India – a hub for marketers

India is one of  the most sought-after places when talked about marketing investment. Being such a fastest growing economy in the world, it has largely been coveted by numerous investors. Food is the basic necessity of life. And, this market evergreen in nature. We all love lip-smacking recipes and food products. Each weekend, most of us would buy something special to eat. Now, think about the financial turnover of the owners. But, not every food business turns out to be so profitable. After all, you need branding strategies, particularly for startups.How to tackle the conservative Indian food habits
Indians are found to be very attached to their indigenous food; sometimes to the extent that they won’t even try some new cuisine. So, if you are planning to market in India. First and foremost, please market for the suitable product. Opening a traditional Indian food outlet but with a difference in identity and branding should work out well. Pick a famous restaurant that you also like. Try to know about its branding and marketing stylist. Contact the same if it has a decent experience in designing the branding strategies for startups.

Some other reasons to make you even surer for marketing investment in India:

India homes excellent B-schools – The leading colleges offering BBA and MBA in India have produced marvelous marketers. In fact, many of these students are being absorbed by the foreign companies. So, any time you venture into the Indian market, these brilliant marketers can surely help you out!
They did it and so can you – Over the last five years, numerous small-sized food related organizations have risen to the national and even international acclaim. Undoubtedly, branding strategies for startups have a major role to play in their success stories.Indian corporate youth is earning – Grabbing a corporate job is a sought after career opportunity in the country. And, the number of such job doers is increasing day by day. Their busy lifestyle and well-paid occupation allow them to consume the tasty food from outside too often.Hope, the reasons clicked your mind and going to open another door of opportunities.


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