Don't lose Brand Heritage and still make a comeback -

Don’t lose Brand Heritage and still make a comeback –

The older the brand, greater is the reliability and richer is the heritage. As the digital age progresses, beloved brands are all set for a ‘repair’ – fearing the loss of identity in an almost twisted world. But, changing brand identity (especially that of a decades-old brand) may cost the entrepreneur a lot. The possible grand loss is the trust and familiarity that the customers associate with the original brand image.

Don’t lose Brand Heritage and still make a comeback –

Retain the landmark points
Who knows your brand better than you. However, you may re-confirm by asking your loyalists what makes them nostalgic about this particular product’s identity. The answer could include font, color, design, lingo and what not! Whichever factors seem to be the most prominent, retain them even after reviving the brand.

The main motive to invigorate the brand
Stagnant water starts smelling after a certain period, so is the case with a brand. However, that doesn’t imply that you need to make drastic changes. Your brand has been there for ages, all it needs is some re-brushing and polishing. In funny words, the amended brand will look like an individual who has just taken a shower and now he is ready to start the life afresh and not like an entirely different individual himself.

Be there wherever can you be
After your brand image has tuned in with the contemporary standards, let it take a tour all around. From business events to food festivals, from college fests to conferences – do some sponsorship or create events there – increase the visibility factor of your revamped brand. So that, the old becomes the new and pathbreaking. Never forget the advantage of being old, because the oldies carry experience, nostalgia, and quality!

The underlining motive of writing upon the reinvigoration of old brands was to convey the message of ‘Old is Gold’.

Three stimulating thoughts to begin a brand that’s legend-in-making

Three stimulating thoughts to begin a brand that’s legend-in-making


Every other businessman is smitten away by the iconic brands. Why wouldn’t he? That comes naturally. These world-famous names have influenced us tremendously. But remember, it takes, at least, a set of decades to be known to that far-reaching community. Though exceptions are always there. So, how to begin the journey of making your business identity a landmark brand?

Three stimulating thoughts to begin a brand that’s legend-in-making

* I am not just gonna start a brand, I am gonna start a long lasting trend
Have you seen people visiting a restaurant and posting the pics while eating there? In most of the cases, it is the image of that eatery that people like to relate with. Imagine – how lucky that restaurant is! But how come? Because in the last several years its services and positioning (that includes branding too) have moved the customers enormously; so much so that visiting there has become a trend.

* I’ll Create a section (though small) that can most probably follow
Reaching out thoroughly to two hundred potential customers is far better than reaching out vaguely to two thousands of people. Begin small if you want to see the effect. The community of your brand’s followers will grow gradually. Patience is the key and your efforts will show results. So design a brand that is ideal for a certain customer rather than trying to please the entire crowd.

* A premium branding will make me pay more before it starts paying me off
It’s nearly impossible to get best from both the worlds. No customer is positively influenced by poor quality packaging, unattractive designs, and hardly stimulating.

Yes, this reason makes you pay more for a better packing and hire a more expensive designer and writer. Actually, there’s no way out. The customer feels the value when you make efforts to brand your product well. And, often a well-planned branding costs higher than the usual one.

With these three motives, LemonGrit is sure that now you are way clearer and more enthused to brand your product.

Here's why you should invest in the Indian Food Industry

Here’s why you should invest in the Indian Food Industry

Working in corporate and reached home late.

Very hungry but no time and energy to cook..

Also, can’t compromise on the taste and the quality…
The occupied urban populace of the country has neither the time nor energy to visit a restaurant. But, at the same time, they can’t do without delicious food. Therefore, online and mobile-only food services are trending like anything.

The occupied urban populace of the country has neither the time nor energy to visit a restaurant. But, at the same time, they can’t do without delicious food. Therefore, online and mobile-only food services are trending like anything. Amongst them, the US-based Sprig, SpoonRocket and Munchery have already conquered the list globally. A survey conducted by Traxcn reveals that out of 145 such companies in the country, 66 were started last year. Many of them have been a huge success story.

Let’s give you a live and recent example mentioned by Forbes. Holachef – a food-on-demand company started by IIT Delhi alumni Saurabh Saxena in Mumbai has now 150 chefs on its platform. Many of them, in fact, have worked with prestigious hotel chains like Taj, Le Meridean and Marriott. From 5 orders per day in September 2014 to 150 orders per day in January 2015, Holachef has gone from rags to riches. So, are you going to be the next legendary food entrepreneur in the online space?

Coming to the inference, Menu, branding, timely order and last but certainly not the least, the quality of food are some of the parameters that will determine the current rate of such startups. It may be the era of ultra-technology, but no consumer is going to download 20 apps merely for food-on-demand service. And so, branding strategy will prove survival of the fittest.

Before you start Branding, keep these factors in mind

Before you start Branding, keep these factors in mind


A brilliant branding is associated with smartness, sophistication, humor and many other positive traits. That’s the reason the world-famous brands have an impactful branding. In fact, fresh entrepreneurs are paying no less attention to this facet of the business. The competition is steep, can we overlook any dimension?

Before you start Branding, keep these factors in mind,

1.) Harmony – It’s ok to post not so often on Facebook than to post something that doesn’t define or compliment your brand. By following this consistency, you are providing a more detailed and sophisticated persona to the brand.

2.) Well, there are two sides to any business
Immediate Reality– Evaluation of progress about immediate business growth

Long Run Dreams– Gain in terms of ability to make money
And, both of them are the deciding factors.

3.) The nature of narration – As it’s been said earlier, a pre-designed and well-planned tone of voice plays an important role. It essentially helps in providing branding a tinge of reality. For that, you need to generate a content that equally keeps the interest and responses of customer’s in mind.

4.) Looks do matter – Logic can fetch your brand a wonderful response from the audience, provided you use it in colors, designs, deciding space and font. Decide upon all the visual aspects very rationally. Once, the branding is visually appealing, the viewer is prompted to know it more.

Whenever you would write the product’s branding based on the above four points, the final brief would be much more logical and purposive. Thus, you will be having a precise branding guideline.

The features of the Store are a part of branding too

The features of the Store are a part of branding too

Forget about gaining the new customers, even retaining the existing ones is a challenge. For example, grocery shopping is a weekly affair. So a majority of customers prefer going to the oldest store in the area. In some cases, a new store becomes the talk of the town. But the head-scratching matter is to find out the yardstick on the basis of which they choose the brand. Now many factors have bumped our mind including Locality, Branding, and execution, Availability of favorite brands or maybe the Cordial relations with the store-owner.

The features of the Store are a part of branding too

Most of the time, it’s random: According to a survey conducted by Ipsos, an expert company in the area of market research, very few customers favor sticking to one store for grocery shopping. The report also showed that consumers often visit multiple stores to grab the best deal. Also, they tend to choose different stores for different types of buying. However, quite perishable products like meat and vegetables may compel the customer to buy more from a particular shop.

Women and food shopping, unbreakable bond: Going more into the details, another survey conducted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), states that Food is the largest retail consumption category in India. Staples, dairy, fruits and vegetables account for nearly 66 percent of food expenditure amongst consumers. It also revealed that although shopping in India is usually led by women of the family, the other members also join in.

Branding Style is case specific: Thus, we suggest that ideally a grocery store should brand itself in a fashion that appeals to all segments of the customers; be it the kids or the middle-aged man or the college goers! While the branding has to be understood by a large target audience it still has to be memorable and convey the ideas and messages of your brand.

The real buyers depend on what to buy: The target audience of the store will depend on the product assortment, the general cost of the product and location.Through a proper market study, the retailers must try to include as many product brands as possible and arrange them in the most organized manner (by the type of the product or by brands) in the store. Label the store section.

Display small or more expensive products such as chocolate within the reach near the cash counter. Besides, a strategic location and maintaining healthy relations with the consumer will surely help the grocery. Guide your customer secretly with the in-store navigation to build up the pleasant memories of the shop interior and service, let them come again.

3 factors determine if brand positioning is right -

3 factors determine if brand positioning is right –

Brand positioning is the concluding angle that governs the brand image. However, an engaging branding might not deliver positive results because despite being intriguing, it couldn’t communicate the right message. Or at times, a message is sent across precisely but the execution isn’t enthralling. All in all, the quest is to conquer the battle of boredom and ineffective communications.

3 factors determine if brand positioning is right –

The positives and negatives of your rivals – If we closely examine the competitors, we can learn the amazing and unexpected things. Maybe the apparent idea of their TA turns out to be something else. Maybe, the reason their brand has been pioneering the market is not what we thought. Overall, a ‘to-the-core’ research about associate contestants will help us forge our way to success. That includes all facets, what customers like about this brand, why do they buy it and which segment rather buys it the most?

The positives and negatives of your product – Is your product designed while keeping the Target Audience in mind? Or, the product’s specifications sing their own jingles. Sometimes, the packaging is more appealing to a younger audience while prices are high enough for the richer audience. Thus, the price is not in sync with the packaging material and design. By the way, you better send your marketing team to several supermarket stores to know the real TA. After all, you don’t have to miss knowing anything related to your product.

Now mix, match and bring up the best – After analysing both sides of the coin, we have a fair picture now. We can easily identify what goes in our favor and what doesn’t, what are the ways to outsmart the opposition etc. In the end, your conclusion will be juiced up into one line. Don’t rush in coming to a conclusion, take your time. Branding isn’t something we can risk.

What audience thinks about your product’s image can make or break your business. That’s why effective branding is the key.

How to make a revival without losing the Brand Heritage

How to make a revival without losing the Brand Heritage

The older the brand, greater is the reliability and richer is the heritage. As the digital age progresses, beloved brands are all set for a revamp; fearing the loss of identity in an almost twisted world. But, changing brand identity (especially that of a decades-old brand) may cost the entrepreneur a lot. The possible grand loss is the trust and familiarity that the customers associate with the original brand image.

How to make a revival without losing the Brand Heritage

Retain the landmark points
Who knows your brand better than you. However, you may re-confirm by asking your loyalists what makes them nostalagic about this particular product’s identity. The answer could include font, color, design, lingo and what not! Whichever factors seem to be the most prominent, retain them even after reviving the brand.

The main motive to invigorate the brand
Stagnant water starts smelling after a certain period, so is the case with a brand. However, that doesn’t imply that you need to make drastic changes. Your brand has been there for ages, all it needs is some re-brushing and polishing. In funny words, the amended brand will look like an individual who has just taken a shower and now he is ready to start the life afresh and not like an entirely different individual himself.

Be there wherever can you be
After your brand image has tuned in with the contemporary standards, let it take a tour all around. From business events to food festivals, from college fests to conferences – do some sponsorship or create events there – increase the visibility factor of your revamped brand. So that, the old becomes the new and pathbreaking. Never forget the advantage of being old, because the oldies carry experience, nostalgia, and quality!

The underlining motive of writing upon the reinvigoration of old brands was to convey the message of ‘Old is Gold’.

Why your product website must have blog section?

Why your product website must have blog section?

It’s not enough to know. The others also should know that we know. Because that’s when the power of knowing is fully utilized. Blogs are meant to share the expert knowledge only. Over the last few years, the organizations have a good importance to the ‘blog’ section.

Why your product website must have blog section?

1. An opportunity to position yourself as an expert
An entrepreneur knows so many things but the art lies where and how to express them. A well-informing blog creates a better communication between the firm and customer. Besides the Target Audience would visit your website time and again for gaining the relevant information. Regular posting of detailed and organized blog also positions you as an expert in the given field. The potential buyer tends to trust you more. Suppose you have spice brand. You may share the culinary tips, recipes on your blog. That indirectly creates a cordial connection between you and the TA.

2. Improves Search Engine Optimization
When ‘n’ number of rivals are heading in the same direction, how do you outrun them? The answer is via dedication. Make sure each and every blog post has the keywords which a customer potentially puts in the search bar. The headline of the blog must outrightly grab the viewer’s attention. And of course, the aim remains to assemble all the possible information in one article. It becomes convenient for the reader. Rather than visiting multiple sites, one blog resolves all his queries. Thus, a series of posts written with dedication and pre-chosen set of words can drastically improve your google search ranking.

A brand has many aspects to it. The blog section helps in creating a more interactive and personal bond between your product and the buyer.

Don’t just rebrand, make a proud comeback. Here’s how -

Don’t just rebrand, make a proud comeback. Here’s how –

A brand is like fashion that needs to be renewed after regular intervals. Or else, it loses its charm. Many times, the arrival of new competitors worsen the situation, considering the fact that customers have already started overlooking your brand.

Don’t just rebrand, make a proud comeback. Here’s how –

Being direct could be very inviting
Usually, many dying brands complain that customers hardly pay any attention to them because new and cheaper alternatives have taken over the market. Such a situation occurred with Starbucks. In fact, it had to close 900 outlets. Finally, it came with a witty and brutally straightforward ad campaign –

“Beware of a cheaper cup of coffee. It comes with a price.”

Actually, the other food chains offered coffee at much lower prices, the quality was not as good as that of Starbucks certainly. So, the Target Audience realized the value of a quality coffee through a simple truth –

“If your coffee isn’t perfect, we’ll make it over. If it’s still not perfect, you must not be in a Starbucks,”

Maybe there’s no need to advertise but do something different
A good advertising comes with a price. The budget seldom allows that. Luckily, sometimes the non-mainstream campaigns can do wonders. For example, an unglamorous and inexpensive beer brand Pabst Blue Ribbon was on the verge of dying. It had no budget to advertise. The marketing agency they had hired discovered that most of the people who bought this brand were hipsters. The marketing team attended all the possible social gatherings and started interacting with these hipsters.

The team wore casual clothes, took an interest in the interests of the TA, befriended it and convinced it to promote the beer brand. In the coming 5 years, the sales got doubled.

Thus, of many ways to rebrand, advertising in a straightforward manner and going in the field to interact with the TA have proved to be very effective.

Are you 'updating' your brand out of desperation or need? Find out

Are you ‘updating’ your brand out of desperation or need? Find out

Some experts have defined the brand as – ‘apparent value of the product a customer receives’. How big or influential your brand is – matters to a great degree! In some cases, changes in the brand occur out of desperation rather than out of need.

Are you ‘updating’ your brand out of desperation or need? Find out through the following thoughts. If these thoughts have occupied your mind while making the move, then certainly there isn’t any such fatal requirement to amend the brand identity.

1.) Everyone is changing, so will I
‘Context’ is a very critical word in the dictionary. Two brands are two different individuals. Their growth story is different from each other and so is the context. Let’s assume your rival brand may not be doing well. It needs a change in the brand image and so it did. But, why would you change your brand? It has a different history. Don’t be compelled to change just because others are changing.

2.) Change is trendy
Yes, subtle adjustments to tune in with the standards of Target Audience do work in your favor. But, doing it too frequently becomes rather an annoying thing. As a result, the buyer subconsciously perceives your brand as a moody one. And, moody personalities are not too trustworthy. Are they? Therefore, you should consider the minutest of the changes with a pinch of salt if your product wishes to retain a stable image.

3.) Change has assured returns
No matter how strategically you move, updating the brand identity always comes with some degree of risk. This feature is inevitable. Sadly, some entreprenuers associate modifying the brand identity with more profits. To give this thought a reality check, one should take branding as gambling (though the risk intensity is much lower). However, making amendments in your brand on the basis of strong market research and preferences of TA is almost not risky (may you not replace the word ‘almost’ with ‘for sure’).

On the contrary, there is a small section of brand-owners that suffers from the syndrome of “changing brand image too frequently”. Most of the business people rather need a wake-up call to update the product identity.

These 2 questions determine the brand potential of your business

These 2 questions determine the brand potential of your business

If we examine the history, many brands have risen unexpectedly and exponentially, while many fell to pieces. Why is there such a stark difference? Hope, your brand comes under the former category. Sometimes, the issue lies with the very realization. Time to time assessment is very critical, more critical is the way an entrepreneur assesses.

These 2 questions determine the brand potential of your business

#1 Where does my brand stand now?
If you have just begun the business, a couple of years will potentially decide if your brand can healthily survive or not. If your brand is doing average, then serious changes must be considered to improve the quality, nature, and image of the product. If your business is already flourishing, certain strategic moves can make it even bigger. All in all, patience is the key. Also, keep an account of the fact that your brand positioning is tuning in with the taste and emotional wants of the Target Audience.

#2 How do I want to see my brand tomorrow?
Why wouldn’t you dream big? Of course, you would and you do. The only hindrance to fructifying your dreams is unrealistic expectations. A successful business person always strikes a balance between available resources and possible growth. For a start-up, the challenge is to keep the company going. For doing so, enough funds are needed so expectations should be compressed a bit. Besides, rather than getting enthused with ambitions, we should prioritize the consumer experience and satisfaction. Because when we work selflessly, it helps in delivering better results.

With a comprehensive dissection of these two questions, our dear reader must be clear to produce the progress report of her/his brand.

The benefits of associating with another brand

The benefits of associating with another brand

These days many food brands associate with others to increase the visibility factor and the save funds. Doing that has its own advantages actually. You are in a way attracting more crowd and attention. So here are The benefits of associating with another brand

Let people know the ecosystem of your brand
For example, if the owner of an organic foods brand offers a branded juice cart with purchase exceeding Rs. 3,000, then that juice brand is seen as a part of the organic foods’ ecosystem. It’s seen as a member of your brand family. Such actions let people perceive your brand from a holistic point of view. Similarly, you can partner with other food products – it entirely depends on the kind of brand image you want to extend.

The brand becomes more appealing
Associating your product with other is like adding one more dimension, converting one-D into two-D. Otherwise, the picture appears very boring. When the product has a complementary partner, the deal seems more diverse and lucrative. At times, the two products complement each other so well that nothing else is needed – it’s like earphone free with a smartphone and now listen to your favorite music.

Sometimes, marketing activities can be lighter
For food start-ups, the initial years could prove to be a lot of struggles. At the same time, it’s crucial to participate in several food festivals and events. That’s when the idea of tagging with other food ventures seems pretty alluring. It makes the business owner share their budget with the other team member. In simple words, we call it co-marketing.

At the end of the day, it’s entirely an entrepreneur’s choice of clubbing its product with some other. But, experts vouch on the fact that strategic partnership is almost a profitable one.

Brand your content with three simple tips -

Brand your content with three simple tips –

Inevitably, there is a vast difference between the content of a well-branded website and the not-so-well-branded one. Visit the website/social media pages or even read the packaging of what we call ‘high-profile’ brands. The difference is apparent. So, how to design an impressive verbal content for the target audience?

Brand your content with three simple tips –

#1 Repeated words that press the needs
No reader is ideal enough to review your Facebook page or judge the quality of the blog your website provides. You need to write strategically so as to attract the potential customers. That’s not as difficult as Myth of Sisyphus. Research and spot a few words that co-relate target audience with the product.

#2 Catchy phrases
Infuse a life into that social media post or blog via a jingling set of words. Repeat them (not too often, obviously). And, yes edit them a bit from time to time – so that people have something new to look at. Songs and rhyming words create a stronger memory than just random words. There was a reason we were made to sing so many poems in the nursery standard.

#3 Engaging series
Keep coming up something new. Devote two weeks to a certain theme. And, pick these themes depending on the current interest of TA; whether it is the cricket match or the days of celebration, tune in with the matters of your target audience. After all, you cannot expect a footballer to keenly listen to the political news or vice versa.

With such competitive rivals in the market, time to bring out that ‘roll up the sleeves’ attitude. Surprise your customers with a revamped content.

Three energizing motives to start a brand that's cult-in-making

Three energizing motives to start a brand that’s cult-in-making


Every other entrepreneur is inspired by the iconic brands. That comes naturally. These world-famous brands have influenced us big time. But remember, it takes, at least, a set of decades to be known to that far-reaching community. Though exceptions are always there. So, how to begin the journey of making your business identity a landmark brand?

Three energizing motives to start a brand that’s cult-in-making

* I am not just gonna start a brand, I am gonna start a long lasting trend
Have you seen people visiting a restaurant and posting the pics while eating there? In most of the cases, it is the image of that eatery that people like to relate with. Imagine – how lucky that restaurant is! But how come? Because in the last several years its services and positioning (that includes branding too) has moved the customers enormously; so much so that visiting there has become a trend.

* I’ll Create a section (though small) that can most probably follow
Reaching out thoroughly to two hundred potential customers is far better than reaching out vaguely to two thousands of people. Begin small if you want to see the effect. The community of your brand’s followers will grow gradually. Patience is the key and your efforts will show results. So design a brand that is ideal for a certain customer rather than trying to please the entire crowd.

* A premium branding will make me pay more before it starts paying me off
It’s nearly impossible to get best from both the worlds. No customer is positively influenced by poor quality packaging, unattractive designs, and hardly stimulating content. Yes, this reason makes you pay more for a better packing and hire a more expensive designer and writer. Actually, there’s no way out. The customer feels the value when you make efforts to brand your product well. And, often a well-planned branding costs higher than the usual one.

With these three motives, LemonGrit is sure that now you are way clearer and more enthused to brand your product.

Formula of a successful online survey for your brand

Formula of a successful online survey for your brand

Many companies wish to use online surveys to upgrade the product’s public image. But, due to numberless surveys knocking the head of a potential customer, he/she tends to answer none.

So, Formula of a successful online survey for your brand 

1. Short and sweet questions, personal lingo
Long questions sound academic and complicated. Who knows your ideal buyer doesn’t even read them, But, short questions seem to be crispy and easy. And, if the language is a bit personalized, there are high chances the customer will read and answer the questions.

2. Provide an incentive
In this new age, time is money – not just for you but for your clients as well. In that case, shell out some money from your pocket to make the customers answer. Always remember, you aren’t bribing the target audiences,. But by providing little gifts to participate in the survey, you give them a reason to devote a few minutes to your questionnaire.

3. Well-researched few questions
First find the most beneficial purpose of conducting the survey. Then figure out the few questions that can sum up the conclusion of the study you are going to hold. Too many questions may unknowingly pester ideal consumer and then he/she won’t bother to proceed further.

Your buyers are the ones who can provide the most authentic answers. The survey (If held successfully) will enable you rebrand the product accordingly.

What do customers think about your brand? These 5 factors decide -

What do customers think about your brand? These 5 factors decide –

Many entrepreneurs get confused. There is no hard and fast assessment of branding. So how do the brand-owners evaluate the progress of their brand? Actually, What do customers think about your brand? These 5 factors decide –

#1 Emotional Connect

The way you portray your brand has to stimulate the customer’s minds. The potential buyers are supposed to feel a connect with the brand image of your product.

#2 Recognition

Well, you may have built your brand wonderfully. But, its  wondrous nature is of no use unless the potential customers know about it. They can only appreciate a brand if they know it exists.

#3 Future prospects

Your competitors may outrun you if your brand isn’t future-proof as theirs. The apt manner of crafting a great brand lies in its durability. An effective branding is like an evergreen fashion.

  #4 Reachability

Even when you have achieved the above three factors – emotional connect, recognition and longlasting vision, there’s still something left. And, that is to be physically accessible to the target audience.

# 5 Value

A workable brand isn’t the one that overpromises.The act of overpromising might impress the buyer but would he/she again go for the product?  Promise only what can be fulfilled.

So, which of the given factors does your brand fulfill? Share in the comments below. And, let LemonGrit help you build other factors 🙂

First and Foremost - Advantages of a good brand 

First and Foremost – Advantages of a good brand 

Yeah, many Business Pandits keep chanting the mantra of Branding. Of course, it is indispensable. But, wouldn’t it be better if we precisely know why! So, First and Foremost – Advantages of a good brand : 

A premium branding reflects quality
The quality of packaging, the aesthetics, the social media pages – if all follow a pre-decided branding guideline, your product would look promising – in terms of quality. At times, the mere style of packing the product earns it the label of a ‘Premium Product’.

Well-branded stuff can communicate the right message
From the choice of color to the font used, each feature has a unique effect. And, an active brand makes the best use of these effects. For example, the usage of colors. A kids brand would try to use energetic colors like bright green and orange to subconsciously excite the kids.

Nice branding defends the high prices
Why do we not hesitate to order the food from these popular restaurants? Because we know the ‘worth’. The standard branding prompts us to pay more than the ‘reasonable’ price. The attractive branding is an attractive presentation. It shows the product cares for the customer.

Well, with such advantages, your product must be branded wonderfully when anyways it has to be branded 🙂 

Make your food services talk of the town with these 3 steps

Make your food services talk of the town with these 3 steps

Yeah, the new brands often take the time to carve a niche in the market. In fact, some of them can’t stand the test of time. 

Anyways, how is your food going? Make your food services talk of the town with these 3 steps –

1. Catch the well-known experts
We all believe what we see. So, you need to showcase a set of experts which gives consultancy to your business or better if it works for your brand. For instance, even for a simple salad, invite a professional salad maker. Click a few pics in which he teaches your chefs the salad preparation. What next? Post the pictures online (all possible channels). It would give an impression that your food product is based on the expert’s guidance.

2. Partner with the popular
Many food brands claim to be healthy. The customer is confused and ends up believing only a few. “A person is known by the company he keeps”. That implies on the brand as well. You may offer a healthy cooking oil for free with each order exceeding Rs. 1500. Seeing an established oil brand associated with your product, it also positions the latter for better.

3. Publish engaging stories
On any special event, say Valentine’s Day or Diwali, warm up the customer with your attention. Show it to the world. For instance, if there’s a Friendship day, thank the customer (who ordered the most) on social media and wish him/her great day ahead. These actions portray your brand as a very customer-exclusive one. And, customer-exclusive brands are often termed ‘premium’.

If you own a food business, tell us which stage is it going through? Drop your queries in the comments below 🙂

What are the top three trending Brand Secrets? Scroll down.

What are the top three trending Brand Secrets? Scroll down.

Whether a brand works or not – primarily depends on the tactics it uses. Although, the tricks to stand as a unique brand are endless, but only a few have the potential to bring them up. As an entrepreneur, LemonGrit is sure you would be looking for some innovative ways to position your brand better. So, What are the top three trending Brand Secrets? Scroll down.

Where are the employees? Throw some spotlight on them.
As discussed in many of our previous blogs, your brand needs to be humanized. In this busy world where every minute matters, the emotion-evoking brand comes up as a huge relief to the customers. It makes them smile, cry, laugh, etc. So make your customers feel exclusive. Suppose you own a restaurant, then show the chefs lovingly cooking for the customers.

Accept the faults most gracefully
Since a brand is comparable to human, it will possibly make mistakes as well. Maybe the chefs couldn’t deliver the expected flavors on a certain day, maybe the food delivery did not take place on time. And, there could be ‘n’ number of reasons. How to deal. Think what a nice human being would have done. Therefore, heartedly apologize to the customers and, if possible, present them a free meal.

Be versatile to have a 360-degree position
An effective brand establishes a connect with the Target Audiences (TA). It doesn’t need to set limits. Rather, the brand should try to fit in the larger spectrum. So, make your brand congratulate on the national developments, wish on every festival and sometimes just celebrate unexpected weather. It should synchronize with the wants of TA.

So, what else do you think is trending for the brands. LemonGrit would happy to know this in the comments below.

What does customer experience about your brand?

What does customer experience about your brand?

In a market where every now and then the new competitors appear, it becomes important to make the customer relate to the product. But how? Possibly through branding. There are many ways your product branding can leave an everlasting impression on the customer’s mind. So, how to make your the product image more memorable? What does customer experience about your brand?

If a human mind sees something over and over again, it starts relating to the picture. Therefore, make a branding plan. Let it be consistent via uniform colors, logo, font etc. So that the image evolves as a very recognizable one with time. The logos of famous soft drink brands are imprinted on our minds. That’s because we have observed their steady branding for years.

Make the best use of interaction with the customer. The customer wouldn’t pay attention if nothing strikes him. On the worse, the interaction period is very short. So, the game is all about this short span of time. Little tricks like making the ‘click’ button look like brand logo do help. Or giving a branded item with each order would make the consumer experience more memorable.

So, you see, there is no limit to innovative ideas. Let’s see how different can you make the consumer experience. 







Top three threats to your brand

Top three threats to your brand

A successful brand is in sync with the wants of its target audience. The moment this sync gets out of order, the brand starts fading away. So what are the Top three threats to your brand –

Inability to generate trust – Sometimes the branding turns self-bragging and sometimes it deviates from the path and forgets to mention the advantages. In both the cases, there will be a lack of trust. The way of telling the brand benefits is an art. It has to win the trust of customers. Besides a 360-degree approach of grooming the brand from all aspects is important. It shouldn’t appear as a one-dimensional figure to the potential buyers.

Not enough engaging – It’s a little tricky to decide whether branding is employing enough or not. So while designing the concept, you need to keep the best interest of TA in mind. When the right information combines with the right approach, the game becomes yours. It’s like if you are spending your savings on branding, let the branding be good enough to be the talk of the town.

The wrong speed of evolving – Changes are important. The brand has to evolve with the passage of time. But, some brands become a little too fast in terms of changing. The audience becomes confused and that’s an identity crisis for your product. On the contrary, keeping the brand image stagnant for ages is not advisable either. You need to strike the right chord by being updated with the audience’s taste.

Bringing up what people would love needs a lot of efforts, research, and precision. If you are wary of each step, you can easily achieve a thumbs up from the buyers.

How the act of persuasion has evolved in branding?

How the act of persuasion has evolved in branding?

A period of few years is characterized by certain trends. The advertisements of the previous years have been very simplistic and minimalistic. Thus, the art of persuasion was polite and pleasant. However, the coming years are going to witness the trend of being alive and awesome. The designs are going to be the peppy ones like they were in the 90’s. Probably, the year 2016 and onwards will be an evolved version.

But, in which sense, will it be evolved. Well, there’s no clear definition of it. But, still let’s try understanding it via an example. Lately, a popular snacks brand has tried to introduce its new products based on a loud Bollywood song. Similarly, a furniture brand actually used wooden designs on the billboard. So, you see – how the approach is changing.

This fashion of loud is born out of the need for something different and livelier. So, “the advertising world couldn’t have been more colorful” – that’s what you will celebrate in the coming months. Hence, the act of persuasion has become more direct and humanized than ever. It has two reasons behind it. The audience has no time to read and interpret the flowery text and believe in the la la land promised by the brand. Secondly, in this digitized world, the human-like approach instantly touches the consumer’s heart because they lack the same thing in their immediate environment.

What has been your experience regarding the business branding? Do share in the comments below. We are eager to hear from you 🙂

Three most common misunderstandings about branding

Three most common misunderstandings about branding

The definitions of Branding, Advertisement, and Marketing are often juxtaposed. If that’s not the case, then there are inappropriate beliefs that we stick to the concept of branding. Let’s broaden our horizon and agree to the feasible aspects of Branding –

Three most common misunderstandings about branding

Myth#1: Branding is somewhat like Marketing and Advertising
Branding in simple words is providing a persona to the product. But, it doesn’t involve any marketing or advertisement. They are the latter processes of making the brand more popular and desirable via reaching the masses. Branding only develops the features of ‘how people perceive your product’.

Myth#2 Your are the brand creator of your own product
At times, a highly enthusiastic idea may carry you away and you end up creating a brand that doesn’t appeal the customers. You create the brand while keeping the needs and wants of the ideal buyer. In that way, the buyer decides what kind of branding will sell for you. So, the target audience is the real creator of the Brand.

Myth#3 There’s a certain Branding Mantra
If some restaurant, having an Arabian theme is a hit in some part of Delhi – doesn’t mean the same idea will work in rest of the parts too. Different regions have a different kind of population and so the preferences are different. These preferences decide the kind of product you need to create. Every enterprise is an individual and not a clone. It will write its success story its own way.

To sum it up – a brand is personality-provider to the product that should be decided on behalf of the target audience. And, the process of Branding doesn’t advertise or market the product. It only provides an identity.


Expected Branding Trends 2016

Expected Branding Trends 2016

Time changes with no notice period. It’s important to gel along. Because otherwise the brand ceases to appeal the customers. So, steal the show in 2016. Following are the Expected Branding Trends 2016 for you –

1.) More interactive billboards
Well, unconventionally appealing billboards are going to pop out the eyes of the customers. They are likely to be different in some or the other way – it could be because of the 3D design, or bright and bubbly colors or the rock and roll theme of 70’s. What are your plans to make the brand’s billboard stand out of the crowd?

2.) Web design to give you more options
The users are going to get an entirely new experience as many renowned websites will transform their structure for better; offering more options to the customers. A well-structured and ‘clean’ website definitely prompts the viewer to visit it again.

3.) UX designs gonna be more user-oriented
The user-experience designs are going to be literally broader this year. The use of one color/monochromatic aesthetics will surely be in the picture. These little tips will highlight the design more, thus, being loudly communicative with the user and that’s done on purpose you know.

Just like fashion, branding trends get revived after ages. And, if your brand is not in fashion, it can lose out on customers as well.

A useful talk about Brand Extension

A useful talk about Brand Extension

Imagine you are about to launch a new product after the success of the older ones. Or maybe you look forward to offering a broader range considering a change in the taste of the audience. So, what is the roadmap for it! How are you going to familiarize the TA with the new range? Here is A useful talk about Brand Extension – 

Live examples are the best source to draw practical inspiration from. A world-known brand xyz (washes, deodorants, and soaps ) has been catering the female section successfully over decades. All of sudden, it decided to introduce a product range for men as well. It was unexpected and seemed utterly risky. So what it included and what it not?

The logo obviously had to be there. In the male line, slight changes were made in the font and the popular brand icon. It was done to tune in with the masculine standards. The color got darkened and the overall design was visually less soft. All in all, the aesthetics were recognizable with the long-prevailing identity and not with the long-prevailing feminine identity.

The another school of thought used was to invite males to promote feminism. In simple words, suppose an adult doesn’t pay much attention to the old age products’ brand. But, the same brand plans to launch something for the youngsters as well. They would use emotions such as ‘respect for the elders’, ‘responsible youngsters’ and ‘Caring generation’. It would help in motivating an entirely new set of customers to the brand’s family. Similarly, the ‘man supporting a woman’s identity’ was the key emotion used in the case of XYZ brand which was meant for the woman only previously.

The brand extension could risk the original brand identity. Every minute change needs to be thought about several times before you finalize it.

Top three logo trends in 2016

Top three logo trends in 2016

The world changes with each passing day. A New year means new trends – and, that implies on logo designing too. So, are you planning to revamp your brand’s logo. It’s a great idea if you bring about fresh changes keeping the latest preferences in mind.

Top three logo trends in 2016

* The aim is to distract the audience
This year the aim of the designers is to raise the brows of audiences. And, to achieve this purpose, designers need to take the less traveled road. ‘Being Unusual’ is key.

* More use of Iconography
In the recent years, use of emojis and other similar symbols have dominated the digital space. It’s time to come up with something different. Iconography sounds feasible. Use of icons to communicate also adds creativity to the aesthetics.

* The use of negative space
The prevailing designs are minimalistic in nature. But constancy is the enemy of fashion. So, 2016 will witness less minimalistic logos with an ‘occupied’ use of negative space. And, this drastic change in the trend of logo designing will pop out the eyes of the viewers.

New Year seems to be the trendsetter for many brands. But, how do you expect your brand’s logo to be..? Share in the comments below.


Here’s how the Vision and Mission will grab Buyer’s attention

While going through a brochure or a website, the reader often overlooks the ‘Vision and Mission’ section.

In fact, the company itself hardly uses it as the core voice of the brand.
That indirectly implies that it lacks something. But what is that ‘something’? Let’s find out –

Here’s how the Vision and Mission will grab Buyer’s attention:

Be honest but inclusive
Yes, you honestly want to be the customer’s favorite – admit it. Any prospective customer would like the brand which wants to make him/her its favorite. On the other hand, saying that the organization wants to be the country’s number #01 – it has nothing to do with the buyers’ interest. So only present your goals keeping the prospective and existing buyers on the mind.

Be original with the words
The formal tone of ‘Vision and Mission’ is outdated. Not admitting it won’t make any difference. Prepare a set of words which are very close to what your organization’s aims. Besides, base the verbal selection on the colloquial language of the ideal customer. So that the text is more relatable to them.

Be in a certain mood
The commonly used self-praising or charitable tone tends to sound ingenuine. Be in a mood to humor the readers. Be a little aggressive as well as entertaining. In short, don’t be boring.

It’s highly desirable to be different for a brand. Then only it gets noticed. A ‘Vision and Mission’ is the textual essence of company’s outlook. Therefore, make it attractive enough to be noteworthy.


2015 – good or bad for your business? Evaluate now.

With a new year on its way, you would already have set your future business plans and target on the table. But, had any thoughts about 2015? If no, then take the future steps after evaluating the preceding year.

2015 – good or bad for your business? Evaluate now.

If the selling was unsatisfactory
In this case, there are two chances. Either the target was unachievable or you implemented ‘wrong’ market strategies. The demand of the customers has to be in accordance with your marketing strategy. If you are promoting the product via an ineffective medium, you are likely to face hard times in selling the product. Or your overambition is the cause. You may be still to realize that a little coffee shop can’t become Barista in a year.

If there’s a decrease in loyal customers
What’s there is always not visible! Are you worried that there has been a constant decrease in the customers? Those customers who were pretty much regular in buying your products have become irregular. Also, evaluate the fellow competitors. If they have somewhat gone through the same situation, then probably your efforts are not much to be blamed.

If you saw your brand going unnoticed
The first impression plays a key role in persuading the role. If relatively fewer inquiries have been pouring in – it could be due to poor branding. Or more apt to say, irrelevant branding. Even the taste of customers changes over years. So the branding needs to be revitalized time and again. Little changes will do.

With the onset of the new year, LemonGrit is sure the mind of all you entrepreneurs is booming with high future expectations from the business. May revising the 2015 scenario, help in meeting your expectations.


Four Branding terms every businessman should know

Conversational knockout is not very good thing to happen during a meeting. And, it’s not only regarding a meeting, certain terms bring more clarity if known. So here are the Four Branding terms every businessman should know –

1.) Brand Architecture
A certain title that names the company. That company offers different products and services. These products and services form the different sub-brands. And, these sub-brands probably are further divided into several categories. So, there needs to be a pyramid structure mentioning the brand hierarchy. This structure is termed as brand architecture.

2.) Brand Equity
It is the value of the brand that customers prize. Attaining a high Brand Equity may take years of perseverance. The durability of the product, High-quality packaging, designing – every factor comes into account.

3.) Brand Experience
All brands evoke some sensations, they could be positive as well as negative. There are numerous ways a customer can experience the brand; be it the quality of paper in which it is packaged, color composition, or the content. An intelligent branding leaves positive imprints on the minds of consumers.

4.) Brand extension
Before reaching a successful stage, a business goes through many challenges and changes. There could be more product ranges that come into the picture after few years. But, since the umbrella brand is already established, the new product launch won’t necessarily struggle to carve a niche. This phenomenon is called Brand Extension.

It’s important to understand the terms related to Branding so as to understand the process better.


Consider these factors if advancing the brand to next level –

Brand development is a significant process of providing the product a more well-defined face. If you are going to develop the product’s brand, you can’t risk many aspects. Consider these factors if advancing the brand to next level –

1. The advertising medium, be it the television, internet or radio, do you know what works the best for your organization? Re-examine the history.

2. Use narratives, storytelling, pictorial literature to promote the brand on social media. The direct message and not engaging visual communication will hardly impact the social media writers.

3. Research and locate the ‘code words’, around which you have to build the branding. For instance, Starbucks has made its image around ‘Rewarding Everyday Moments’. This well-thought group of words not just turns into catchy one-liners but also fuels our mind with more creative branding ideas.

4. Investments should pay off. Developing the brand may be heavy on your pocket. But, think enough before spending. If shelling out more money from the account results in better packaging – go for it. See everything from the point of view of the consumer experience. It’s worth it.

5. Make your brand grow with integrity. Let it just not talk about the product features. Position your brand as a socially or emotionally responsible entity.

Brand development is an identity extension for your business. Handle with care 🙂


Why and how to thank your customers online?

On the occasion of Thanksgiving Day, let’s discuss the powerhouse of your business – the treasured customers! But, do they even know they are so special to you. Let them know.

Why and how to thank your customers online?

Why thank
In a busy life, even if the buyer is a loyalist to the brand, he/she is too busy to pay any ‘extra attention’. But, as a business owner you should aim to give a memorable experience to the target audience. It may help in carving a niche in the customer’s heart. By, thanking the consumers, we indeed secure their loyalty for us. Once, the customer feels appreciated, he/she is subconsciously motivated to buy the product again.

Why thank on social media
The segment which you address might not visit a certain place, may not pick calls from unknown numbers, and not read the forwarded SMS. But, an online thanksgiving has a good probability to work as most of the customers regularly check out their emails, twitter, facebook and other online accounts.

How to deliver thanks on social media
Let’s say you own a restaurant, and a number of customers regularly order food from your place. Post a personalized message on their facebook account, giving a discount or free treat. If some customers often like your posts then do like their few tweets time and again. It will make them feel important. Let the tone of the voice be like a shout out giving the buyer an exclusive treatment.

Gaining more customers via word of mouth is a matter of pride. Allow the buyers to do it for you while you make them feel special. Happy Thanksgiving Day 🙂


Importance of branding in marketing

 Although marketing and branding have very different motives, the former becomes more effective provided the product is branded well. So, when the manager is all set to market the product/service, the Importance of branding plays an indispensable role.

Importance of branding in marketing

Proper communication: When the product itself has an attractive branding based on a thorough market study, the communication becomes smoother. The branding already speaks a lot about the product.

 Assures trustworthiness: Usually, a good branding is associated with fair quality as all the established names pay a high weighage to the brand image. When a commodity is branded well, it subconsciously generates value in the consumer’s mind.

An emotional connect: As mentally stimulating the audience is an important facet to the branding. A successful branding will have everything in sync, be it the color, font, color, design, content and what not! It’s designed to emotionally touch the potential buyers.

The branding strikes the right chord of communication to highlight your product’s benefits. You wholeheartedly try to bring out the best in a market. So let it be conveyed via a brilliant branding.


Start from the scratch. How to name your brand?

Your brand name is the main verbal identity of your business and most probably, the first impression. Can you risk it? On the other hand, there is no hard and fast rule of how to name! Let’s ease off your enigma. Give a thumbs up, if your brand name has the following features –

Start from the scratch. How to name your brand?

It’s easy to memorize – The name of the brand should avoid heavy-duty words. The title is supposed to be simple, crisp and catchy. In order to achieve this objective, you may pick words used in colloquial language.

It’s easy to pronounce – Avoid using terms that consist silent words. In fact, try to use words that are common in the potential customer’s lingo. It evokes a sense of familiarity among them. The chances of your brand’s name getting recognition become high.

It defines the Brand USP – When anyways you have to title your business, let the name say it all. Make the use of a name to define the product’s benefits. It’s a very tricky thing to accomplish, quite challenging to one’s creativity.

Of course, the good name sells only for once and rest is up to the quality and price of the product. But, won’t you like to name your brand in such a way that the potential buyer is compelled to notice it?


Four things to keep in mind before you start branding?

Branding is associated with standards. Because the world-known names have a very strong and powerful branding. And, the medium-sized business no way lag behind. In such a steep competition, how to brand your organization? Four things to keep in mind before you start branding? Think and act –

1.) Every enterprise has two aspects
Practical – Assessment of success regarding immediate business growth
Preconceived – success in terms of ability to make money
And, both of them are the deciding factors.

2.) Compatibility – It’s ok to post not so often on Facebook than to post something that doesn’t define or compliment your brand. By following this consistency, you are providing a more detailed and sophisticated persona to the brand.

3.) The tone of voice – As it’s been said earlier, a pre-designed and well-planned tone of voice plays an important role. It essentially helps in providing branding a tinge of reality. For that, you need to generate a content that equally keeps the interest and responses of customer’s in mind.

4.) Aesthetic feel – Logic can fetch your brand a wonderful response from the audience, provided you use it in colors, designs, usage of space and font. Decide upon all the visual aspects very rationally. Once, the branding is visually appealing, the viewer is prompted to know it more.

Whenever you would write the product’s branding based on the above four points, the final brief would be much more logical and purposive. Thus, you will be having a precise branding guideline.


Advantages of Good Branding

Branding is an integral part of the business. Better is the branding, more attention the business receives. Here are some of the definite
Advantages of Good Branding  –

Customer Loyalty
An attractive branding creates a memorable experience in customer’s mind. For example, a well-designed logo can become the identity of the product. If a customer happens to see it time and again, he develops an intimacy for the brand.

The brand is termed ‘big’
Large organizations usually have a good branding. That’s why people tend to attach good branding with something big. A product with a better branding has a lot more chances of being bought than the one having poor branding.

An association with quality
We go for branded shoes than the local ones because we associate quality with good branding. Conversely, if your product has an influential branding, customers associate this feature with trusted quality.

The product is considered more experienced hence, more reliable
So many popular brands have been in the market for ages. Their experience becomes the trust factor for the audience. And, these popular players are judicious enough to give good importance to branding.

A wonderful opportunity for expansion
A single feature and so many advantages. You can launch multiple products under the umbrella of one successful brand. A common and established personality for all would avoid the identity management issues.

All in all, a significant branding leverages the product / organization / service with numerous advantages. On the other hand, its absence can be fatal to any business.


Does your website have a personality?

Before buying something, a customer may like to visit the product’s website. And, yes, the product here means a commodity, group, service, organization etc. After all, digital presence is the most accessible. Without traveling any kilometers, at one go of a click, you get all the information about the product. Does your website have a personality? 

Some smart businessmen give a tinge of personification to their websites. It instantly makes the site emotionally interactive. Here are a few tips on How to create a website with a personality –

1.) Know the brand insight and create a character
What’s the purpose of your brand? Is it related to luxury, medicines, mental wellness, fashion, automobiles and there are unending options.
Depending on the purpose, create a character. It could be an abstract one, narrating the story from his point of view, or a bubble or an uncle figure – imagination is infinite. So end up creating something that’s just perfect.

2.) Discover the enemy of that character
Doesn’t mean you will literally show an enemy. Here, the term ‘enemy’ denotes the set of factors which may compel a customer from buying your product. And, the protagonist character has to conquer this set of factors – not directly but subtly and effectively.

3.) Stress the language and the undertone
A tinge of pleading and the customers are turned off. Instead, use a narrative set from the expert point of view without using any authoritative tone. Talk to them. Create a desire to respond in them by asking the questions.

4.) Make the brand the hero
The most workable trick is to manifest the product’s benefits diffusely. Suppose, your firm produces an untearable fabric. So, instead of boasting that the product doesn’t get torn, you may show a man trying all possible ways to rip it but fails.

The language is an art. A response-evoking website always makes the best use of it.


Why brand your product?

It’s agreeable that at the end of the day, it’s the product that comes to the actual use. The brand is only an image. But, its impact is not confined to visuals or audio impressions. It’s much more.

A brand needs to be built in a futuristic direction. Here are the reasons Why brand your product?

The product is worthy. No doubt about it. But it needs a communication channel and that is the brand. A good brand if only promotes the product, provides it a charm and persona. So, it makes the product more likely to win the potential buyer’s heart. The brand is a whole idea while the product is a part of it.

The brand has an immense scope of expansion. It’s not only meant to describe a certain product. Doing this may narrow down the future prospects. As an example, suppose you own a shampoo brand. After its successful launch, you may want to start selling other beauty care products too. So, if you sell them under the same brand name of shampoo, the customers will instantly build reliability with those products.

There are a plenty of products supported by a renowned and old brand. To strategically compete with such rivals, you can’t go too literal with your product, voicing its benefits through a loudspeaker. Rather the branding needs to be cleverly persuasive. An intelligent branding comes with deep research and expert solutions.

All in all, how people see your product depends on its branding. A good businessman always builds a well-planned image of the product.


Three key steps that lead to a premium packaging

The quality of the product is definitely a spokesperson for its value. But, in the beginning, factors like packaging, advertising and price reflect the product’s worth. And, because food commodities are more personal to a customer, their packaging also influences his mind.

Three key steps that lead to a premium packaging –

– Draw a concept: A packaging is so much more than it. It can be a storyteller, reflection of a class, need or feel. Think how can you bestow the value of your brand on the cover of the product. For example, a select tea brand still retains its centuries-old design on the packet. It instantly gives the vintage feel to the customer. Such a design subconsciously convinces the potential buyer that the brand is old enough and thus, likely to be reliable. Ask yourself – what do you want to convince and what is the best creative way to go for it.

– Packaging material matters: Close your eyes and touch the packaging of two brochures. By the quality, thickness and softness of the paper, you can easily judge which brochure belongs to a more premium brand. The same goes for the material of packaging. Use a metal or a good quality paper, a fabric – whatever compliments the brand identity. Being different often fetches attention from customers. And, of course, quality is a must.

– Polishing the final outcome: After finalizing the packaging material and the concept, all you are left with is joining the dots. If the size of the packaging is big enough, don’t overwhelm it with content or images. The entire game is about a balanced use of the pictures, colors, font, and text.

The first impression often becomes the last one. Win the heart of your customers via an impressive packaging.


Is your campaign successful – if it has these 3 features then yes!

The purpose of a campaign is to make the brand talk of the town. It indirectly results in more buyers. Then maybe more sales and  more profit. But sometimes, a campaign is required to rebuild or refresh the image of a stagnant brand. So, Is your campaign successful – if it has these 3 features then yes!

Ideas shortlisted from the shortlisted ones
The grass is greener on the other side. Most of the ideas sound exciting and unique in the beginning. But, you need to have as many participants and ideas as possible. The participants will delete and crop the ideas till the last possible argument. Finally, you will be left with that one campaigning strategy that’s meant for your brand.

Ideas that interact with the customers
A customer’s signature to spread green awareness doesn’t suffice. He does it so many times, a signature is not remarkable enough for him to appreciate a brand. Your campaign has to register in his mind. Propose your customers to draw, write, speak, capture, cycle or whatever that they themselves can remember doing. Make them do something that makes your brand memorable.

Ideas that can spread
As a brand owner, you may start an extensive  campaign,  and call the media to cover it. But if the campaign itself is not worthy, nothing will pay off. The famous ‘share your coke’ campaign was started in a small town, but it got popular because it did have a substance. So, instead of making it begin big, let it end big with original ideas.

The most difficult part of the brand campaign is to generate a feasible idea that can move the customers. Your campaigning strategy has to have that impact. Rather than in being a rush to start, patiently confirm the concept. Better be a bit late to come up with satisfying approaches. 


Outdoor advertising – will it work for your brand?

You shop online, you read online. Everything has become digitized. But the culture of outdoor advertising still prevails.
Outdoor advertising – will it work for your brand? A recent article published in the Forbes Magazine highlighted a study on outdoor advertising. The result is intriguing –

It concluded that more than seventy percent that is nearly two-third of the total travelers notice the billboards. If the first impression of the board fails to make a mark, the audience also doesn’t read the headline. So, you see the advertising creatives got to be smart and witty.

The study also inferred that if the advertisement is about an event, restaurant or something funny, more than half the viewers would go for it later. But, if it is about some television series, radio station or website, the business would receive a response between twenty-eight to forty-four percent only.

If we go by this study, we can say that for a restaurant or food business, outdoor advertising is surely going to work. Food is something that can tempt anybody anywhere.


Do you the marketing advantages of a corporate brand?

The recognition absorbed by a corporate brand is huge. That’s why its steps can influence millions of customers. For instance, a social campaign run by an international restaurant chain will have a far better impact than a local yet trending eatery. The reason behind such a huge difference doesn’t only depend on the social media activation but also the outdoor advertising. Do you the marketing advantages of a corporate brand?

A corporate brand may have several sub-brands under it. However, these sub-brands will always contain an undertone that goes well with the brand identity of the main corporate brand. Ideally, this ‘undertone’ should not deviate from the vision, values, personality, and positioning of the main brand.

When a corporate brand runs a campaign, it could be immensely cost effective. For example, a social campaign run by P&G would also positively highlight its sub-brands. Rather than spending separately on them, the governing brand takes the lead. Due to such a high competition, more the budget of the company the better. But, still the owners are always in look out for money-saving strategies. That is when the corporate brand comes and its single campaigning builds the image of the accompanying sub-brands as well.

Thus, if you have a future roadmap that also aims to create multiple sub-brands, the image-building of the main brand should be well-thought and well-researched.


How to promote business on Google Plus?

In the era of social media – facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus etc are the speakers in disguise for your brand. And, Google Plus is trending for sure. Let’s explore some tips on How to promote business on Google Plus?


Get a catchy URL
The personalized URL can make you a brand. If you are scratching your head and thinking that you couldn’t ‘find’ any such service then probably you have not visited It will access you a personalized link

A short and to-the-point language
Shakespeare may not work for the fast and choosy customers. Actually, they don’t have time also. You should make an effort to shrink the text that introduces you to the Google Plus users. Don’t treat this page as a facebook account. It has to look professional and entertaining at the same time. It should include the following –
Your name
Your occupation/services you provide
Your qualification
Past experience
And, the acclaims/milestone achievements for your work (if any)

Main marketing
A research concluded that a majority of those businesses which promote the business via Google Plus as well, they get better returns.
However, rather than directly using a ‘G+’ symbol,  it is advisable to create a badge such as ‘+’ or whatever can define Google Plus and your brand at the same time.

Suggest a list of circles
Create a shortlisted inventory of relevant circles and set your name at the top of ‘About’ tab of your profile page – both for your business and personal profiles. This will introduce the visitors quickly to your business focus. And, further make them curious to know more about you.

All the best:) 


How to market your brand on twitter

It is the quick and fast use of Twitter that breaks a sensational news. In fact, business marketers also use it as one of the crucial platforms to spread the marketing literature so that it hits the right set of audience. So how to market your brand on twitter – 

1. Be contemporary and different at the same time.
Firstly, as a twitter marketing strategist, you need to know what’s trending on twitter and why? You will present the same subject but in a different light. For instance, if some famous singer has expired, you would tweet a tribute on behalf of the brand you own. And, let a not-so-seen image of the celebrity be the USP of that tweet. That ways, many visitors will remember that it was your brand that revealed the celebrity picture.

2. Make use of position
The same message given by two very different individuals will have a different impact altogether. Can you make a well-known person tweet for your brand? The second option is to make somebody ‘important’ in your organization tweeting for your brand. It could be the restaurant chef telling the audience how lovingly he cooks these dishes. That’s a smart and indirect way of brand promotion.

3. Give value to the customer
In this busy world, we need to understand the tactics that can stimulate the workaholic customers. Many companies would run a social media campaign. And, the employees themselves would reply or favorite the related tweets that come from the customers. In this way, the customer would feel valued. They would also feel that it’s due to that tweet that they are being noticed.


Choosing brand ambassador for your brand

Besides the promotion via social media, what lies beyond is the personification of the brand. And, hiring an ambassador for the brand is the right step to provide a live identity to the product/company/service. Here are a few things you need to take care of when choosing a brand ambassador for your brand –

– The history decides the future
Experience is more valuable than knowledge. The personality of the ambassador has to synchronize with that of the brand. The representative should not only know the brand, their personality must also seem to know the brand. For example, a successful mother can be a great brand ambassador for a diaper brand. Her advice will seem useful to other mothers who subconsciously aspire to become like her. Does your brand’s representative have a history that generates trust among the customers?

– Right words, right information
Remember that brilliant customer care executive? She helped you so quickly. That very moment you unknowingly associated a good image about the concerning brand. So, that’s how a brand ambassador should communicate. Of course, he/she has more responsibilities than a customer care executive. But before you make a public announcement, brush up the ambassador’s knowledge about the brand. His/Her soft skills should have that persuasive element so that the potential customer is fully satisfied, as and when the face-to-face interaction happens.

Learning from others’ brand is another bonus point in choosing a right ambassador for the brand. Try to compare a successful brand with the public representative it had chosen. Draw the similarities between the two. Figure out what you can learn from this exercise in order to choose the apt ambassador. 


How to protect the reputation of brand?

There’s a lot of competition on the market. One mistake may cost the loss of many customers. Suppose, you own a restaurant. The food delivery goes wrong. The customer has ordered something, but they received something else. Their reaction could be infuriating. They might ‘accept’ the flawed delivery but will they forgive the brand?

Now you are putting yourself in the shoes of that customer and probably you won’t forgive. So, as an entrepreneur, you need to teach your entire team the tactics to deal with such situations. After all, the reputation of the brand shouldn’t be harmed.

As a general example, suppose a few products developed some defects under ‘unknown’ circumstances. And, unfortunately, they got sold in the market. The customer is most likely to not to go for the same brand ever again. But, in order to cover up the flaw, you can give them another new product (For free of course). Then they are likely to realize that the brand has a sense of responsibility.

Maybe due to the taste, or quick delivery or quality – there must be customers who have stuck to your product for a long time. It’s time to reward them with discount coupons or anything equivalent to that. So, that they continue to feel the intimacy for your brand. Moreover, it can potentially pursue them to advertise through the word of mouth.

Thirdly, try to engage the customer. It is a very well-thought tactics. Any individual is drawn towards a brand which shares their experiences. Hold a contest or organize some event and let the customers share their success story or build one by winning the contest. It could be an online event or a social campaign that is apparently very close to the hearts of target audience.

Basically, the brand needs to behave like a responsible and warm-heart individual to carve a niche in the customer’s mind.


Storytelling and branding – what, why, how?

Before trying a product, how do you observe its standards. Probably, by its branding. The text and the visuals say it all about the standards. And, in the last couple of years, content marketing has emerged as a very effective way to market the brand. Storytelling and branding – what, why, how?

What is the relation between storytelling and the brand?
Many brands use emotions rather than logic to push the customers to make a move. Storytelling has many layers to it. It is not just a bunch of words telling a plot. Many big brands have created a certain character. This character subconsciously evokes the persuasion of buying the product among customers. And, this is very indirect and engrossing. In real terms, your brand is a personality. To keep up its liveliness, stories are created and promoted.

Why is storytelling required to build the brand?
Do you remember the one-line stories we used to easily remember in order to grasp maths formulas or distance of the planets from the sun? This is the impact of a story. If it is easy and appealing enough, the customer would remember it for a very long period of time. Secondly, it doesn’t need any investment as such. It’s just you and your mind. If you know the right target audience, then it’s not very difficult to bring up the right theme.

How to create a story that sells the brand?
Keeping the text direct is one way but we need to touch the right chord of customer’s heart. There needs to be an emotional connection. Think about how your product helps the customers. Learn about the customer’s reason behind buying the product. If you have some USP (Unique Selling Proportion), highlight it very subtly in the story. That’s what make your brand stand out. And last but not the least, give a lot of love and importance to the customer character in the plot.

So, what’s the story that builds your brand?


Branding, Marketing, Advertising – The Basics

Feeling puzzled but don’t even know about it? You need to know about Branding, Marketing, Advertising – The Basics. I mean that’s how a smart businessman with very little understanding of marketing and related stuff would feel! It’s imperative to know the fundamentals so that you identify your wants, After all, you need to put your wants in the right words. Keep all the confusions aside, let’s know the basic difference between Branding, Marketing and Advertising. Read below –
Marketing – It is the communication that your business generates among others. It includes the advantages, features and value of your organization. And the stakeholders, partners, and consumers form the Target Audience. The one way to make a strong position in the marketing regard is to carefully monitor what you inform the audience. Be it a direct information or indirect. The TA should only know what has already been filtered by you.
Advertising – It is the communication that your business generates among others TIME AND AGAIN. Marketing progresses as well as changes at frequent intervals. But an ideal advertising strategy should be uniform for a long period. Therefore, a very thorough research forms a strong backbone for an effective advertising campaign.
Branding: It is the communication which we receive from others. It is the image of the product/service on the customer’s mind. Suppose, you happen to market your brand wearing chappals. But if that doesn’t leave any ‘bad’ impression on people – it means you already have established a strong brand. The popularity level of the brand has reached a certain level, that is why wearing chappals is unnoticeable to the audience.

Improve Landing Page, Increase Conversion Rates

The landing page is the first impression that a client receives about the online presence of your organisation. And, as they say, the first impression is the last impression. Improve Landing Page, Increase Conversion Rates. So, what to do? Well, read the below features and incorporate them in your landing page –

1. A headline that strikes the right note
Write something that gives the viewer a feeling – ‘this is something I was indeed looking for’. The message is in the bold and bright colours. It will immediately click the readers’ mind. Don’t overdo with the words. Keep it simple, subtle and direct.

2. The effect of colors
Try to use three main colours. Too many colours result in a less sophisticated view. Every shade has a personality. Make sure that it corresponds with the persona of your brand. Also, the prime colours should contrast each other. It would help in evoking the feeling of clarity.

3. A picture is worth a thousand words after all
Use a picture that is ambitiously envisaged by the customers. Pictorially try to reach the customers via developing specific feelings. For instance, an emotion of good food can be invoked by showing a healthy person enjoying healthy food.

4. Structured content, less content
The reader would never want to be overloaded with content. It is advised to structure the landing page content. It may be organised in points. Or, if it is in paragraphs then assign a sub-heading. So, that the reader only reads it, when they want to. Don’t burden the landing page with too much of words or sections.


Why Offer Free Testing To Target Audience?

The competition goes boundless in the market. There are more rival brands than you know. But how to lead then?Well, these days, we have been coming across many events organized by the brand themselves. They offer free testing of the product. And, this enables them to get a direct response from the customer. So, Why Offer Free Testing To Target Audience? Here are the reasons –

1. The customer would feel welcomed
For a food brand, it is an opportunity. Because food is something that we all eat. And, we wouldn’t mind enjoying a good one especially when it is for free. So, such an offer would become memorable for us. It’s a bonus point for the food brand.

2. The response is straight away
Ask customers as many questions as possible during the testing. Don’t hesitate to ask them if they have any solutions regarding the image, title and packaging of the brand. When you would have done this with a decent number of potential customers, a good data will be there to make useful corrections in the branding of your food product.

3. Know which brand is threatening your one and how!
If the testing results do not give very satisfying feedback, inquire the customers about which another brand do they use! Analyse the other brand and make your one more competent on the market.


Alter ego and branding – makes sense when combined!

Everything is on the mind. The more we face our fears, the more our imagination and intelligence is able to conceive. Alter ego and branding – makes sense when combined!We all bear an alter ego. Our personalities are reflected in the kind of branding we do. But, on the contrary, we tend to miss out on the part of the branding ways we straightaway avoid. Probably because they are reflected by out alter ego. So, what alter ego has in common with branding, let’s figure out –

What is the alter ego of your brand?
There is a certain direction in which the brand progresses. In a simple sense, if the brand image is calm and comforting then you could add an element of peppiness. Although, the changes have to be in moderation. For instance, a relieving ‘introvert’ brand with white theme color may run a campaign using an ‘outgoing’ yellow logo.

How are you as an entrepreneur?
As an introvert entrepreneur, If you happen to use your alter ego, it can make your brand free to become more popular and communicative. As an extrovert, if you utilize the power of alter ego, you may create a fabulous in-house branding as well – that too in an amusing way.

Well. it might not be as simple as it seems to be. Follow the few steps to envisage the image of your alter ego –

– Ask why you need that?
It can take you a lot of time to spot the reasons behind finding an alter ego.

– What is the persona?
Once you know you have to look out for an alter ego, then what is the aura of that image? Is it appearing more promising, grander and greater in terms of customer reliability?

– Go unparalleled.
The image thus arrived must be possessing some unique or attention grabbing qualities. Try to highlight them and mold them so that they can be used in branding.

4. Draw the difference.
Now that you know how the brand image generated by alter ego is different, try to trace its origin. The reason behind its unequaled features is the influences you had in the past. Let them also be the part of the branding.

Using the alter ego either to change the brand or to add a surprising element can be a major factor in making the potential customer notice your brand more.


Consumer insight and awareness do it all!

Know your customers and the game is yours!
Let them be head over heels for the kind of value your brand provides.
Let them smile as and when they hear anything related to your brand.But, do you think it is that effortless job? Consumer insight and awareness do it all!The best of your product/service
There must have been some factor in your mind that prompted you to believe that your product is different. Bring it out with clarity. Make sure that this ‘special feature’ is relevant enough to the requirements of buyers. An able food branding agency in India will then help you in highlighting the USP of your product.Nothing big comes easy
Before understanding your audiences, understand which audiences are you talking about! Your product can address the best to which section? You might end up thinking that referring to a larger segment would generate more bucks, but it doesn’t work in most of the cases. Better to design the campaign based on much carefully picked cultural, agewise, social and economic context. In short, streamline the marketing and branding agenda.You have got it, you will flaunt it even more
These days an insignificant story happens to achieve significant attention because of the buzz woven around it. Pay more for more recognition of your product. Its features might be distinctive but what is the point if they don’t reach masses.

The marketing team that can master the information
Hire professionals who can help you in recognizing the customer’s need better. After a thorough analysis, via research, feedback, database, market study, trends, and latest updates; they should brim your mind with clarity and a definite conclusion. So, that you know the line of communication while dealing with a food branding agency in India branding.




The Do’s for a brand management team

The brand management team is an asset to an organization. But, only when it is efficient. Good leaders train productive teams. So, what are the most imperative skills that you as a leader should impart to the brand management team? The Do’s for a brand management team –

1. Recognizing new market prospects
The market is an ever-changing world. Trends come and go. But, if you miss to catch them, you miss multiple business opportunities. So, the team members must be updated with the current industry scenario; so as to evolve the brand positioning of the ad agency with respect to that scenario.

2. Assess competitive brand building
Be it the image of the organization you work for or the image of the client’s company – both the brands have to have an outshining image. And, this magnificent job is done by the brand management team. Evaluate the threat from all aspects and all rivals. Why are they such a big hit? What can you do to your product’s image to beat this factor?

3. Approach product’s feature
Fascinated with the brand image, many customers buy the product. But is that all? No, quality matters in the end. So, how people perceive your brand not just only depends on the packaging and advertisement. In fact, the user experience is the significant parameter which decides if the product is going to be purchased by the same customer again. So, the brand management team should also work to change the product dimensions as per customer need.


A brand that evokes relief

What do you think a 9 to 5 job, heavy traffic jams, extreme workload and unhealthy lifestyle would result in?

Not confirmed about other consequences but STRESS is sure to come! We need A brand that evokes relief

Hope your food brand has some amazing features. A brand that evokes relief. Now that stress can be used as a tool to position your brand; Those ‘amazing features’ would help in evoking a feel of relief for the customers. For instance, a terrace restaurant bar in Delhi is set amidst quite a busy area. But the gardening around it, its Victorian Era look, along with other features pursue the viewers to try its food and beverages.

They subconsciously take the customer’s mind to some serene place. Another instant is the tea advertisements where the T.V ads largely show the tea gardens.

But, you do not necessarily need to change the location of your food outlet and or show some marvellous one in the ad. You may do that. But, this idea of generating relief could also be achieved via the apt usage of fresh colors, ample spacing and sorted designs on the cover of the product packaging.

Overall, it will be only an additional feature for your brand to stand out of the crowd, to capture the buyer’s/visitor’s attention at one go by the virtue of its ‘fresh’ feel.


Brand Management: four simple tips

The management itself is a cumbersome job. Especially in the field of advertising and branding because continuous updates are required from the client’s side as well as your creative team. So here we give you the Brand Management four simple tips –

1. The solution begins with the root

The first branding milestone is to successfully spot that specific issue/concern/want of the target audience. Know thoroughly about its linguistic, cultural and social background. For instance, the advertisement can’t have Urdu Literature while addressing the English-speaking masses.


2. Strategically design the brand’s genes

A brand is an alive persona. Research and finalize maximum five words that justify your brand sufficiently. Those words would be the genetic code for the future branding as well. Now, it’s up to you whether this code can be well defined solely by pictures or words or both.


3. Changes stabilize the brand

Do the taste and preference of people remain same for years and years? No. Then, your brand should also learn to develop from time to time via some evolutionary changes. Try to make subtle transformations so that the brand never seems outdated to the then current generation.


4. Traditional is tiring

The branding style of our ‘popular’ brand and your supposed rival may be apple or orange. But, you don’t need to follow any apple or orange. Instead, choose something catchy and difficult to ignore. Your product is original and so should be the branding.


The three thumb rules for re-designing the logo

Has it been ages the logo of your company was last designed? Does it seem to belong from an old school of thought to be able to relate with the current generation? It’s time to revise it. Here are The three thumb rules for re-designing the logo 

a)      History can pay off: Read about the chronological history of the organization. Pick a groundbreaking event. Weave the logo around it. That’s one of the ideas. It helps in building a respectable image of the brand.

b)      The simpler the better: Readers won’t give a special time to observe the logo. Rather the logo has to be simple and sorted to compel them to notice it. Choose well-defined and basic shapes, understandable font, and maximum 3-4 colors.Too many colors are only good to bewilder the reader.

c)      Modern yet traditional: Changing the logo from the scratch is not a suitable decision. Audiences may not recognize the new logo and mistake it as the branding character of a new brand. Rather the already existing logo and bring some modern changes to it. So that there is a fine balance of evolving with time yet retaining the past legacy.

However, the need of redesigning the logo should be well comprehended before taking a major step. Your brand is the way audiences view your product. A logo should complement it.


Position your food brand as premium

The main quest is about how to Position your food brand as premium. That cornflakes brand is relatively more expensive. Would we buy that? Yes. Why? Because it is a ‘premium’ brand. Position your food brand as premium –

It’s a matter of honor and achievement to evolve your brand as a premium one. It’s a proud feeling when customers are willing to pay a little extra to buy your product. Here are a few points to consider if you are in this race of getting your brand this ‘special label’ –

a) Tell the world what best your product has got
Yeah, do it. But without blowing the trumpets. Begin with the product formation only. Make it different in a relevant fashion. Suppose you own a tea brand. You may add Tulsi flavor to it. Talk about the benefits of Tulsi.

b) Name, color, font, diction, design, and tone of voice – make them premium too
If we figure out the various branding aspects of a premium food brand, they all used the effective tool of subtility. No boasting, but an indirect and sober communication would do. Of course, the brand communicates through color, food photography and what not. Keep everything in mind.

c) Quality is the king, most important to remember
The brand is like a personality to customers. And a personality should strike the interiority and exteriority balance that is the quality and branding should define each other.


Four Branding Formulas That Are Universal

Big brands are big brands because they all have certain branding strategies in common. It’s obvious you would like to know these Four Branding Formulas That Are Universal. Here are they –
1. Every communication medium speaks the slogan of uniformity
The font, standard colors, logo and other information should be same in all the interactive agencies. Be it the t.v. channel, radio, print media or packaging. So that readers don’t receive different identities of the same brand from different channels.
2. One person, one brand
Let an able creative head manage your brand. Too many cooks spoil the dish. One manager would ensure one school of thought for the product. However, if too many people with too many ideas would be there, distortion will only be the message the audience would receive.
3. Tell a story, not just give an information
Produce interesting videos or audios that have a story. The story should anchor the core philosophy of your brand. Gone were the days were sheer advertisement would impact the viewers. Now, they want a short movie and not just an ad piece.
4. Market study for remarkable branding
The branding is like a game of shooting. If you miss the spot, the game is over. And the right spot in business is the right target audience. Know the preferences and response of the audience through research. And, the research might be conducted via phone calls, online survey, market study etc.

Mascot for Food Branding – Do you really need one?

Branding is a complex job. More complex is to understand the requirement of its variables. And, the Mascot is an unforgettable variable. Mascot for Food Branding – Do you really need one? Does it need a revamp? How can the already existing mascot be used? Well, to all your questions, the answer is below – 
Why a Mascot?
-It is a personalized branding. It gives that personal connect to the customer.
– The mascot gives a life to the brand. It defines its personality. The personality is evolved as per the target audience segment
– If the food was not individually acknowledged by the visitor.
They may subconsciously relate well to the mascot. The latter will draw them. The Mascot may gradually become the world symbol for the brand
– No or few words and a vibrant image would convey much more than words

Do you really need one? 

– Planning to create a brand mascot is not a bad idea. But research establishes that for small or medium sized business it usually delivers a temporary impact among the customers
– Talk to the customers, use a thorough study to know if the logo and other branding aspects suit your brand sufficiently. The addition of the Mascot shouldn’t overdo the branding
– If the mascot is not able to be in the sync with the brand identity, it implies that there is no need for it

And, what about the revamp?
– Slight changes in the mascot can make the customers view your brand differently. Analyze the mascot’s personality – what immediate socio-economical and cultural class it impacts? Does it address the right Target Audience?
– If the above two factors push your mind to renew the mascot, go for it.


3 Simple Mantras For Sensitizing Online Presence

As discussed in many of our previous blogs, a brand is a personality. And, nobody likes meek personalities, So, your brand needs to stimulate the Target Audience. We give you the 3 Simple Mantras For Sensitizing Online Presence – 

#1 The content is on the expedition of running a critical issue
The social media activities are something no brand can overlook. But, the kind of content picked by you has to have some relativity with the customers. Or, rather it should sensitize them. Most of the potential buyers would definitely not mind appreciating a social move made by the brand. So, the content should serve some meaning – either personal or social. It diffusely generates a positive image about the brand.

#2 Viewers are there to view not to read
Reading an interesting piece of article is an absolute mental ecstasy. But, visuals are preferred over texts. Isn’t it? Your videos would get more response than the written verbal content. just posting articles or tweets don not suffice. They are needed. But, on a regular basis, say twice in a month, you also need to post a video that can supposedly go ‘viral’. How happily and funnily your employees are working! A short but touching extract from the last NGO visit your brand made.

#3 One hashtag, several platforms, a trending campaign
After getting enough familiar with the taste of your target audience, you can build online campaigns. Pick a theme that needs to be indeed debated or promoted in the target community. Due to extensive digital participation, people respond more to such trending activities.


Did you do the following? Oops! Bad branding

Did you do the following? Oops! Bad branding

1. Didn’t choose to be unique
A catchy tagline, a desirable content and visually soothing appearance. Well, there are no hard and fast specifications. Go beyond the imagination. Don’t apply unless your mind echos ”Eureka!!!”.

2. Went by surface research which actually equals no research
Any effective branding is a result of aggressive inputs to dig out the consumer insight. If these inputs cannot be located on the timeline of your branding analysis, no wonder your branding did not deliver the results.

3. Your product doesn’t breathe the brand
The branding with impact is to create waves. And, most of the world-renowned companies have chosen to not to miss out on any branding aspect. Be it the tissue paper, back of the chair or the dishes. They have left the imprints on the customer’s mind.


Private label vs. National brands

Planning to design a marketing strategy for your organization?
At  what level is it?
Private labels Vs. National brands
 Sidelining all the chaos, and coming to the point, the Nation brands can be defined as the products distributed by branded organizations with a national distribution system and national-level advertizing. On the other hand, Private labels are the one wherein products are produced by one company but under the brand name of others. But these days, several private labels are also found to be proudly equipped with national recognition and campaigning.
It’s a cakewalk for National brands as compared to Private labels
If we study the market, the former always gets the upper hand over latter Very few private labels have reached a stage where they are considered the competitor for the national brands. It is mainly because these store brands do not have to directly address the consumers but the company brand under the banner of which they manufacture. Conversely, the quality improvisation gets hidden behind poorly branding a food product. So, they find it futile to spend on extensive advertising. But, in the process, they lose the key recognition that can make them win many big deals.
Pause! Branding is trending for private labels as well
However, the story doesn’t remain the same in all cases. For example, in the area of paper industry, the private labels have witnessed a significant rise of 3.6% in a mere span of 52 weeks. At the end of they, branding is the factor that can turn the table on the previously less known side of private labels.
But, branding a food product in the domain of store brands is no less than a rocket science. So, choose the advertising mentors with care!



A piece of advice for startup restaurants

Going to start a restaurant business?
In the process of trying to stand out of the crowd, don’t end up being part of it!
Here, is a piece of advice for startup restaurant –
1. Emphasize esthetics – From food photography to the interiors, from the logo to the font of the title, from the color of the table cloth to the appearance of the exteriors; it is your job to make everything seeming to be falling under one striking theme.
2. Make people talk about your brand – While they are about to pay the bills, give them a memorable token, a prop that speaks about your brand but makes the customers feel special too. It could be a bookmark or a keychain. Whatever suits you.
3. Keep the menu simple yet serviceable – Don’t become overenthusiastic while designing the menu, keep the contents basic with a little twist. Too many options in the menu would only overwhelm the customers.
4. Learn from other players – Observe the branding strategies of already established food outlets but, only to get thoroughly familiarized with the taste of the audiences. Stick to the core idea that hit you instantly and use it in the branding. Original ideas never go unnoticed.



Right Target Audience for Rich Food Branding

Brand plays the role of an ambassador to impress the customers. But do you know which customer segment to impress?

The Right Target Audience for Rich Food Branding is the key to successful business. Here are a simple steps to recognize the right set of individuals who would buy your food product/service –

1. Before recognizing the TA, know your product –
How can you start building without planning? Analyze your product from economical, USP, usable, age group, gender, cultural, and geographical point of view. Categorize the traits and picture the apt assortment of customers.

2. Right in the field, detect the customers’ preferences –
After doing the thesis on your product, it’s time to wear those detective shoes. Visit the shopping complex/market, magnify the personalities who buy the products falling in the same usable zone. Read the buyer’s mind, what affect them the most.

3. Direct and Develop –
Obviously, the underlining school of thought that defines the branding would remain same. However, since the taste of the customers is bound to evolve with time so is your product! Keep adding and editing the features of your food product/service although definitely not on a frequent basis.

Half the branding issue is resolved once you identify the appropriate audience to address. This creates the support on which you draw the sketch of your organization’s brand identity.


There is always a successful food branding behind a successful entrepreneur

This is the era of awareness for health, food, fitness, information and a countless other things. Consequently, the food brands also are evolving themselves to be more pro-health. But, does it work for all brands? Think about it.

Well, sometimes the food product fails to brand itself appropriately. In that case, despite so many valuable features, it’s next to impossible to earn popularity from the consumers. So, here are a few tips to ensure that your healthy food branding appears indeed healthy to the audiences –

1. Packaging that evokes the joy of well-being
Dull or too bright shades or too many or too fewer shades, the logo is not catchy and interactive, the pictures used are of low quality or not defining the context etc. etc. If your product packaging has any one or more such above-mentioned features; no wonder you are not very happy with the kind of response you are getting from the customers.

2. Create unique brand values to conquer the heart of target audience
How different is CSR initiative of your organization? What is so special about your product? Where is the strength of branding lying? Ask yourself these questions and come up with something odd and optimistic that promotes a consumer to go for your brand.

3. Position yourself as an expert
When branding the product, pick an area/theme related to your food product and use social media to spread maximum awareness and information about it. It will help you in positioning yourself as a specialist of that certain domain.

4. Why are prices low or high? Give reason!
There is a huge customer segment that avoid buying a specific product because its prices are sky-high. Justify the prices by mentioning or talking about the usage of quality ingredients or more natural processing methods. And, in case the prices are low, lure the audience to grab such an economic deal, not in a loud bragging way though!

social media

Social Media Marketing- Because that matters as much as the brand does

Most of us visit the social media websites on daily basis. We accept it or not, the endorsement of products on FB and Twitter pages leave some imprints on our mind. Talk about the social media marketing now. What kind of impact does your brand generate? Here are a few points to consider regarding social media marketing –

1. A brand with responsibility – Talking only about the USP of your product won’t pay you much when the current generation is seeking some positive change. Understand what kind of ‘change’ does your Target Audiences is looking for! Talk about it on social media. Assign a certain period to a specific social media movement and then switch to some other mass-awakening talk for another period.

2. The brand is like a human being – So true, Legendary brands were a hit because they talked sense. They were very much aware of on which lines have they to bond with the customers. Be it through humour, sarcasm, direct opinion or whatever seems to work the best – keep the school of thought for communication simple and constant. Don’t deviate from the premeditated direction of the brand image. Just like we have certain notions about celebrities, your brand as a human being should present itself desirably to the viewers.

3. Align with NGOs – If you own a company that sells some kid’s stuff, partnering with an NGO that works for children rights would be the prudent step. It will let the people know about your CSR activities via social media sites.
Social  media marketing is the inseparable part of branding now. Better luck with finding the right sort of branding agency that can position your company brilliantly. 



India – a hub for marketers

India is one of  the most sought-after places when talked about marketing investment. Being such a fastest growing economy in the world, it has largely been coveted by numerous investors. Food is the basic necessity of life. And, this market evergreen in nature. We all love lip-smacking recipes and food products. Each weekend, most of us would buy something special to eat. Now, think about the financial turnover of the owners. But, not every food business turns out to be so profitable. After all, you need branding strategies, particularly for startups.How to tackle the conservative Indian food habits
Indians are found to be very attached to their indigenous food; sometimes to the extent that they won’t even try some new cuisine. So, if you are planning to market in India. First and foremost, please market for the suitable product. Opening a traditional Indian food outlet but with a difference in identity and branding should work out well. Pick a famous restaurant that you also like. Try to know about its branding and marketing stylist. Contact the same if it has a decent experience in designing the branding strategies for startups.

Some other reasons to make you even surer for marketing investment in India:

India homes excellent B-schools – The leading colleges offering BBA and MBA in India have produced marvelous marketers. In fact, many of these students are being absorbed by the foreign companies. So, any time you venture into the Indian market, these brilliant marketers can surely help you out!
They did it and so can you – Over the last five years, numerous small-sized food related organizations have risen to the national and even international acclaim. Undoubtedly, branding strategies for startups have a major role to play in their success stories.Indian corporate youth is earning – Grabbing a corporate job is a sought after career opportunity in the country. And, the number of such job doers is increasing day by day. Their busy lifestyle and well-paid occupation allow them to consume the tasty food from outside too often.Hope, the reasons clicked your mind and going to open another door of opportunities.



The infinite shades of colors in advertising

The essence of ability to see lies in the fact that we witness such vivid pictures around. These pictures are driven by colors which create a definite impression on us. Marketing is all about persuasion, And so are colors. 
Although, the endorsement industry could never hold a certain set of parameters about the usage of colors. These parameters differ from country to country, region to region and individual to individual. For instance, white color is considered holy by Christians while the Hindu community takes it as the shade of mourning. Be it anything, brochure design for food products or television commercials, the color scheme really matters!
However, generalizing can only help to a limited extent. At the end of the day, color preferences are based on Individual experiences. On the other hand, without generalization, a brand cannot form the most suited strategy. Coca-Cola used red to invoke the friendly, bold and youthful spirit of people while Nikon used earthy mustard shade to generate the feeling of optimism, warmth and clarity. And they succeeded. See! The power of colors. 75% of the total pencils produced in US are yellow in color. Psychologically, yellow is the happiest shade in the entire spectrum.
The study – excited red and competent blue also concluded that purchasing purpose is majorly affected by the color of the brand. There is no denial that personal experiences influence our choices, but, some editions can make a difference. A consumer tends to develop positive emotions for the colors they like. They may be on the stickers or in brochure design for food products. For instance, an individual not liking blue color may possibly like the glittering blue color.
Another research conducted by Hallock and named ‘Colour Assignments’ infers the following –
 colours-yes colours-no
Hence, there is a wide gap between the favorite shades chosen by men and women. Experts in the industry also claim that not just a color but color combination decides its impact on the viewers. Also, many researchers prove that the audiences like catchy and different names like ‘mocha ‘ instead of ‘brown’. Another analysis reveals that customers are prone to click the red button more than the button of any other color. But that doesn’t imply that color does it all.
After reading so extensively about shades, we are sure you would like to discuss the colors of your product advertising with a branding specialist. LemonGrit is a Delhi-based consultancy focussed on the Food and Hospitality Industry. From brochure design for food products to hoarding of luxurious hotels, let’s choose the best colors from the spectrum and make your brand the most talked about in the city.



How Stock Food Photography can improve your brand communication

Time is money 
Give it a thought, more time can earn you more money. So, save your time by being a smart entrepreneur. Why not go for buying images rather than conducting a photo-shoot; if it can fit in the branding solutions aptly. As a matter of fact, there is an immense scope for stock food photography as many assignments require pictures on an urgent basis. 

A stock of stock photography uses 
If you think that this category has slim uses then please read the following. Ranging from social media, blogging, online and offline advertising, interior decors, posters to promos etc; stock food photography is of the immense importance to all these mediums. 

That’s how they buy stock photographs
Now that you have decided to buy pictures, don’t also forget to buy them from the right source. Getty Images is one of those few leading agencies in the world providing stock photography. Stockfood specializes in only food images and is known for its editorial style pictures. The images are surely nice, but the deal works only for businesses with big pockets.
Relax! This is not the end of the world. The Picture Pantry is also a wonderful boutique offering amazingly trendy pictures from the pioneering photographers, but  with the better prices. Istock and Shutterstock, on the other hand, provides very affordable and good quality images. You can comfortably use these photographs for online advertisements and blogs. That too, without shelling out much from your pocket.

How Stock Food Photography can improve your brand communication?

  • A large number of images in the photo banks give you ability to choose.
  • You can search for inspiration in photo libraries and then arrange photography for your brand.
  • You can save tons of money by using these images in online communication.
  • It’s always faster than a photo shoot for your brand (but probably not that effective).
  • You can combine backgrounds from stock images with photographs created for your brand
Is it the fit and final option?
Let’s remind you that only when photographs suit the purpose perfectly, buying images is the best solution. Otherwise, they may not create enough impact to attract the customers. Obviously it’s always better to hire the professionals but in any case, stock photography is a healthy medium to build the conversation with the client.


Improvise UX, improve profit rates

Creating definitive brand identity in India is a challenge as well as an opportunity. It is imperative to enhance a well-functioning platform for the customers, users in this case. User experience (UX) plays a crucial part in rating the popularity level of your brand.
Don’t try to confide the impact of a brand in visuals! It is much more than it. Take your example. Suppose a visually appealing website pisses you off when you use it. How would you feel! You would certainly think that the organization does not pay much attention to the users? Somehow, you will feel ignored. Similarly, you indeed liked some other website. In both the cases, you will assert some image of the respective organization in your mind.
The companies’ brand identity in India is also measured by the user experience. Everytime you come across an effective product, you feel nice about it. You unknowingly make a positive outlook of the brand. It unconsciously strikes your mind that the company understands your needs. Further, even if you try to better the image of that company, it is still hard to establish a positive one. So, never settle for anything doubtful but surely something that is bound to suffice the visitors’ expectations.
Basically, there are two types of designers UX and UI. the former includes all web designers and the latter  includes those who specialize in designing the format on the basis of which the user will interact with the web app. The user experience is also significantly affected by copywriters, email designers, and marketing teams.
To give you an instance of great user experiences, Photojojo is selling physical goods but the website is loaded with interactive and humorous elements. It gives a wonderful UX, thus, buyers feel prompted to visit the website.
Therefore, in order to maintain a strong brand identity in India via UX, you surely should seek expert solutions. To your surprise, you have just visited the right website that holds wide experience in food branding solutions.


new brand

6 Signs Marketing Management is still to deliver the best

There are many determinants that can reflect the fact that your marketing management is not able to expand the business at the fastest pace possible. The entrepreneur might divert from the right path due to some fear, traditional approach, lack of awareness, negligence of rules set by the industry or whatsoever it is! No matter, how distinctly you start thinking while approaching the customers. Your purpose remains to at least occupy some space of the consumer’s mind. And, we all know that marketing management could become a Herculean task in critical situations. But, it is also true that most of the brands end up being the same.In the process of knowing the work culture, environment and communication technique of other organizations falling in the same domain; we get locked in a loop. We happen to use the same sort of lingo or limit our manner of exchanging information by unconsciously taking ‘language conventions’ too seriously. Or the way we evolve our product revolves around others’ ideas. These are constraints that limit our creativity and the scope of expansion. They also limit our relation with the customer.You shouldn’t be forgetting about certain pattern among the customers. They use a product, they want something more from it. So, reciprocating their needs, the company introduces some changes in the products. Consumers again appreciate and use the product. But ultimately they stop using it out of boredom.

Thus, as a visionary entrepreneur, you should look forward to continuously mold the nature of the product as desired by the buyers. But, the alarm is raised much after the arrival of better technologies/services/products introduced by your rivals. Isn’t it! Thus, hereby, we notify you to step out of your comfort zone and triumphantly indulge in the never-ending process of evolving your brand as sought by the whims and fancies of the customer’s behavior.

Let us also caution you that your marketing management has already been caught in loop if you think the following:

  • Your business is going stable, therefore it is going fine.
    (But stability signals complacency)
  • Your sales are going down due to the fall in the national economy.
    (But Decline in your business growth rate is anyways going to be adverse)
  • You have a ‘perfect’ production and team so what if the results come out to be unsatisfactory sometimes.
    (But, there is always a room for improvement)
  • You are supporting your business by being traditional with your marketing fashion.
    (But it is the era of innovation and crazy ideas)
  • It is a rumor meant to scare the entrepreneurs that the competition is heading towards conversion.
    (But it is a fact that converging business can shrink your profit)
  • Customers are too busy to notice.
    (But, if that is the case then successful ad campaigns shouldn’t have existed in the recent years)

No matter how big or small start you make to bring innovation to your business, you need to honestly admit that if there’s any time to create a unique brand, it is NOW.


semiotic in branding

Role of semiotics in brand building

The Human mind is also swayed by several signs and symbols it sees around. Their color, shape, category, size – everything generates a specific feeling in the brain. This is the stir of  semiotics – the study of signs and symbols. For instance, the tick mark sign of Nike signifies a sporty and winning attitude. Nowadays, the profitability boost in  national organizations is the magic by established brand solutions agency India. They create such marks that a consumer finds difficult to not to regard.

Via the semiotics medium, a brand flourishes by designing such signs that invoke the certain set of desirable reactions. Many consumer behavior experts  and market gurus infer that such ideograms create psychological relations, supposition and projection amongst the target audiences. Brands like Claude Levi-Strauss, Roland Barthes and Umberto Eco, have been one of the buyer’s favorites. All of them had significant and assertive symbols which gradually became a strong part of their brand identity. As for us, luckily, there are few but valuable brand solutions agency India.

Advertising is a vast area. The techniques of semiotics can be used in creating effectual packaging, logos, marketing materials and promotions. Peircian semiotics further stresses that the designing of such logos should be done to generate specific interpretations in the customer’s mind. For instance, Muthoot Group is 128 years old. It deals in the area of gold loaning. The image showing two elephant got firmly registered in the minds of the customers. Indians particularly in the South are very close to elephants. Now, Muthoot is the pioneering gold loaning organization in the country.

An entrepreneur often has to consult many brand solutions agency India. At LemonGrit, the years of experience and a huge variety of clients have presented us the treasure of abundant ideas and an excellent hand over to implement them. It is the right platform for those who want innovation in the identity of their product.


Interview with Sascha Barby Rational AG

Interview with Sascha Barby, RATIONAL AG

During AAHAR 2015, we enjoyed the impressive presentation by RATIONAL AG, one of the largest manufacturers of professional food steamers and ovens in the world. It impressed us and we decide to take an interview with Sascha Barby the Head of Product management Application RATIONAL AG. Here is what he had to say:

We were happy to be a part of your presentation at AAHAR 2015, New Delhi. Are there any challenges in cooking traditional Indian food with Rational equipment?

Yes, especially when it comes to Tandoor-cooking and the unique flavor that is created with the fat dripping in the charcoal and the tempering of spices, but we have mastered these challenges. The  SelfCooking Center® 5 Senses is a perfect partner for the Tandoor, you can (pre-) produce Tandoori products in a safe and efficient way in there and if wanted finish them in the Tandoor to get the perfect taste. We have many customers producing traditional Indian dishes in our units and many pure vegetarian users. especially for them we have launched at AAHAR our vegetarian concept. This includes a special profile which can be downloaded and turns the unit into a pure vegetarian unit. Additionally to this we have developed a brand new vegetarian cookbook for our customers. It is important to know that we see us as a partner for Indian cuisine, we want to make kitchens more efficient and help to improve cooking, that’s it. My perfect picture is to see a SelfCooking Center® 5 Senses beside a Tandoor – a perfect couple!

Interview with Sascha Barby, RATIONAL AG

You have been representing Rational in the Indian subcontinent for over 3 years. How has you culinary Journey been in India?

My first visit was confusing, I didn’t understand what cooking in India is about and how it works. Our approach is to roll up the sleeves and learn it, talk to chefs, cook with them, talk about their work and culture. You cannot just focus on cooking, it is about the people, how they live and think. This way you slowly start to understand what Indian cooking is as well. This is the basis for turning this knowledge into our intelligent cooking paths, which are easy to use at a push of a button. This approach we do in all countries, especially in Asia and Latin America, because the cooking is so different. I love the way how spices are used in India, this is worldwide unique.  Every time I am in India I learn more and that’s good this way: it never gets boring.

What is your favourite kitchen equipment?

Of course our SelfCooking Center® 5 Senses, because you can do so much with it, it keeps you creative and offers always perfect results. If you ask for an Indian cooking equipment it is, of course, the Tandoor, that’s a brilliant way of cooking and offers so much flavor; it’s great to watch Chef’s work with it.  I have one at home and we use it a lot during summer, everyone goes crazy for a nice garlic naan and paneer tikka.

AAHAR 2015

Which Rational equipment would you recommend to a food startup as a first purchase?

That really depends on what you want to do in the business. We have a unique sales process where a customer sees the unit in action followed by a detailed consultancy which product is the right one for her or his operation. We make sure that the customers got the perfect fit and can start using the unit to 100%, which is especially for start-up’s important. Let’s say you open a restaurant with 60 seats and room for functions, then you would be perfectly equipped with a Combi Duo of a SelfCooking Center® 5 Senses 101 and 61. The right accessories and free RATIONAL training make the whole system perfect.

Has India enhanced your cooking experience with its complex flavours?

Oh yes, it did. It gave me a deeper understanding of how spices work together and how you can enhance and control the flavor. These experiences are now all part of the SelfCooking Center® 5 Senses. Germans love Indian food for the richness and aromas, it is so different from traditional German cooking. I do a lot of Indian cooking at RATIONAL and as well at home which I learned from our Corporate Chef Gaurav… even if I never will get to the point to cook like an Indian chef. And that’s good this way – and a reason to come back to India.

Which spice is your favourite?

Black Cardamom in combination with Cinnamon. I like the rustic and smoky flavor of the cardamom in braised dishes and biryanis and the sweetness the cinnamon offers.

With the rapid evolution of technology, how do you see the future of the food appliance industry. What innovations can we expect in near future?

We will continue to have a look at the cooking habits worldwide and develop solutions for our customers. There are so many ideas how we can make live in the kitchen better and enhance the quality of the food – of course I can’t go into detail!  I personally think that modern technology will even more blend in with traditional equipment and make work in kitchens easier and more efficient. The focus will be more on cooking, quality and efficiency and not that much anymore on routine tasks and all the things that keep us away from being creative and successful. RATIONAL will be in future as well a good partner regarding this.

Thank You for an amazing interview, Sascha!

For more information on Rational products in India, visit


Learn ways to increase Intimacy with buyers

The purpose of advertisement is to increase the level of familiarity with the buyers. The more the buyer would feel ‘close’ to the brand, the less they would comprehend before buying it. Therefore, intelligent marketing consists of advertising at every point of contact with the customer. It is exclusively important for the Food and Beverage Industry as the consumer directly consumes the product. Isn’t that intimate!
An extensive research conducted by MBLM studied about the top world’s 20 companies falling in the food category; the ranking was based on the intensity of engagement between the brand and the consumer.
Amongst the restaurants, Starbucks and then Mc Donald’s took the lead.


  • Quality assured: Starbucks’ products are tested time and again,
  •  Connecting with consumer insight: These days, it focuses on social impact
  •  Increasing accessibility: It is also launching mobile ordering facility in several states.
  •  Expanding the target audience:  It will soon start selling Beer and Wine in Canada

Mc Donald’s

  • Using love to stimulate: The atmosphere inside takes us back to the old days of promotion
  • Menu for all: Modern menu makeover would make space for larger audience
  • New CEO, different plans: What Mc Donald’s new CEO will do is a matter of excitement!
  • Great social media presence: Through participating in popular events, Mc D extends its social media network
  • A lot for the younger audience: Mac Donald’s target younger audience through mobile vouchers
In the category of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG),  it was PepsiCo which topped the list. And then followed Coca-Cola.


  • Effect of right advertisement: Mountain Dew relates with consumer via live-streaming office tours
  • Adding a twist: The company uses social media to directly relate to the customer for example, the contest on LinkedIn to promote marketing jobs
  • Wide usage of Logo: The Logo appears on broadly visited sites like that of Super Bowl
  • Great sponsorship: Pepsi’s Head of Music solicits genuine sponsoring


  • Socially conscious image: Coca-Cola projects itself as socially responsible through ad campaigns
  • Celebrating with people: It celebrates 100 years of its ‘profile’ bottle, thus making buyers market feel engaged
  • Expanding into various forays: It is to start an innovation center at Georgia Tech
  • Focused marketing strategy: Their unique branding which aims at preserving the individuality influences the customers enormously
Before venturing into the buyers market, there comes the requisite to understand about which ways can you develop so as to maintain the high intimate rates with the potential and existing customers.
branding and tomatoes

Rebranding with clarity and understanding

It is unquestionably a laborious task to bring innovation. Most of the start-ups prefer to showcase the most valuable feature of the product to generate trust among the buyers. Once, that reliability is built, the business owners play it safe.
Overcome the fear, different is distinguishable: Perhaps, the very idea of innovation  makes them insecure as it doesn’t assure guaranteed returns.  They also fear that the substantial amount of changes in the product’s features could result in losing out loyal customers as well. Among so many hesitancies, then how come the owners of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) renew their brands? They, also have the above-mentioned fears.
Catch up with the contemporary taste: To clarify more about brand revamping, an established name like Heinz, which is quite popular on six continents, recently, announced ketchup  that blends American Flavors with Asian Srichacha. Isn’t that innovative? Thus, in order to keep the interest of the customer intact, it is also important to keep doing something new and never heard before. On the surface, Heinz offers 10 kinds of ketchup, The flavors are carefully made; keeping the taste of diverse tongues in mind. So, you see, even a tomato is good enough to source inspiration!
Establish brand identity via innovative channels: Among so many hesitancies, then how come the owners of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) renew their brands? They, also have the above-mentioned fears. However, brands like TGI Friday and Starbucks offer their products in grocery stores. It helps them enhancing the visibility factor.
Experiment to amaze audiences: If you fear that your brand will not live up to the mark then let the change be begun by you.  Let your products be innovative enough to amaze the customers and keep them loving your brand in the long run. Let the restructuring of your product’s features be an exemplary work to your rivals.
LemonGrit, an expert in branding has tremendously exotic yet feasible ideas to be shared for rebuilding your brand. Hope, you are planning to outshine your competitors soon.
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How attractive packaging improves brand communication

Relevance of packaging 
If we go into more details, packaging is a symbol of status. The design  of the packet reflects the status that should convincingly be high enough for the customer. Imagine. The buyer enters the shopping mall or retail shop, they shall be variably influenced by the various brands falling in the same category. A refined and organized design will impact them much strongly. Finally, they will buy that product.
No matter, how expensive and salubrious the product is! Would it click your mind to buy if it’s not packaged from an artistic and structured perspective?
What affects the packaging
 As the competition in the market is growing faster than the speed of light, there is no time to neglect essential factors like packaging.  Displaying factual information about the product is not a bad idea, But something supplementary is the call of the hour.
  • The font of the information and the brand name, the design and size of icons, theme color, categorization and subtraction of information etc. are the design components that decide the quality of the product outwardly.
  • An ideal branding should also speak for what the company stands for. Besides, it is meant to showcase the key highlights, be it the price, or the value or the feasibility etc. As a vague example, a product consisting of several natural elements, may highlight them than to show the product itself.
  • The several levels of packaging process has its own worth, from the kind of material used, the number of ingredients used to the product image depicted. All these stages are in dire need of branding experts to provide the most feasible solutions.
The Packaging with an Impact
While some brands evolve the design in such a way that can emotionally compel most of the consumers’ mind to react positively. It is the era when ads communicate the message that is lacking in the buyer’s lifestyle. For instance, the buyer needs motivation, a ray of hope, positivity, healthy eating and so many other stimuli that are not constantly present around them.
The way to create stunning packaging
No entrepreneur would like to compromise on any of their business facets. Then, why should packaging be crucified! The presumption “Brilliant packaging costs billions”  needs to be changed. As branding professionals, we offer complete branding solutions. We have boundless ways to make the packaging of your product distinct and desirable via economic prices. As they say, good advertising is not always expensive.


Life & Tech

Not just a restaurant, enter the restaurant zone in future

Till how long will you rely on the traditional ordering system. To your  wonder, ordering food online via laptop/computer has now been termed conventional by the market experts; when compared to the advantageous technologies about to stun the masses.Although many food chains offer the alternative of ordering through mobile phone, but the benefits of “Mobile Presence Technologies” need to be far more elaborated and reinforced in the buyer area. Technologies such as NFC, or QR codes, Bluetooth Smart, Wi-Fi, geo-fencing and in-app check-ins are going to be the destiny of ordering in times ahead.

The purpose of informing you about such latest technologies is to make you adopt them as soon as possible. May that help in securing more customers. Launching it at the earliest possible time in the market will also create a buzz about your brand.

How Mobile Presence Technologies can benefit
  1. Wireless exchange of information – The branded app created for your food business could enable customer to put order as and when they enter the predefined perimeter
  2. Direct communication between the customers and the kitchen – The customers will directly order much before entering the restaurant
  3. No economic loss for the owner – By the order of prepaid orders, if in case the customer does not show up – it won’t create any loss to the entrepreneur
  4. Time-saving – As the order would already have been placed, it will be more convenient for your chefs to organize the valuable time better. They will be able to prioritize their tasks much better and hence, provide timely services
  5. Fresh Food – Now, that cooks will be privileged with more time, they would rather go for cooking instantly so as to suffice the customers’ expectations of freshly prepared meals
  6. Convenient for the customers too – Imagine a buyer ordering and you delivering the food to a car parking or gas pump or anywhere! Won’t it make the buyer happy with your services. And, you were able to achieve all this only by the using the advanced technologies.LemonGrit also specializes in food business branding. Let us avail you with more such breathtaking ideas so that you command the future market. Prove that you can make the noise of innovation among the customers.


mobile apps

Get Best food deals info with Mobile Apps

Isn’t it cumbersome to locate a supermarket that offers the most economical prices?
 But, any purchase becomes more valuable when made catchy with discounts. Mobile technology will relieve you from searching through the coupons and Sunday circulars. It enables a customer to get the latest discount updates and benefit the maximum from them. Thus, advertising agencies also have to restructure the philosophy as  branding a food product also depends on the media through which it is majorly bought.
Prices of (FMCG) products are forestalled to increase between 2% to 3% this year. Thus, it is also conditional  for us the consumers to anticipate some easing in the form of concessions. In fact, in countries like U.S and U.K, the digital media space has been ruling the market as the traditional means of announcing discounts is in the process of fading away.
Recently,  British Supermarket chains have come up online and offline matching games  where customers are offered lower prices than the market ones. In the days of inflation, mobile apps come to customer’s rescue and provide them attractive deals.
In U.S, Walmart has also introduced an app namely Savings Catcher. The app helps in establishing the fact that Walmart has got the best discounts. Customers get the assurance when they check Savings Catcher.and compare the prices offered by other stores in the market. These giant chains know what does it takes in excellently  branding a food product.

Thus, in this busy life, no wise buyer would prefer to visit each store in order to find out the lowest rates. Conversely, mobile apps will inform them about the best deals and restaurant details while they are sitting on the couch and relaxing! As an entrepreneur, we are sure you would like to know the most feasible solutions for your brand. Ring us and talk to the LemonGrit team, to know about the latest marketing trends and branding a food product sustainably.

Here is the answer, why men prefer to  order from outside

We inquired numerous males, some of them were working while some were students. They gave different reasons for ordering food from outside.

1. Men are not good cooks generally – India mainly has a patriarchal setup. And believe us, guys cook pathetic. After vigorous practice, they may be able to cook instant food like noodles and omelette but it’s difficult to go beyond.

2. Good food is worth relishing, why not to order it – At times, a particular restaurant is so popular that it is difficult for men to keep their taste buds under control. So, they enjoy ordering time and again.

3. It’s party time –  Several occasions like friend’s birthday, or an unexpected promotion, job change and the weekend time. arouse the party thrill amongst men. And, as everybody knows, a good party is incomplete without good food.

4. It’s convenient, saves time and energy – Many of the working man are too stressed after office to cook. So, they prefer to order food from outside.

5. Fewer spendings, more fun – Rather than going out in a restaurant bar, paying manifolds than the M.R.P, wasting money on commuting, isn’t that more convenient to order food and beverages and have a blast at home itself.

AAHAR 2015

Kitchen or a Smart Kitchen – your choice.

Ever wondered how they serve so many customers at the same time…
And the food is all fresh and hot….
Necessity is the mother of any invention. If you have various customers waiting for the order and as a good chef, you can’t compromise neither on time nor on the quality. What will you do? Let us suggest you something. You better get the following gadgets in your kitchen –
1, Food is hot, in and outside the oven
There is a Miele’s microwave in which if the dish is kept for more than two minutes then the oven keeps it warm for another fifteen  minutes.
2. You can do something else, water will stop running from the tap automatically
Delta’s touch2-0 technology could be of great use. The faucet itself will shut the spout off after the timer is being set.
3. Keep the kitchen clean, keep working
Hafele’s new invention shall  enable you to  cut all the crap present in your kitchen. The drawer with two dustbins inside will open just by a gentle push of your knee.
4. Enough is enough, no messy cooktop now
In a cooking gas device, the four burners create a mess as two are located behind the other two. The cooktop introduced by Kupperbuschusa has all four of them in the same row.
5. Devise your ways to know the nutritional value of your food
While you cook for your customers, you can also claim the exact nutritional purpose you provide them. Use Salter Nutritional Scale that measures the worth of your delicacies from the health perspective.
Hope, with these recommendations, you may find the productivity of your kitchen going up!



A brand for each product

Branding photography, trending social media, sending e-mailers – how are you going to endorse your project?
So many centuries have witnessed the impact of advertising and somewhat got tremendously influenced by it. Thus, over the years, we as social beings have come to a point that we share more familiarity with brands or structured/pre-planned presentation rather than a project put in plain terms.
Besides products, companies, services and people, it is the time to support branding for every internal group/activity/department/place/project.
Let’s study a case for that matter. A project related to environment namely innovation heavyweight 3M faced the difficulty of less interest from the company employees. The organization was seeking suggestions from employees. The motive was to improvise the quality of industrial grade sandpaper on the basis of their inputs. But, due to the lack of interesting branding, the project manager failed to make the proposal engaging enough for the audiences.
Now, imagine. Had the project been assigned a catchy name and introduced as a challenge, presented with branding photography – it would have been a different story altogether. It should have been posted on Facebook and some price should have been announced for whoever came up with the best solutions.
Hence, there is a manner to attract the attention from people which can essentially be termed as branding. LemonGrit has an ocean of solutions about how your brands can become the Talk of the Town. Let’s plan your grand success together.


branding Emotional Connection to the customer

Don’t ignore the emotional connect with customers

 “It is better to make a customer than to make a sale”
Theodore Levitt.

Exciting, stable, ever-changing, hits, flops – the market changes its features rapidly with the change in the nature of the customers. Yet, several companies were able to emerge as the major market players because they choose to shift from conventional advertising to emotional advertising. Since, consumers seek to change their brands more frequently than ever – there is an urgent need of establishing a strong emotional association with their hearts. The clothes that they wear, the coffee that they drink, the footwear that they choose – it all depicts their way of thinking. Thus, a personalized perspective is required to define  the manner of endorsement.

The fashion of advertisement in order to develop a touching bond with the buyers should stress on the following:

  • The solutions that can make your products an ‘odd one out’ yet desirable
  • The solutions that can keep the choosy customers opting for your brand again and again
  • The solutions that large scale companies use in order to allocate the apt emotions in their branding; creating loyal customers in the long run
  • The solutions that act as a medium to bridge the gap between the brand and the customers’ heart
  • The solutions that can yield lifetime associations with the buyers

Be it the B2B segment or C2C, a research concludes that customers use 80% of their instinct and 20% of rationality to purchase goods or services. So as to achieve the purpose of convincing the customers emotionally, smart marketers have always created effective advertising strategies through significantly managing the customers’ database. It helps them in segregating and studying better about the consumer insight. By knowing the exact wants of the customers, they win customers’ loyalty which further gives the organization the targeted sales and profitability.

Mark Gob mentions in his book ‘Emotional Branding’, that branding should be approached in a way that pleases the personalized world of the customer. It should look forward to create an intimate interactive conversation.

A marketing team which is governed by the traditional school of thought would focus on four P’s – Product, Price, Place and Promotion. But a contemporary marketing team would try to:

  • Segment people into groups on the basis of their buying habits
  • Read carefully about the buyers’ purchasing experience
  • Brand on personal basis by identifying the indeed needs of the consumer
  • Make the brand widely and physically present
  • Build personal relationships via well planned integrated communications
  • Cooperate and partner with all three levels – employees, suppliers and buyers
  • Create policies for the customers through wisely using the database
  • Exploit each point of contact with the customer via the route of creativity and out of the box thinking. Thus, generating lifetime loyalty for the brand

Let us give you some direct examples of how the following brands got popular instantly through targeting the emotional needs of customer:

  • Multiple generations relate to the heart-warming characters introduced by Disney
  • The Nike stores called Nike Town create a sporty atmosphere and also shows sports legends
  • Cadbury Park in UK motivates customers to engage in the designing, producing, and packaging of chocolates
  • Starbucks make the customers eager to come back as the waiters greet and exchange extra words with them and offer customized coffee

In all the cases above, the product and service were evolved to suffice the buyer better rather than changing the customer’s mind to like that specific product/service. The food branding professionals at LemonGrit are excited to transform the course of marketing game as they have done so, many times. Would you like to join us?

How to learn from other restaurants and get profit on

Observe theirs, Improve yours

In this extraordinary game of marketing, the slightest negligence by a food entrepreneur can cost them a lot. A restaurant running successfully for a year may start getting less recognition from the customers due to the arrival of a new one. Surprisingly, instead of giving it a patient thought and working constructively, the owner already presumes that the downfall of his business can’t be fought upon.
Wait! May we suggest you something being professionals in the food industry branding. It is a known fact that you must have visited the rival food outlet/restaurant/hotel before. What did you observe? The Menu, the Quality of the food served, the hygiene. Let’s talk in detail, what all should you have observed.
As the research conducted by the Design Management Institute concludes, the business driven by strong design outperforms the others which do not pay much notice to this integral part of promotion and branding. It has already been established that the first impression of anything will either trigger your mind to explore it or discourage you to go ahead. The report further elaborates that biggies like Coca Cola, Ford, IBM, Nike, Starbucks etc. have always been design-oriented in their marketing.
In fact, Starbucks have, as marketing strategists analyze, earned billions because it never forgets to incorporate branding at any point of contact with the customer. From promoting cups to the decor; everything is in synchronization and subtly speaks the core message. Also, always try to keep the branding not very loud. You may choose a logo or a theme that a customer can very well relate to or at least, look at it and laugh.
  Secondly, there are many ways through which your rival restaurants advertize and ensure that the customers have started considering your brand. You may also adopt the following:
Some characters to connect with people – You may create a fictitious protagonist that is visible on the chair covers, bathroom doors, entrance – sitting, laughing and welcoming respectively. Mascot may work very well in all communications, but it’s always better to hire professionals to create this character.
The crockery and the secret behind – The dishes in which you serve the food could be of the specific shape or color. For instance, if your restaurant is a hub for young couples, you may choose some special decor of the crockery. The color of the plates motivates people to eat more or less. Just to give you an ambiguous example, crockery with red color is often not recommended because it indirectly persuades people to eat less. Smaller plates create an illusion of a big portion, but bigger plates may invite customers to order more.
Furniture tricks – Many restaurants unknowingly  use uncomfortable chairs and sofas to make customers leave just after they finished their food. But will the customers prefer to visit them again? Well, if food is too good, perhaps.
That’s why customers pay the visit – Design a signature dish or drink. Create any unique recipe that is good enough to taste and different enough to mark a memory in the customer’s mind.
The Uniformity that defines a class –Uniform style of dresses for waiters and other service people in the hotel create a strong presence of the brand and generate more trust from the customer’s side.
A perfect place for them – The programs running on the TV of your food outlet should match the taste of audiences. For instance, if your outlet is children-oriented, try to show some comic stuff which pleases the entire family. Or just avoid TV as it removes attention from the food. Remember that sounds and visuals may be distracting or complimenting factor in customer experience.
Good branding is the one where every minute and the  large component of the environment and services sing to the tune of the core philosophy of your marketing. So, visit all the popular restaurants around and figure out the best that can work for your business.



What do you mean by ‘Clean Food’

From the perspective of health,  what do you notice in a food outlet during the first visit?
By the virtue of massive awareness, the term ‘Clean Food’ has come out to be of immense importance. Many celebrities endorse clean and green food. It has become a style statement indeed. It deserves to be. Why not.
Nowadays, it is not just about the germ-free plates but about the dish lying in it. Robert Kennedy began this noble trend of “eat clean” via a magazine namely ‘Cleaning Eating Magazine’. Any breathtaking idea may take ages to develop, but if it is that effective – it has to come in trend someday. Going beyond the hygiene issues, these days, a clean food is the one which fresh, least processed, organic, whole, local, grass-fed, home fed and so on.
There are many brands in the food industry which are built around the concept of “clean food”. Can anyone use this idea for food business? Well, let’s see! Since, “Healthy” is the new motto for Y-generation. Many food producers have already started changing the ingredients by replacing the potentially harmful ones with  the healthy food substitutes.
Some restaurants have also started introducing the food that is more grilled and contain less oil. There are food outlets which have  open grills so as to intrigue the customer about being open regarding their cooking habits. But, there are more advanced ideas than it. There are Sushi restaurants which have created a whole food theater right in the front of customers. Their food is fresh and healthy – that’s proved. Will it work with traditional Indian food which require hours to be ready? Hmm, probably not.
But we can use astounding ideas from the international food industry and implement them in the traditional outlets. It will effortlessly convince the customer about the honesty of the food made in your eatery.
So, before the customer tags your menu as outdated, you better change it!



Get, Set, Go with these tips, and your food business is a hit!

Thanks to the economy of the country. The demands for fast food or restaurant food have widely increased because people are too busy to cook daily. They are earning well and thus stimulate the entrepreneurs like you to stretch their food business. Like any other product, the food product too has to meet the expectations of the customer. And, to perform outstandingly, it has to be of excellent quality.
The way to a customer’s appreciation is through their stomach
Take your example for that matter! Last week, you went out with someone ‘special’ and the meeting was awesome. Why? Because when you gave the order, the waiter greeted you with a wide smile. The order was on time. The food was tastier than assumed. The dishes were clean. The ambiance was sophisticated and comfortable. Well, you just had a great experience as a customer.
If you want to build the same quality services, it is critical to evaluate the entire staff individually on regular intervals. Guide them properly on how to respond to each possible query or inquiry of the customer. Discipline indeed works as a magic spell in small as well as renowned fast food chains. For example, Mac Donalds has a long list of rules for their employees who take the order.  Happy and friendly smile is one of the musts, polite conversation within the open kitchen and wearing  clean and ironed uniforms. These measures along with many other create an everlasting positive influence on customers.
Only fresh food essentials can be luscious
Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Make sure that the waiters and cooks wash their hands frequently. The food ingredients used are of trustworthy  quality and fresh. A track of expiration dates should always be kept in mind. The raw and precooked edibles are stored in the refrigerator but not longer than required. The cooks and the waiters should have covered their heads so as to avoid hair fall in the food or anywhere around. Hope, you also consider acknowledging the health status of your visitors – if they have any allergy or flu. So, that food can be cooked accordingly for them. But we believe you already know all this and more, don’t you?
The customers are going to be smitten away by the food quality if they realize that the food in your restaurant is made with the same efforts and quality like in their kitchen. It’s time to convey your customers about how they can find your food outlet different from that of others. They might have heard the name of your food business.  Convey them a fabulous yet partially veiled idea of how are they going to enjoy at your restaurant. So that a mysterious element along with the curiosity of exploring the scene continues.  Social media is the great place to show the humanized face of the restaurant or whichever brand you manage.
While other rival brands rely on uniformity. You better come up with unique conviction. The main objective should be reflected in all sorts of branding. You should promptly showcase this marketing distinction reflected in your design and packaging but with a sense of uniformity. Specific cuisine or style of cooking may also make earn you popularity. Timely services and target audience – oriented outlets may help you to stand out of the crowd. Have you even ordered any amazing brand design from a professional agency or you were reluctant to shell out some money for this imperative part? Is your brand message consistent. Does it subconsciously speak to your buyers through food, visuals, and words? So, how different are you?
To conclude, honesty is the best policy to earn appreciation and good business. There is no shortcut to excellence.



Popular Restaurants, Awesome social media presence

Time is short and, therefore, very precious to them. So, why would the customers waste their time in paying a visit to the particular restaurant just to check it out? They would rather check the details online. 
If managed effectively, social media can turn the fortune of your restaurant around. It is a wonderful space where the owner of any food outlet can endorse their business. These days, more and more customers would visit social media to know better about the various restaurants.
Flaunt your food 
Let the reviewers get tempted by the foodie photographs posted by you on Twitter and Instagram. The images should be complemented with simple yet likable messages. You may also post the menu online. Use Facebook as the  medium to upload the  albums. Make the utmost use of these tools and  make sure that you post the highlights of your restaurants.
Keep trending with hashtags
Hashtags (#) hold an immense importance in the world of Twitter and Instagram. Wake up. It’s the right time to learn more about hashtags. Keep using a particular one depending on the situation. Use a place- specific hashtags, hashtags related with whatever is trending. hashtags related with the people in your region so that you can reach the maximum target audiences.
Construct a bridge between the theme menu and customers
There is no constraint to creativity. You have all the liberty to create the most visually appealing page online. Also, add the kind of menu you provide and a nice summary of the kind of food you serve – keeping the reader excited to explore the delicacies. You may also create an option of ordering online which requires the usage of some extra software. These efforts will  put you ahead in the competition.
Let your valuable customers speak
They would feel important and welcomed if you the management of your restaurant answers the customers or mention them. Whether are they asking about the operating hours or food inquiry! They should be taken seriously. It is crucial to generate a positive outlook among the customers for your food business.
Show that the customers like your food
Every word or acknowledgment that indicates the customer’s appreciation of your food/service; use it in the form of testimonials. It will help in making other people recognize your eatery with certain trust and approachability.
Market your brand, Facebook is the key
Start by listing the contacts categorized on the basis of location, economy, gender, age-group etc. Create an interesting advertisement and send it to the target audiences. Thus step will help in reaching the maximum potential customers.
Welcome the criticism
It is nearly impossible that you will receive all the positive reviews about your restaurant. But, that doesn’t mean that you hide all the negative ones. Try to answer them as patiently and thoughtfully as you can and answer on time. In fact, negative reviews may suggest you in disguise the changes you can make in your food outlet.
Show that you are online
When a customer likes or comments on your page, the followers and at friends of that customers can also see these activities. When you are online, make sure to contact as many people as possible. You can also create a blurb that persuades the customers to like the page.
Tweets that go with time
Tweet in 140 characters during the breakfast, brunch or dinner timings so as to  reach a huge traffic. Also, tweet in accordance with the time. For instance, during the winters, you may tweet about the varieties of coffee that your eatery serves.
Save time with Social Media Automation 
Due to a busy schedule, it might be difficult for you to manage the social media posts. Thankfully, social media automation programs like Buffer can help us out. We can simply fill in the content of the post and the time at which it is to be posted. The job will be done with least of the efforts.



The age of interactive technology for the restaurant business.

“Interactive technologies represent innovative ways to make your restaurant more attractive, more interesting, more hi-tech. These are not just “catches” and certainly not new elements of decor, rather, they create a unique atmosphere in a venue which will become part of urban life, the main attraction which is not to be missed.”

Restaurant business is certainly not a cakewalk to establish. From the 100 restaurants opened this year, only about 20% will survive to next year. The owners do try to experiment with the venue, style and interiors but can we deny the fact that the customer delivery system has remained same for ages. It has been a constant and thus, monotonous process of taking a table, ordering, eating and paying. The implementation of advanced ideas changes things faster than ever.. In such a competitive scenario, some food businesses are catching up faster as they drop the traditions that lasted for centuries. and move ahead while embracing latest trends.

As food branding experts, let us work it out for you. Firstly, a restaurant is just not a place to eat. It is, rather a hub where people do get-to-gather, arrive for a responding ambiance, socialize, make friends and exchange ideas.

Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Kostic is the founder of Kodisoft and numerous other projects. Few years back, he decided to work on building the technology for future restaurants. A program namely Interactive Restaurant Technology (IRT) was being launched by him in 2011. To explain you briefly, IRT enables a customer to makes them ordering online and chat with some other customer.

Another top feature is that the customer gains the sweet authority of changing the ambiance around via the touch panel. Two restaurants based on IRT have already succeeded in amusing the customers in a short span few months. The company Interactive Restaurant Technology made money by leaps within the short period of three years only.


Technological Challenges

There is a vast difference in imagining something majestic and turning it into reality. The three challenges were –

a) The touchscreen panel used in iPad can not be expanded beyond 23-30 inches. And with the screen made of indium-titanium-oxide (ITO), the speed of the electrons will hardly impose any effect.
b) The thickness of the glass in an iPad is not more than 1.4 mm. And the glass used for the table had to be around 10 mm thick.
c) It was also crucial to develop a touchscreen panel that could be used by multiple people at the same time. The maximum usage was limited to 10 people.Solution
As a result, a new technology was worked upon which did not include any analog. For instance, the interactive restaurant can identify the object by its shape. The project was further submitted to Microsoft BizPark that also helped in reducing the money spending license of visual studio and so on. The model was improvised so that could be applied directly after the completion.Why

Interactive Technology

The advantage of interactive technology is not only effective solution which attract on its own. It also helps to save on all printing expenses and reduce waiters till two. When interactive tables combined with interactive panels, restaurant interior may be changed in minutes, and it saves on expensive season decoration or give advantage to events.While restaurant income is usually based on food sales, with interactive restaurants IT tables give an ability to earn on affiliate programs. In this new restaurants, the income from FnB sales and affiliate programs from the relevant brands is 50/50. While client eats he can chat with other people, order food, or do shopping.

Key characteristics

  • Greater profits
  • Guaranteed increase in the average checkIncreased number of customers due to the new format of a venue
  • Reduced expenses in attracting customers, thanks to the uniqueness of the restaurant
  • Abolishes printed menus and other presentation materials
  • Use of interactive surfaces for advertising purposes
  • Service improvement
  • Customers may choose a preferred language
  • Customers may be informed about any dish with one touch on the interactive surfaces (including its history, ingredients, calorie count, recommended drinks to accompany dishes, etc.)
  • Instant order without waiting for a waiterHigh level of comfort.


New opportunities for you

  • Preventing incidents of dishonesty among the staffStrict control over the entire process of processing of orders
  • Instant orders, direct to the kitchen
  • Reducing time spent on service of a single order
  • Increasing the customer flow
  • Providing customers with unique services
  • Turning customers into free advertising agents (word of mouth advertising)

New experiences for customers

  • Socializing with other patronsGames, video, chat
  • Live online broadcasts from the kitchen
  • Interactive guidebooks
  • Taxi booking
  • Great impressions
  • Interactive table also helps to collect data about the client, and, as a result, provides a better service for a returning customers.
  • Besides interactive tabletops, many things can be interactive too: partitions, walls, floor, interactive terminal or bar, POS.

The Сuisine

The interactive features of the restaurant will become the basis of its concept. In addition, the customer would certainly be offered really delicious food. We will ensure that the food is of the highest quality, by selecting the best chef for your chosen cuisine – be it European, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Mexican, or any other.

Corporate Identity

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the graphic presentation of a product. The name of the restaurant, its logo and corporate identity deserve the same consideration to attract customers. By creating an interactive restaurant based on unique technologies of management and communication, we create a brand that will be embodied in highly attractive graphics and fonts containing brilliant content. This branding book will be a guide to all external communications – from your business card to the most beautiful waitresses in the world.interactive-444


An interactive restaurant is first of all a beautiful functional venue, which harmoniously combines technology and design. We will help you design a unique and lively atmosphere that further becomes the Unique Selling Proportion (USP) of your business.


If the kitchen is the “heart” of the interactive restaurant, our equipment will become its soul. There are many kinds of interactive surfaces: interactive tables, floors, walls, partitions, bar stands, quick order terminals and electronic queues. Each of them has its specific function – service, entertainment, time-saving or information referencing. Together they create a unique all-encompassing interactive complex, which will transform the entire restaurant into an intelligent, user-friendly system, both for you and your guests.


We have no doubt that opening a restaurant of this kind will make the news in the media. But even before the all-important ribbon cutting ceremony, we will develop and begin implementing a marketing program to promote your business to ensure that the new project progresses in a well planned, thought through manner that is guaranteed to succeed. Our experience based on similar projects shows that interactive restaurants attract great interest and competent promotion makes it the most popular venue in the city.

Whether you decide to take a step towards creating an interactive restaurant or not, this project is definitely worth attention to. Besides, Dmitri Kostic proves that investments will be returned within a first year, as technology is new and many economical factors were included. Let’s hope to see first interactive restaurant in New Delhi, Who knows 🙂

All pictures by Kodisoft


Shopping for customers, competition for market

With a cut-throat competition among the too many grocery owners, it has become difficult to retain the same amount of customers. When it comes to the daily use or personal care shopping, every other local or branded store offers these products. So, what decides the preference of the consumers?
Branding and execution?
Availability of favorite brands?
Cordial relations with the store-owner?
According to a survey conducted by Ipsos, an expert company in the area of market research, very few customers favor sticking to one store for grocery shopping. The report also showed that consumers often visit multiple stores to grab the best deal. Also, they tend to choose different stores for different types of buying. Quite perishable products like meat and vegetables may compel the customer to buy more from a particular shop.
Going more into the details, another survey conducted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), states that Food is the largest retail consumption category in India. Staples, dairy, fruits and vegetables account for nearly 66 percent of food expenditure amongst consumers. It also revealed that although shopping in India is usually led by women of the family, the other members also join in. The study was conducted between 4,000 customers. Location, relation with the store-owner and arrangement of the commodities were some other determinants for the buyers.
Thus, we suggest that ideally a grocery store should brand itself in a fashion that appeals to all segments of the customers; be it the kids or the middle-aged man or the college goers! While the branding has to be understood by a large target audience it still has to be memorable and convey the ideas and messages of your brand. The target audience of the store will depend on the product assortment, the general cost of the product and location.
Through a proper market study, the retailers must try to include as many product brands as possible and arrange them in the most organized manner (by the type of the product or by brands) in the store. Label the store section. Display small or more expensive products such as chocolate within the reach near the cash counter. Besides, a strategic location and maintaining healthy relations with the consumer will surely help the grocery. Guide your customer secretly with the instore navigation to build up the pleasant memories of the shop interior and service, let them come again.
Food Industry India

Indian Food Industry to Rush Like Never Before

Working in corporate and reached home late.
Very hungry but no time and energy to cook..
Also, can’t compromise on the taste and the quality…
The occupied urban populace of the country has neither the time nor energy to visit a restaurant. But, at the same time, they can’t do without delicious food. Therefore, online and mobile-only food services are trending like anything. Amongst them, the US-based Sprig,
The occupied urban populace of the country has neither the time nor energy to visit a restaurant. But, at the same time, they can’t do without delicious food. Therefore, online and mobile-only food services are trending like anything. Amongst them, the US-based Sprig, SpoonRocket and Munchery have already conquered the list globally.   A survey conducted by Traxcn reveals that out of 145 such companies in the country, 66 were started last year. Many of them have been a huge success story.
Let’s give you a live and recent example mentioned by Forbes.  Holachef – a food-on-demand company started by IIT Delhi alumni Saurabh Saxena in Mumbai has now  150 chefs on its platform. Many of them, in fact, have worked with prestigious hotel chains like Taj, Le Meridean and Mrarriott. From 5 orders per day in September 2014 to 150 orders per day in January 2015,  Holachef has gone from rags to riches. So, are you going to be the next legendary food entrepreneur in the online space?
Coming to the inference, Menu, branding, timely order and last but certainly not the least, the quality of food are some of the parameters that will determine the current rate of such  startups. It may be the era of ultra-technology, but no consumer is going to download 20 apps merely for food-on-demand service. And so, branding strategy will conclude the survival of the fittest.
Awareness. Lemongrit Brand Solutions

From Brand Awareness to Brand Establishment

Many companies proudly promote themselves as brands to their clients and advertising agencies. Unfortunately, not all of them have grown to the level of even product or brand.

By definition, the difference between a product, trade mark and the brand determines popularity, relevance and credibility. So, when  your company is positioned as a product in the minds of your customers then the most important aspects are product’s quality and its popularity.

Trademark has some qualities of the brand but does not get much credibility and popularity. Brand in its turn has a popular name and a very high level of trust and reputation. The presence of the registered mark still does not make you a brand, the presence of high-class popular product is also not yet brand, all components of the product and the TM together, plus a high level of trust, respect and fame – create the real brand.

Some time ago, along with a brand, a new definition was presented to the market this definition is the “love mark”. Time will show  if  it  will  survive or not. What is “love mark”? “Love mark” more than just a brand, while brand trusted for some reason (money, fame, popularity), “love mark” finds its buyers without a reason. “Love mark” is the lifestyle and love. An excellent example was given on presentation where “Love mark” was introduced — Yamaha motorcycles and Harley Davidson. Yamaha is the big brand you can trust it… But Harley Davidson sells because it has its own style, its growls 🙂 it’s cool, its love, life and other qualities are implied by themselves, but important  is love.

How to get the quota of trust and people’s love?

For years, giants of the global B2C industries have advertised on TV in the newspapers and other media. Huge budget allows them to buy celebrities to endorse and advertise, use the grandiose special effects and the small companies  lost hope. However, not many people understand that the advertising built on original interesting practical solutions works and doesn’t always require a lot of money. It certainly doesn’t  mean that you have to tear the agency and give them as little money, that the idea can only be killed!!! But it means that you do not need to be Nike to make a successful name in the footwear industry.

Today when everything changes fast, it is not so easy to find the consumer. To reach your aims, the exact mechanisms and actions are required.

Qualitative and not expensive results can be provided through online media. Undeniable online media is quite rapid and effective to generate the database and instant feedback from customers on a relatively small budgets. Usually, the target audience is young and they are able to experiment and try new things. These qualities are the ideal springboard for constructing high-quality brand. Social networks,  search engines, blogs, online shops and much more can become a runway for those who have not accumulated enough to use Michael Jordan in advertising.

What makes online media so attractive to young brand builders?

First of all, it is an opportunity to speak directly to your buyer. Direct communication with your customer gives great tools to build proper statistics and generate ideas to sell more effectively. Search engine analytic provides redundant information about competitors and the popularity of your product. Using online data helps you to succeed in dealing with your weaknesses and improve qualities of your advertising communication.

You should not be limited by online media if your product is designed for the offline audience but makes it clear advantage of this inexpensive and promising launch platform.

Brand matters. Lemongrit Brand Solutions

Your Brand Matters.

“Stressing too much on branding is a waste of money! And I don’t even know if it is works for me at all.”
“Does branding help business to a great extent?” It is natural for such thoughts for any business owner. The budgets are always limited, money and time always short. To start the journey from any product or service to becoming a brand, let’s define what is the brand.

In simple terms, a brand is the image which appears in the mind of you customers. This image will either create a loyal customer or will make people and their friends dislike your product or service.

As a matter of the fact that you cannot monitor the mind of your customers. But by careful thinking, you can control image being formed. You can pursue them to think desirable about your products.

To do this might appear difficult, but if you disseminate a preplanned information about the brand through all possible channels, it is easily achievable.

However, due to budget constraints, they may prioritize those ‘channels’; that entirely depends on the sort of target group to be addressed. But, the propagation level, if possible, should be high enough that you as a business expert could share the benefits of your product with the world. Once, your product receives a good share of the visibility factor from the potential costumers, you may then think forward to advertize differently and evolve even more advanced features in your product.

Your Brand matters! Its image persuades & builds a profitable relationship with customers and motivates them to buy the product.  If the brand has been managed properly, then it becomes successful in befriending the customers. Through various communication channels, an organization can enable customers to turn into loyal ones and even recommend to others to buy your product. Conversely, not paying attention to the consumers will get you very limited success.

Due to extensive digitalization, gone are the days, when only big corporate brands had that massive reach. Now any fresh, unique and valuable product/service can be advertised without any boundaries. It requires to have a human quality, honesty and attraction. Today, when the new generation is sick of advertisements, “the word of the mouth” remains almost the only way to share trustworthy information. And its up to you to build up “the Brand” or leave it as it is. But if you dream to make your brand a big one in the food industry, we can help you.

Let’s talk about it at 9811898844.

Business. . Lemongrit Brand Solutions

Where would you like to see your business tomorrow?

Where would you like to see your business tomorrow?
Do you have a roadmap for your company for the next 5 years? Well, if not five, at least three. How do you plan to face the biggies of your industry? (they have been in the business for years)
It is here that Lemongrit can help complement your marketing efforts in such a way that your rupee stretches. All the way! We help you get more bang for your buck.

Here’s the deal! Like the big guys, we know how branding works. The only space we help you buy is the consumer’s head. Lemongrit ensures that your product, organization or your service gets the attention it deserves.

What we can do for you:

Building a brand ground-up.
Right from the research stage to the launch. From naming and giving your brand a signature, to advertising it. Lemongrit can advice and help. For example, if you are a restaurant, we can help you with your name, your logo, your distinct style, plan your interiors, your menu, signage and whatever you need to be up and running (and continue running). Or say you are a cheese manufacture, we can help you package it in such a way that it stands out on the shop floor. Or create a whole shop-in-shop experience for your customers.
Photography & the visual language.
We also create a whole visual language for your brand. Here photography plays a very important part. How many times have pictures really impressed you. I mean really, really!
We’ll, help you do the same. From conceptual to product to interiors. To fit your walls or made-to-style your packaging. For advertising or editorial.
To sum it up
We make people notice your brand, read it, understand it, believe it and want it. Because if it fails in one, it fails in all.
Lemongrit designs and executes strategic, targeted communications programmes, events and promotions that are more than just noise. Work that works.
Give us a call on 9811898844.