The 'what', 'Why' and 'How' of Neuromarketing

The ‘what’, ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of Neuromarketing

The brand fanatics have always claimed some or the other mantra as a sure shot success for the product. Whom to trust and whom not to? But, now is the apocalypse of all these mantras because one term says it all – Neuromarketing.

The ‘what’, ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of Neuromarketing

‘Neuro’ means ‘relating to nervous system’. Thus, ‘Neuromarketing’ is that marketing which is coined to evoke the neuro-senses. When was it not important to consider the choice of your typical customer? Do not be scared of this term, it just puts extra attention to how a consumer would react or respond to the advertisement/branding/marketing of your product.

You know what most of the people do around? They are slogging with the hectic jobs. They are too busy give those promotional social media posts a second look. The overwhelmingly occupied mind of the potential buyer is looking for some catharsis (release of emotions) in your ads. Are you willing to understand and execute their subconscious desires?

Let’s say a bakery has to be branded. It’s possible for the over-working customer living in the hotch-potch of a thickly populated metropolitan to feel the musical retro and peaceful days of 70’s when he/she enters the bakery. For that, the color composition, the props and the font – everything has to be taken care of.

Of course, a good marketing and branding can impress time and again if your product is equally impressive in terms of quality.

Brand your content with three simple tips -

Brand your content with three simple tips –

Inevitably, there is a vast difference between the content of a well-branded website and the not-so-well-branded one. Visit the website/social media pages or even read the packaging of what we call ‘high-profile’ brands. The difference is apparent. So, how to design an impressive verbal content for the target audience?

Brand your content with three simple tips –

#1 Repeated words that press the needs
No reader is ideal enough to review your Facebook page or judge the quality of the blog your website provides. You need to write strategically so as to attract the potential customers. That’s not as difficult as Myth of Sisyphus. Research and spot a few words that co-relate target audience with the product.

#2 Catchy phrases
Infuse a life into that social media post or blog via a jingling set of words. Repeat them (not too often, obviously). And, yes edit them a bit from time to time – so that people have something new to look at. Songs and rhyming words create a stronger memory than just random words. There was a reason we were made to sing so many poems in the nursery standard.

#3 Engaging series
Keep coming up something new. Devote two weeks to a certain theme. And, pick these themes depending on the current interest of TA; whether it is the cricket match or the days of celebration, tune in with the matters of your target audience. After all, you cannot expect a footballer to keenly listen to the political news or vice versa.

With such competitive rivals in the market, time to bring out that ‘roll up the sleeves’ attitude. Surprise your customers with a revamped content.

Three energizing motives to start a brand that's cult-in-making

Three energizing motives to start a brand that’s cult-in-making


Every other entrepreneur is inspired by the iconic brands. That comes naturally. These world-famous brands have influenced us big time. But remember, it takes, at least, a set of decades to be known to that far-reaching community. Though exceptions are always there. So, how to begin the journey of making your business identity a landmark brand?

Three energizing motives to start a brand that’s cult-in-making

* I am not just gonna start a brand, I am gonna start a long lasting trend
Have you seen people visiting a restaurant and posting the pics while eating there? In most of the cases, it is the image of that eatery that people like to relate with. Imagine – how lucky that restaurant is! But how come? Because in the last several years its services and positioning (that includes branding too) has moved the customers enormously; so much so that visiting there has become a trend.

* I’ll Create a section (though small) that can most probably follow
Reaching out thoroughly to two hundred potential customers is far better than reaching out vaguely to two thousands of people. Begin small if you want to see the effect. The community of your brand’s followers will grow gradually. Patience is the key and your efforts will show results. So design a brand that is ideal for a certain customer rather than trying to please the entire crowd.

* A premium branding will make me pay more before it starts paying me off
It’s nearly impossible to get best from both the worlds. No customer is positively influenced by poor quality packaging, unattractive designs, and hardly stimulating content. Yes, this reason makes you pay more for a better packing and hire a more expensive designer and writer. Actually, there’s no way out. The customer feels the value when you make efforts to brand your product well. And, often a well-planned branding costs higher than the usual one.

With these three motives, LemonGrit is sure that now you are way clearer and more enthused to brand your product.