A piece of advice for startup restaurants

Going to start a restaurant business?
In the process of trying to stand out of the crowd, don’t end up being part of it!
Here, is a piece of advice for startup restaurant –
1. Emphasize esthetics – From food photography to the interiors, from the logo to the font of the title, from the color of the table cloth to the appearance of the exteriors; it is your job to make everything seeming to be falling under one striking theme.
2. Make people talk about your brand – While they are about to pay the bills, give them a memorable token, a prop that speaks about your brand but makes the customers feel special too. It could be a bookmark or a keychain. Whatever suits you.
3. Keep the menu simple yet serviceable – Don’t become overenthusiastic while designing the menu, keep the contents basic with a little twist. Too many options in the menu would only overwhelm the customers.
4. Learn from other players – Observe the branding strategies of already established food outlets but, only to get thoroughly familiarized with the taste of the audiences. Stick to the core idea that hit you instantly and use it in the branding. Original ideas never go unnoticed.


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