Four Branding Formulas That Are Universal

Big brands are big brands because they all have certain branding strategies in common. It’s obvious you would like to know these Four Branding Formulas That Are Universal. Here are they –
1. Every communication medium speaks the slogan of uniformity
The font, standard colors, logo and other information should be same in all the interactive agencies. Be it the t.v. channel, radio, print media or packaging. So that readers don’t receive different identities of the same brand from different channels.
2. One person, one brand
Let an able creative head manage your brand. Too many cooks spoil the dish. One manager would ensure one school of thought for the product. However, if too many people with too many ideas would be there, distortion will only be the message the audience would receive.
3. Tell a story, not just give an information
Produce interesting videos or audios that have a story. The story should anchor the core philosophy of your brand. Gone were the days were sheer advertisement would impact the viewers. Now, they want a short movie and not just an ad piece.
4. Market study for remarkable branding
The branding is like a game of shooting. If you miss the spot, the game is over. And the right spot in business is the right target audience. Know the preferences and response of the audience through research. And, the research might be conducted via phone calls, online survey, market study etc.
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