Does your website have a personality?

Before buying something, a customer may like to visit the product’s website. And, yes, the product here means a commodity, group, service, organization etc. After all, digital presence is the most accessible. Without traveling any kilometers, at one go of a click, you get all the information about the product. Does your website have a personality? 

Some smart businessmen give a tinge of personification to their websites. It instantly makes the site emotionally interactive. Here are a few tips on How to create a website with a personality –

1.) Know the brand insight and create a character
What’s the purpose of your brand? Is it related to luxury, medicines, mental wellness, fashion, automobiles and there are unending options.
Depending on the purpose, create a character. It could be an abstract one, narrating the story from his point of view, or a bubble or an uncle figure – imagination is infinite. So end up creating something that’s just perfect.

2.) Discover the enemy of that character
Doesn’t mean you will literally show an enemy. Here, the term ‘enemy’ denotes the set of factors which may compel a customer from buying your product. And, the protagonist character has to conquer this set of factors – not directly but subtly and effectively.

3.) Stress the language and the undertone
A tinge of pleading and the customers are turned off. Instead, use a narrative set from the expert point of view without using any authoritative tone. Talk to them. Create a desire to respond in them by asking the questions.

4.) Make the brand the hero
The most workable trick is to manifest the product’s benefits diffusely. Suppose, your firm produces an untearable fabric. So, instead of boasting that the product doesn’t get torn, you may show a man trying all possible ways to rip it but fails.

The language is an art. A response-evoking website always makes the best use of it.

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