money. Getting two at the price of one is undeniably a desirable deal. The smart marketers who have created an Instagram tab on FB page have a huge bonus point. The moment they share their pictures on Instagram, these pics reach the corresponding facebook audience too. So, Have you started saving your time?
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