branding Emotional Connection to the customer

Don’t ignore the emotional connect with customers

 “It is better to make a customer than to make a sale”
Theodore Levitt.

Exciting, stable, ever-changing, hits, flops – the market changes its features rapidly with the change in the nature of the customers. Yet, several companies were able to emerge as the major market players because they choose to shift from conventional advertising to emotional advertising. Since, consumers seek to change their brands more frequently than ever – there is an urgent need of establishing a strong emotional association with their hearts. The clothes that they wear, the coffee that they drink, the footwear that they choose – it all depicts their way of thinking. Thus, a personalized perspective is required to define  the manner of endorsement.

The fashion of advertisement in order to develop a touching bond with the buyers should stress on the following:

  • The solutions that can make your products an ‘odd one out’ yet desirable
  • The solutions that can keep the choosy customers opting for your brand again and again
  • The solutions that large scale companies use in order to allocate the apt emotions in their branding; creating loyal customers in the long run
  • The solutions that act as a medium to bridge the gap between the brand and the customers’ heart
  • The solutions that can yield lifetime associations with the buyers

Be it the B2B segment or C2C, a research concludes that customers use 80% of their instinct and 20% of rationality to purchase goods or services. So as to achieve the purpose of convincing the customers emotionally, smart marketers have always created effective advertising strategies through significantly managing the customers’ database. It helps them in segregating and studying better about the consumer insight. By knowing the exact wants of the customers, they win customers’ loyalty which further gives the organization the targeted sales and profitability.

Mark Gob mentions in his book ‘Emotional Branding’, that branding should be approached in a way that pleases the personalized world of the customer. It should look forward to create an intimate interactive conversation.

A marketing team which is governed by the traditional school of thought would focus on four P’s – Product, Price, Place and Promotion. But a contemporary marketing team would try to:

  • Segment people into groups on the basis of their buying habits
  • Read carefully about the buyers’ purchasing experience
  • Brand on personal basis by identifying the indeed needs of the consumer
  • Make the brand widely and physically present
  • Build personal relationships via well planned integrated communications
  • Cooperate and partner with all three levels – employees, suppliers and buyers
  • Create policies for the customers through wisely using the database
  • Exploit each point of contact with the customer via the route of creativity and out of the box thinking. Thus, generating lifetime loyalty for the brand

Let us give you some direct examples of how the following brands got popular instantly through targeting the emotional needs of customer:

  • Multiple generations relate to the heart-warming characters introduced by Disney
  • The Nike stores called Nike Town create a sporty atmosphere and also shows sports legends
  • Cadbury Park in UK motivates customers to engage in the designing, producing, and packaging of chocolates
  • Starbucks make the customers eager to come back as the waiters greet and exchange extra words with them and offer customized coffee

In all the cases above, the product and service were evolved to suffice the buyer better rather than changing the customer’s mind to like that specific product/service. The food branding professionals at LemonGrit are excited to transform the course of marketing game as they have done so, many times. Would you like to join us?

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