Here are the ways to increase website traffic.

Here are the ways to increase website traffic.

There are numerous other websites in the same category, how do you plan to make your website outrun them? And, then the challenge is to increase the online traffic. But is there a sure shot way to confirm it? Of course, there is. If we focus on the existing traffic on social media and try keeping it engaged and interested, the new traffic is bound to arrive.

Here are the ways to increase website traffic.

* Keep up the quality of content and evoke emotions through pictures
The word ‘Effort’ is an abstract term but it can be sensed. People respond to those social media posts or blogs that have useful and emotionally-stimulating content as well as pictures. Let the posts/blogs get personified by sharing knowledge and information, creating humor, historical facts, and some fictitious stories. Good content always has honest efforts behind.

* Keep a personal touch with your followers
It’s hard for anybody to not appreciate you when you make them feel good. Little things like complementing on a nice profile pic, favoriting a tweet or wishing a birthday would make the potential customers feel valued. And, if they like you back, they will share/like your posts, blogs and tweets. Then more traffic is expected to come.

* Most importantly welcome new customers with a bang
A typical Facebook user won’t like to go through the unwanted posts so he/she would ‘unlike’ certain pages. But, make sure when somebody likes your business account on facebook or follows it on some other social media platform, you pay them an individual attention. Maybe, share a post with them welcoming the new members to the family. It will keep them encouraged to not ‘unlike’ or ‘unfollow’ your business page.

Yes, it’s not a cakewalk to increase the traffic on your website. However, an effective social media presence will definitely help you achieve that.

Before you start Branding, keep these factors in mind

Before you start Branding, keep these factors in mind


A brilliant branding is associated with smartness, sophistication, humor and many other positive traits. That’s the reason the world-famous brands have an impactful branding. In fact, fresh entrepreneurs are paying no less attention to this facet of the business. The competition is steep, can we overlook any dimension?

Before you start Branding, keep these factors in mind,

1.) Harmony – It’s ok to post not so often on Facebook than to post something that doesn’t define or compliment your brand. By following this consistency, you are providing a more detailed and sophisticated persona to the brand.

2.) Well, there are two sides to any business
Immediate Reality– Evaluation of progress about immediate business growth

Long Run Dreams– Gain in terms of ability to make money
And, both of them are the deciding factors.

3.) The nature of narration – As it’s been said earlier, a pre-designed and well-planned tone of voice plays an important role. It essentially helps in providing branding a tinge of reality. For that, you need to generate a content that equally keeps the interest and responses of customer’s in mind.

4.) Looks do matter – Logic can fetch your brand a wonderful response from the audience, provided you use it in colors, designs, deciding space and font. Decide upon all the visual aspects very rationally. Once, the branding is visually appealing, the viewer is prompted to know it more.

Whenever you would write the product’s branding based on the above four points, the final brief would be much more logical and purposive. Thus, you will be having a precise branding guideline.

The features of the Store are a part of branding too

The features of the Store are a part of branding too

Forget about gaining the new customers, even retaining the existing ones is a challenge. For example, grocery shopping is a weekly affair. So a majority of customers prefer going to the oldest store in the area. In some cases, a new store becomes the talk of the town. But the head-scratching matter is to find out the yardstick on the basis of which they choose the brand. Now many factors have bumped our mind including Locality, Branding, and execution, Availability of favorite brands or maybe the Cordial relations with the store-owner.

The features of the Store are a part of branding too

Most of the time, it’s random: According to a survey conducted by Ipsos, an expert company in the area of market research, very few customers favor sticking to one store for grocery shopping. The report also showed that consumers often visit multiple stores to grab the best deal. Also, they tend to choose different stores for different types of buying. However, quite perishable products like meat and vegetables may compel the customer to buy more from a particular shop.

Women and food shopping, unbreakable bond: Going more into the details, another survey conducted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), states that Food is the largest retail consumption category in India. Staples, dairy, fruits and vegetables account for nearly 66 percent of food expenditure amongst consumers. It also revealed that although shopping in India is usually led by women of the family, the other members also join in.

Branding Style is case specific: Thus, we suggest that ideally a grocery store should brand itself in a fashion that appeals to all segments of the customers; be it the kids or the middle-aged man or the college goers! While the branding has to be understood by a large target audience it still has to be memorable and convey the ideas and messages of your brand.

The real buyers depend on what to buy: The target audience of the store will depend on the product assortment, the general cost of the product and location.Through a proper market study, the retailers must try to include as many product brands as possible and arrange them in the most organized manner (by the type of the product or by brands) in the store. Label the store section.

Display small or more expensive products such as chocolate within the reach near the cash counter. Besides, a strategic location and maintaining healthy relations with the consumer will surely help the grocery. Guide your customer secretly with the in-store navigation to build up the pleasant memories of the shop interior and service, let them come again.