Why Offer Free Testing To Target Audience?

The competition goes boundless in the market. There are more rival brands than you know. But how to lead then?Well, these days, we have been coming across many events organized by the brand themselves. They offer free testing of the product. And, this enables them to get a direct response from the customer. So, Why Offer Free Testing To Target Audience? Here are the reasons –

1. The customer would feel welcomed
For a food brand, it is an opportunity. Because food is something that we all eat. And, we wouldn’t mind enjoying a good one especially when it is for free. So, such an offer would become memorable for us. It’s a bonus point for the food brand.

2. The response is straight away
Ask customers as many questions as possible during the testing. Don’t hesitate to ask them if they have any solutions regarding the image, title and packaging of the brand. When you would have done this with a decent number of potential customers, a good data will be there to make useful corrections in the branding of your food product.

3. Know which brand is threatening your one and how!
If the testing results do not give very satisfying feedback, inquire the customers about which another brand do they use! Analyse the other brand and make your one more competent on the market.


Booming Food Industry and the Secret Behind it

Won’t you like to visit a food and hospitality fair where 800 exhibitors participate from 22 different countries!

AAHAR -is  the largest gathering of Food and Hospitality Industry experts in the country. The grand event has been taking place every year at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India for last 3 decades.

India is the largest producer of grains and milk products and second largest of fruits and vegetables in the world. It has huge prospects to grow even better if technology in the area of food processing could become more advanced Acknowledging this, Extensive exhibition is being held where various entrepreneurs specialised in the field of food machinery participate and widen the scope of their business expansion.

The fair, in fact, is a great interface to meet potential buyers who are into the food and hospitality industry. They usually look for advanced machinery like meat processing devices, packaging material, refrigeration and cooling products, Numberless professional exhibitors showcase countless range of food and hospitality services in the fair. Probably, one day won’t be enough there to explore the unlimited opportunities of understanding the Food Industry. From confectionary products to alcoholic beverages, you will find it all. 

Another highlight of the show is to visit numerous stalls that exhibit the products falling in the same category but endorsed by separate brands. Such a wide variety may further you to choose the best or overwhelm you with too many options. Trainee Chefs and Hospitality students from premium institutions also take a keen part in the event. It is indeed a great learning experience for them. 

Besides, there are open classes being held by many companies; top-notch like Rational and medium ones like Snapware – they all present a great show to the visitors. One of the main attractions is the practical display of product benefits in front of the masses. 

All in all, this grand exhibition offers irresistible prospects to the B2B segment and helps them expanding their business.