Improve Landing Page, Increase Conversion Rates

The landing page is the first impression that a client receives about the online presence of your organisation. And, as they say, the first impression is the last impression. Improve Landing Page, Increase Conversion Rates. So, what to do? Well, read the below features and incorporate them in your landing page –

1. A headline that strikes the right note
Write something that gives the viewer a feeling – ‘this is something I was indeed looking for’. The message is in the bold and bright colours. It will immediately click the readers’ mind. Don’t overdo with the words. Keep it simple, subtle and direct.

2. The effect of colors
Try to use three main colours. Too many colours result in a less sophisticated view. Every shade has a personality. Make sure that it corresponds with the persona of your brand. Also, the prime colours should contrast each other. It would help in evoking the feeling of clarity.

3. A picture is worth a thousand words after all
Use a picture that is ambitiously envisaged by the customers. Pictorially try to reach the customers via developing specific feelings. For instance, an emotion of good food can be invoked by showing a healthy person enjoying healthy food.

4. Structured content, less content
The reader would never want to be overloaded with content. It is advised to structure the landing page content. It may be organised in points. Or, if it is in paragraphs then assign a sub-heading. So, that the reader only reads it, when they want to. Don’t burden the landing page with too much of words or sections.

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