3 factors determine if brand positioning is right -

3 factors determine if brand positioning is right –

Brand positioning is the concluding angle that governs the brand image. However, an engaging branding might not deliver positive results because despite being intriguing, it couldn’t communicate the right message. Or at times, a message is sent across precisely but the execution isn’t enthralling. All in all, the quest is to conquer the battle of boredom and ineffective communications.

3 factors determine if brand positioning is right –

The positives and negatives of your rivals – If we closely examine the competitors, we can learn the amazing and unexpected things. Maybe the apparent idea of their TA turns out to be something else. Maybe, the reason their brand has been pioneering the market is not what we thought. Overall, a ‘to-the-core’ research about associate contestants will help us forge our way to success. That includes all facets, what customers like about this brand, why do they buy it and which segment rather buys it the most?

The positives and negatives of your product – Is your product designed while keeping the Target Audience in mind? Or, the product’s specifications sing their own jingles. Sometimes, the packaging is more appealing to a younger audience while prices are high enough for the richer audience. Thus, the price is not in sync with the packaging material and design. By the way, you better send your marketing team to several supermarket stores to know the real TA. After all, you don’t have to miss knowing anything related to your product.

Now mix, match and bring up the best – After analysing both sides of the coin, we have a fair picture now. We can easily identify what goes in our favor and what doesn’t, what are the ways to outsmart the opposition etc. In the end, your conclusion will be juiced up into one line. Don’t rush in coming to a conclusion, take your time. Branding isn’t something we can risk.

What audience thinks about your product’s image can make or break your business. That’s why effective branding is the key.

How to make a revival without losing the Brand Heritage

How to make a revival without losing the Brand Heritage

The older the brand, greater is the reliability and richer is the heritage. As the digital age progresses, beloved brands are all set for a revamp; fearing the loss of identity in an almost twisted world. But, changing brand identity (especially that of a decades-old brand) may cost the entrepreneur a lot. The possible grand loss is the trust and familiarity that the customers associate with the original brand image.

How to make a revival without losing the Brand Heritage

Retain the landmark points
Who knows your brand better than you. However, you may re-confirm by asking your loyalists what makes them nostalagic about this particular product’s identity. The answer could include font, color, design, lingo and what not! Whichever factors seem to be the most prominent, retain them even after reviving the brand.

The main motive to invigorate the brand
Stagnant water starts smelling after a certain period, so is the case with a brand. However, that doesn’t imply that you need to make drastic changes. Your brand has been there for ages, all it needs is some re-brushing and polishing. In funny words, the amended brand will look like an individual who has just taken a shower and now he is ready to start the life afresh and not like an entirely different individual himself.

Be there wherever can you be
After your brand image has tuned in with the contemporary standards, let it take a tour all around. From business events to food festivals, from college fests to conferences – do some sponsorship or create events there – increase the visibility factor of your revamped brand. So that, the old becomes the new and pathbreaking. Never forget the advantage of being old, because the oldies carry experience, nostalgia, and quality!

The underlining motive of writing upon the reinvigoration of old brands was to convey the message of ‘Old is Gold’.

Don’t just rebrand, make a proud comeback. Here’s how -

Don’t just rebrand, make a proud comeback. Here’s how –

A brand is like fashion that needs to be renewed after regular intervals. Or else, it loses its charm. Many times, the arrival of new competitors worsen the situation, considering the fact that customers have already started overlooking your brand.

Don’t just rebrand, make a proud comeback. Here’s how –

Being direct could be very inviting
Usually, many dying brands complain that customers hardly pay any attention to them because new and cheaper alternatives have taken over the market. Such a situation occurred with Starbucks. In fact, it had to close 900 outlets. Finally, it came with a witty and brutally straightforward ad campaign –

“Beware of a cheaper cup of coffee. It comes with a price.”

Actually, the other food chains offered coffee at much lower prices, the quality was not as good as that of Starbucks certainly. So, the Target Audience realized the value of a quality coffee through a simple truth –

“If your coffee isn’t perfect, we’ll make it over. If it’s still not perfect, you must not be in a Starbucks,”

Maybe there’s no need to advertise but do something different
A good advertising comes with a price. The budget seldom allows that. Luckily, sometimes the non-mainstream campaigns can do wonders. For example, an unglamorous and inexpensive beer brand Pabst Blue Ribbon was on the verge of dying. It had no budget to advertise. The marketing agency they had hired discovered that most of the people who bought this brand were hipsters. The marketing team attended all the possible social gatherings and started interacting with these hipsters.

The team wore casual clothes, took an interest in the interests of the TA, befriended it and convinced it to promote the beer brand. In the coming 5 years, the sales got doubled.

Thus, of many ways to rebrand, advertising in a straightforward manner and going in the field to interact with the TA have proved to be very effective.