3 Simple Mantras For Sensitizing Online Presence

As discussed in many of our previous blogs, a brand is a personality. And, nobody likes meek personalities, So, your brand needs to stimulate the Target Audience. We give you the 3 Simple Mantras For Sensitizing Online Presence – 

#1 The content is on the expedition of running a critical issue
The social media activities are something no brand can overlook. But, the kind of content picked by you has to have some relativity with the customers. Or, rather it should sensitize them. Most of the potential buyers would definitely not mind appreciating a social move made by the brand. So, the content should serve some meaning – either personal or social. It diffusely generates a positive image about the brand.

#2 Viewers are there to view not to read
Reading an interesting piece of article is an absolute mental ecstasy. But, visuals are preferred over texts. Isn’t it? Your videos would get more response than the written verbal content. just posting articles or tweets don not suffice. They are needed. But, on a regular basis, say twice in a month, you also need to post a video that can supposedly go ‘viral’. How happily and funnily your employees are working! A short but touching extract from the last NGO visit your brand made.

#3 One hashtag, several platforms, a trending campaign
After getting enough familiar with the taste of your target audience, you can build online campaigns. Pick a theme that needs to be indeed debated or promoted in the target community. Due to extensive digital participation, people respond more to such trending activities.

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