A brand for each product

Branding photography, trending social media, sending e-mailers – how are you going to endorse your project?
So many centuries have witnessed the impact of advertising and somewhat got tremendously influenced by it. Thus, over the years, we as social beings have come to a point that we share more familiarity with brands or structured/pre-planned presentation rather than a project put in plain terms.
Besides products, companies, services and people, it is the time to support branding for every internal group/activity/department/place/project.
Let’s study a case for that matter. A project related to environment namely innovation heavyweight 3M faced the difficulty of less interest from the company employees. The organization was seeking suggestions from employees. The motive was to improvise the quality of industrial grade sandpaper on the basis of their inputs. But, due to the lack of interesting branding, the project manager failed to make the proposal engaging enough for the audiences.
Now, imagine. Had the project been assigned a catchy name and introduced as a challenge, presented with branding photography – it would have been a different story altogether. It should have been posted on Facebook and some price should have been announced for whoever came up with the best solutions.
Hence, there is a manner to attract the attention from people which can essentially be termed as branding. LemonGrit has an ocean of solutions about how your brands can become the Talk of the Town. Let’s plan your grand success together.


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