Expected Branding Trends 2016

Expected Branding Trends 2016

Time changes with no notice period. It’s important to gel along. Because otherwise the brand ceases to appeal the customers. So, steal the show in 2016. Following are the Expected Branding Trends 2016 for you –

1.) More interactive billboards
Well, unconventionally appealing billboards are going to pop out the eyes of the customers. They are likely to be different in some or the other way – it could be because of the 3D design, or bright and bubbly colors or the rock and roll theme of 70’s. What are your plans to make the brand’s billboard stand out of the crowd?

2.) Web design to give you more options
The users are going to get an entirely new experience as many renowned websites will transform their structure for better; offering more options to the customers. A well-structured and ‘clean’ website definitely prompts the viewer to visit it again.

3.) UX designs gonna be more user-oriented
The user-experience designs are going to be literally broader this year. The use of one color/monochromatic aesthetics will surely be in the picture. These little tips will highlight the design more, thus, being loudly communicative with the user and that’s done on purpose you know.

Just like fashion, branding trends get revived after ages. And, if your brand is not in fashion, it can lose out on customers as well.

Top three logo trends in 2016

Top three logo trends in 2016

The world changes with each passing day. A New year means new trends – and, that implies on logo designing too. So, are you planning to revamp your brand’s logo. It’s a great idea if you bring about fresh changes keeping the latest preferences in mind.

Top three logo trends in 2016

* The aim is to distract the audience
This year the aim of the designers is to raise the brows of audiences. And, to achieve this purpose, designers need to take the less traveled road. ‘Being Unusual’ is key.

* More use of Iconography
In the recent years, use of emojis and other similar symbols have dominated the digital space. It’s time to come up with something different. Iconography sounds feasible. Use of icons to communicate also adds creativity to the aesthetics.

* The use of negative space
The prevailing designs are minimalistic in nature. But constancy is the enemy of fashion. So, 2016 will witness less minimalistic logos with an ‘occupied’ use of negative space. And, this drastic change in the trend of logo designing will pop out the eyes of the viewers.

New Year seems to be the trendsetter for many brands. But, how do you expect your brand’s logo to be..? Share in the comments below.


A brand that evokes relief

What do you think a 9 to 5 job, heavy traffic jams, extreme workload and unhealthy lifestyle would result in?

Not confirmed about other consequences but STRESS is sure to come! We need A brand that evokes relief

Hope your food brand has some amazing features. A brand that evokes relief. Now that stress can be used as a tool to position your brand; Those ‘amazing features’ would help in evoking a feel of relief for the customers. For instance, a terrace restaurant bar in Delhi is set amidst quite a busy area. But the gardening around it, its Victorian Era look, along with other features pursue the viewers to try its food and beverages.

They subconsciously take the customer’s mind to some serene place. Another instant is the tea advertisements where the T.V ads largely show the tea gardens.

But, you do not necessarily need to change the location of your food outlet and or show some marvellous one in the ad. You may do that. But, this idea of generating relief could also be achieved via the apt usage of fresh colors, ample spacing and sorted designs on the cover of the product packaging.

Overall, it will be only an additional feature for your brand to stand out of the crowd, to capture the buyer’s/visitor’s attention at one go by the virtue of its ‘fresh’ feel.