How to protect the reputation of brand?

There’s a lot of competition on the market. One mistake may cost the loss of many customers. Suppose, you own a restaurant. The food delivery goes wrong. The customer has ordered something, but they received something else. Their reaction could be infuriating. They might ‘accept’ the flawed delivery but will they forgive the brand?

Now you are putting yourself in the shoes of that customer and probably you won’t forgive. So, as an entrepreneur, you need to teach your entire team the tactics to deal with such situations. After all, the reputation of the brand shouldn’t be harmed.

As a general example, suppose a few products developed some defects under ‘unknown’ circumstances. And, unfortunately, they got sold in the market. The customer is most likely to not to go for the same brand ever again. But, in order to cover up the flaw, you can give them another new product (For free of course). Then they are likely to realize that the brand has a sense of responsibility.

Maybe due to the taste, or quick delivery or quality – there must be customers who have stuck to your product for a long time. It’s time to reward them with discount coupons or anything equivalent to that. So, that they continue to feel the intimacy for your brand. Moreover, it can potentially pursue them to advertise through the word of mouth.

Thirdly, try to engage the customer. It is a very well-thought tactics. Any individual is drawn towards a brand which shares their experiences. Hold a contest or organize some event and let the customers share their success story or build one by winning the contest. It could be an online event or a social campaign that is apparently very close to the hearts of target audience.

Basically, the brand needs to behave like a responsible and warm-heart individual to carve a niche in the customer’s mind.

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