Where to draw the line of information in Advertising

Where to draw the line of information in Advertising

The most challenging part of the advertising is to inform the customers in an engaging manner. Some of the entrepreneurs try to win the customer’s trust via loads of facts and information. Of course, factual reality appeals the customers. But, are you sure your information is not overwhelming the potential buyer.

In fact, a recent study reveals that an ad laden with facts and features doesn’t invite many readers. However, for a website, the same facts and features can do wonders. But, do we read newspapers and walk down the roads to view the ads? Unless the ad has some engaging section, none of us would even bother to look at it.

Information is what websites are for. It has enough space. Categorize the information and as much as you want on the website. But an advertisement has even fewer readers. For example, when the customer visits a website, it is because they already know the product and they are keen to knowing more. So, an informative website makes sense. But, an ad has to strike the target audience in one go. Too much info can overwhelm the viewer – to the extent that he never looks back. Instead of clubbing facts and presenting them in a boring manner, you can play around with one fact and or a piece of information; go for a series of ads designed in this fashion.

You know going for a series interesting advertisements is a venture worth trying. The brand and product remain same but each add has a new fact/feature (presented in a storytelling format). So, don’t you think this idea will work? Share in the comments :)

 Do potential customers even read your website?

 Do potential customers even read your website?

The first impression is the last impression. If, at the first go, your brand’s website doesn’t intrigue the customers, it means there’s something not fine with the verbal content or the visuals or both. Do potential customers even read your website? Let’s say, the issue is with the copy part. What would you do then? Simply try incorporating following tips –

* The verbs are more important than adjectives. They evoke action. When a customer gets influenced by the branding, he/she would enjoy reading it

* The structure has to be precise. Customer’s time is precious. A cluttered copy is not the way. No potential buyer would go through your website just for the sake of it

* Repeating a thought time and again generates trust. So, strategize an idea/line or set of words which are going to be there in the copy for three times so that

* Substantiate the copy with proves and facts. Customers would choose rationality over being emotional before spending on your product

* The copy is not to defend your product. It is to present both sides of the coins. Make the customers feel free to make their own choices. A strong persuasion may avert them

* Infuse life into the language. It should inform the matter with a bang. Let the tone be witty and smart. Boredom, at no cost, should surface anywhere

* Be precise and accurate, it’s becoming difficult with each day. Every word has a weight. Thus, every word has a reason to be the part of the text.

Apply these tips and do let us know how they helped in increasing the visibility factor of your business. Your response is awaited in comments :)

Top three logo trends in 2016

Top three logo trends in 2016

The world changes with each passing day. A New year means new trends – and, that implies on logo designing too. So, are you planning to revamp your brand’s logo. It’s a great idea if you bring about fresh changes keeping the latest preferences in mind.

Top three logo trends in 2016

* The aim is to distract the audience
This year the aim of the designers is to raise the brows of audiences. And, to achieve this purpose, designers need to take the less traveled road. ‘Being Unusual’ is key.

* More use of Iconography
In the recent years, use of emojis and other similar symbols have dominated the digital space. It’s time to come up with something different. Iconography sounds feasible. Use of icons to communicate also adds creativity to the aesthetics.

* The use of negative space
The prevailing designs are minimalistic in nature. But constancy is the enemy of fashion. So, 2016 will witness less minimalistic logos with an ‘occupied’ use of negative space. And, this drastic change in the trend of logo designing will pop out the eyes of the viewers.

New Year seems to be the trendsetter for many brands. But, how do you expect your brand’s logo to be..? Share in the comments below.