Here is the answer, why men prefer to  order from outside

We inquired numerous males, some of them were working while some were students. They gave different reasons for ordering food from outside.

1. Men are not good cooks generally – India mainly has a patriarchal setup. And believe us, guys cook pathetic. After vigorous practice, they may be able to cook instant food like noodles and omelette but it’s difficult to go beyond.

2. Good food is worth relishing, why not to order it – At times, a particular restaurant is so popular that it is difficult for men to keep their taste buds under control. So, they enjoy ordering time and again.

3. It’s party time –  Several occasions like friend’s birthday, or an unexpected promotion, job change and the weekend time. arouse the party thrill amongst men. And, as everybody knows, a good party is incomplete without good food.

4. It’s convenient, saves time and energy – Many of the working man are too stressed after office to cook. So, they prefer to order food from outside.

5. Fewer spendings, more fun – Rather than going out in a restaurant bar, paying manifolds than the M.R.P, wasting money on commuting, isn’t that more convenient to order food and beverages and have a blast at home itself.

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