How to market your brand on twitter

It is the quick and fast use of Twitter that breaks a sensational news. In fact, business marketers also use it as one of the crucial platforms to spread the marketing literature so that it hits the right set of audience. So how to market your brand on twitter – 

1. Be contemporary and different at the same time.
Firstly, as a twitter marketing strategist, you need to know what’s trending on twitter and why? You will present the same subject but in a different light. For instance, if some famous singer has expired, you would tweet a tribute on behalf of the brand you own. And, let a not-so-seen image of the celebrity be the USP of that tweet. That ways, many visitors will remember that it was your brand that revealed the celebrity picture.

2. Make use of position
The same message given by two very different individuals will have a different impact altogether. Can you make a well-known person tweet for your brand? The second option is to make somebody ‘important’ in your organization tweeting for your brand. It could be the restaurant chef telling the audience how lovingly he cooks these dishes. That’s a smart and indirect way of brand promotion.

3. Give value to the customer
In this busy world, we need to understand the tactics that can stimulate the workaholic customers. Many companies would run a social media campaign. And, the employees themselves would reply or favorite the related tweets that come from the customers. In this way, the customer would feel valued. They would also feel that it’s due to that tweet that they are being noticed.

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