Don't lose Brand Heritage and still make a comeback -

Don’t lose Brand Heritage and still make a comeback –

The older the brand, greater is the reliability and richer is the heritage. As the digital age progresses, beloved brands are all set for a ‘repair’ – fearing the loss of identity in an almost twisted world. But, changing brand identity (especially that of a decades-old brand) may cost the entrepreneur a lot. The possible grand loss is the trust and familiarity that the customers associate with the original brand image.

Don’t lose Brand Heritage and still make a comeback –

Retain the landmark points
Who knows your brand better than you. However, you may re-confirm by asking your loyalists what makes them nostalgic about this particular product’s identity. The answer could include font, color, design, lingo and what not! Whichever factors seem to be the most prominent, retain them even after reviving the brand.

The main motive to invigorate the brand
Stagnant water starts smelling after a certain period, so is the case with a brand. However, that doesn’t imply that you need to make drastic changes. Your brand has been there for ages, all it needs is some re-brushing and polishing. In funny words, the amended brand will look like an individual who has just taken a shower and now he is ready to start the life afresh and not like an entirely different individual himself.

Be there wherever can you be
After your brand image has tuned in with the contemporary standards, let it take a tour all around. From business events to food festivals, from college fests to conferences – do some sponsorship or create events there – increase the visibility factor of your revamped brand. So that, the old becomes the new and pathbreaking. Never forget the advantage of being old, because the oldies carry experience, nostalgia, and quality!

The underlining motive of writing upon the reinvigoration of old brands was to convey the message of ‘Old is Gold’.

Three stimulating thoughts to begin a brand that’s legend-in-making

Three stimulating thoughts to begin a brand that’s legend-in-making


Every other businessman is smitten away by the iconic brands. Why wouldn’t he? That comes naturally. These world-famous names have influenced us tremendously. But remember, it takes, at least, a set of decades to be known to that far-reaching community. Though exceptions are always there. So, how to begin the journey of making your business identity a landmark brand?

Three stimulating thoughts to begin a brand that’s legend-in-making

* I am not just gonna start a brand, I am gonna start a long lasting trend
Have you seen people visiting a restaurant and posting the pics while eating there? In most of the cases, it is the image of that eatery that people like to relate with. Imagine – how lucky that restaurant is! But how come? Because in the last several years its services and positioning (that includes branding too) have moved the customers enormously; so much so that visiting there has become a trend.

* I’ll Create a section (though small) that can most probably follow
Reaching out thoroughly to two hundred potential customers is far better than reaching out vaguely to two thousands of people. Begin small if you want to see the effect. The community of your brand’s followers will grow gradually. Patience is the key and your efforts will show results. So design a brand that is ideal for a certain customer rather than trying to please the entire crowd.

* A premium branding will make me pay more before it starts paying me off
It’s nearly impossible to get best from both the worlds. No customer is positively influenced by poor quality packaging, unattractive designs, and hardly stimulating.

Yes, this reason makes you pay more for a better packing and hire a more expensive designer and writer. Actually, there’s no way out. The customer feels the value when you make efforts to brand your product well. And, often a well-planned branding costs higher than the usual one.

With these three motives, LemonGrit is sure that now you are way clearer and more enthused to brand your product.

Here are the ways to increase website traffic.

Here are the ways to increase website traffic.

There are numerous other websites in the same category, how do you plan to make your website outrun them? And, then the challenge is to increase the online traffic. But is there a sure shot way to confirm it? Of course, there is. If we focus on the existing traffic on social media and try keeping it engaged and interested, the new traffic is bound to arrive.

Here are the ways to increase website traffic.

* Keep up the quality of content and evoke emotions through pictures
The word ‘Effort’ is an abstract term but it can be sensed. People respond to those social media posts or blogs that have useful and emotionally-stimulating content as well as pictures. Let the posts/blogs get personified by sharing knowledge and information, creating humor, historical facts, and some fictitious stories. Good content always has honest efforts behind.

* Keep a personal touch with your followers
It’s hard for anybody to not appreciate you when you make them feel good. Little things like complementing on a nice profile pic, favoriting a tweet or wishing a birthday would make the potential customers feel valued. And, if they like you back, they will share/like your posts, blogs and tweets. Then more traffic is expected to come.

* Most importantly welcome new customers with a bang
A typical Facebook user won’t like to go through the unwanted posts so he/she would ‘unlike’ certain pages. But, make sure when somebody likes your business account on facebook or follows it on some other social media platform, you pay them an individual attention. Maybe, share a post with them welcoming the new members to the family. It will keep them encouraged to not ‘unlike’ or ‘unfollow’ your business page.

Yes, it’s not a cakewalk to increase the traffic on your website. However, an effective social media presence will definitely help you achieve that.